At night when I couldn't sleep, I always used to look outside at the night sky and counted the stars until I finally felt tired enough to fall asleep. That thought drifted across my mind one night and soon I found myself sitting on the walkway outside the room I was using, looking up into the black sky rather than the patterns on the wooden ceiling.

I had never really noticed how clear the sky was here, rather than the sky where you had to search for stars. It was almost the reverse here, the sky was so full of stars you had to search for the black. I didn't even want to think about trying to count all the stars, so I just put my arms behind my head and stared contently at the view. The moon was curved and white, the stars all different sizes. Some closer, some farther, some dying and I won't know they are gone until I can't see the light any longer.

I didn't bother looking to see whose footsteps I heard softly press against the wood, and I didn't know which one of the three residents who stayed here it was until they spoke. I trusted the all.

"Couldn't sleep?" The voice was low; it belonged to Kon, and I knew what he had said was a statement rather than a question.

"Kon," I paused until he lay down next to me, head beside mine. "Have you tried to count all the stars before?"

He considered the question. "No, but I can always count on the moon to be there. That's all that matters." He pulled on a piece of my hair, teasing me. "Why? Were you attempting to take on the impossible task tonight? I would hate to bother you."

I frowned at him. "Don't be stupid, how can one even try to do that? Plus you aren't bothering me."

He laughed, slipped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. "You're right about one thing, one can't do that. So how about two?" He held an arm up towards a star, a grin on his face. "One."

I smiled and pointed to a star beside it. "Two"



"Fifty five."

His hand that had dropped to my waist a while ago pinched at a sensitive spot. "Stupid, I already counted that one!"

I laughed. "Well how about this one?" Pointing to the star next to it.

He laughed and had that stupid smile on his face. "No, I haven't counted that one yet."

"What number were we at?"

"Twelve hundred and three."

"No, really."

He rolled on top of me, still grinning, "Really."

"Really what?"

Kon softly kissed my lips. "We really lost count. And we really found out that two people can't count all the stars in this sky."

I blushed, and innocently didn't want to give up. "Well maybe we should get Kuchiha to help us count? Three people might work!"

A growl escaped past Kon's lips and he kissed me again. "I'm not counting again tonight."

"Ah..." I lost myself in the kiss for a while, and when we broke it I smiled childishly. "How about tomorrow night?"

He rolled his eyes and put his forehead to mine. "If you want to."

I leaned up to kiss him. "Want to try with the two of us until we get to twelve hundred and three?"

His agreement came in the form of a kiss.