Chapter 1 Dance of the Night

The night was perfect as my sealed released at the full moon. People may think they know me, but they don't. As far as they could tell I was just a weak insignificant person. No importance, no status, except for one, but it didn't matter if they praised it or not. I earned it plus it made me feel accomplish in life since everything else came easy. It sucks to be somebody who's gifted in everything. Life doesn't have any meaning if you can't work hard for something.

So you're probably wondering why I mention full moon and curse. Well it's simple I'm a pureblood mermaid or man. I prefer merman even though I don't look it.

The seal is for any sea creature that lives on land. It's supposed to stop you from transforming when water hits you. It's weird I know, but it makes since. It protects your identity from humans since they're so simple minded about things they don't understand. The seal was made from my clan who's from the water country in the Land of Mist. It was set to full moon because we obtain our full powers during that night. The moon goddess Selena is our mother, or protector, she created us, gave life. We worship her by songs and dances. Singing and dancing are second nature to us. Before we learn to speak we're already singing. Before we learn to walk we're dancing. Not everybody specializes in singing or dancing or both for the matter.

Hey we may have been giving life from a goddess, but that doesn't mean we were born to perfection. We have our faults and that's what lead to my clan and my people to their deaths. When there were already so few of us because everybody wanted to live a life on land. We only live for so long depending on our powers and our goddess will. We can live for eternity. I wasn't born on the day my people were killed and was force to take refugee on land, but we were discovered and were left to hide.

From what my parents told me before I died that it was thanks to the third Hokage that we were able to find a home and keep our secret.

It has been years since they've been gone. Every full moon I worship our goddess. Sometimes Ibiki would join me by watching me sing and dance. He was a bear fish a rare fish like me except I'm a dolphin. Hah what are the odds that we would meet up? So we're pretty close.

The water felt so nice on my skin. It would be nice if I could truly return to the sea.

I dance a ballet that I could do by myself. But it gets a little lonely from time to time.

Rustle. I looked back to see a gob smack Kakashi. I almost freak out afraid that he would recognize me, but I remember I don't look like myself. I had with hair with green eyes. My body small and slender, my face was scar less and so was my back which was exposed in the gown I was wearing.

I smiled as Kakashi blushed. It was rare to see him so taken. What surprised me was that out of nowhere I asked him to dance. Not even waiting for an answer I took him by the hands.

Kakashi was a surprisingly good dancer. He spend me gently and deep me like I was fragile. It made me feel special even if it was for a short time. We spun together and parted.

"I enjoyed the dance, thank you." I said curtsying and was about to bound of.

"Wait, my name is, Kakashi, what's yours?" He asked.

Those eyes, I felt bad so if I could part with a name I'll part with a gift.

Untying the ribbon in my hair I wrapped it around him saying, "Maybe when we meet again I'll tell you my name." I knew we weren't going to see each other again, but if fate allows it then so be it. The mist covered my body as I materialize back home. Oh well I'll see him again tomorrow. But it was fun dancing with him.


Going home I couldn't help, but think that the women looked familiar. She looks like a certain person that I been thinking about for a while. Short, brown skin, but her skin was dark too, had a scar on his face and back, but he was thick much builder then she was or at least that what he thought.

There was so much difference in the two Kakashi wondered why he even thought they look alike.

Kakashi landed at his admirer apartment to see that he was asleep. Goodnight my dear chunin.


Hah so in the end he was thinking about that person instead of the familiar.

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