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"I'm sorry, Kyoya, but the Master will be departing for France soon."

Kyoya Ootori stood in shock, looking out the grand window over Ouran Academy. Tamaki was leaving? Returning to France? Kyoya's sharp brain noted that Shima, head of Suoh Mansion #2, was still talking through the phone. His subconscious filed the information away in case it was needed later. His conscious mind, though, was in turmoil and he didn't like it one bit.

Kyoya's world was one of order, of information. Things happened in succinct fashion: One event led to another. So-and-so doing such-and-such would lead to this-or-that. Even when he first met Tamaki and entered into the fool's world, he had grown to accept the pattern that existed even there, as whimsical as it may have been. But this, this sudden, world-changing event, had caught even him off guard.

What was Tamaki thinking! Kyoya felt anger welling up inside him. The last time he had been angry had been two years ago when he had first met Tamaki. The feelings caught him off guard again, only causing his anger to grow. He shouldn't be angry! When one is angry, one is prone to make mistakes. One is prone to loose sight of the goal! He shuddered. He had to gain control of himself. The situation would right itself, but only if he could keep a clear mind.

One thing in his mind was already clear, though:

He could not allow Tamaki to return to France. Not now. Not ever.

"How could he be so stupid?!" he growled to no one in particular, even though the five other members of the Host Club were standing directly behind him, waiting for what news Shadow King had to bring them.

Knowing that they would want to know what had caused such an uncharacteristic outburst, he spoke over his shoulder to them.

"Evidently, Tamaki is planning to return to France" bitterness and anger still oozed off every word.

Kyoya didn't bother to listen to what the others said after that, he had more important things to worry about at the moment. He would calculate what the others would do in time, but for now...he had to think about Tamaki.


His first, and best, friend.

Kyoya had always looked at other people as tools to be manipulated. Manipulated at his whim or, more importantly, at his father's. Everything he ever did, spoke or thought involved tipping the scales in his favor. Every thought about what he could gain, every word measured .

When his father had ordered him to become friends with Yuzuru Suoh's boy, Kyoya had immediately agreed that it would be beneficial to himself and his father to do so. After all, friends were about what you could gain, not how you felt about them.

But Tamaki...Tamaki had been more than he had ever thought possible. Within moments, the boy had left an indelible impression on him. An impression for being the most idiotic person he had ever had the non-pleasure to meet.

But what did it matter? He still had things to gain from their continued relationship.

It had first begun to bother him when he had actually become angry about the young Suoh. Kyoya had been shocked that Tamaki had somehow influenced him to show an emotion, an emotion that Kyoya hadn't weighed the pros and cons of beforehand. The feeling had shaken Kyoya to the core.

It hadn't helped when, later, Kyoya found that Tamaki had seen straight to the center of his being. His wishes, his self, and most of all, his constraints. Straight through to his soul.

What foolishness.

Yet, Kyoya had been intrigued. That interest led to a friendship, that led to a best-friendship, which led to the best times of Kyoya's life. Which led in turn to many more friends. Friends who he was friends with, not for what he could gain, but for what he could find with them.

"Excuse me, sir"

Oh, right. Shima was still on the line. Kyoya scolded himself for letting his thoughts wander.


"I was just thinking. If the Master's mother really is as remarkable as a woman as he claims she is, Then I can only imagine that she would be upset with the manner in which the Master has chosen to leave Ouran Academy."

Kyoya knew then it was time he had a plan. He needed a plan. Something, anything, to stop Tamaki from leaving Ouran.

"Do you know when he's leaving, Shima?"

"I'm afraid his flight is this evening."

Kyoya's eyes widened in shock. That soon? Did Tamaki wish to leave that badly? He shook his head. It wasn't out of control yet.

"Why is he leaving so soon?" he said, realizing he had let some of the shock soak into his tone.

"He would have left sooner but he said--"

Suddenly, Kyoya didn't hear anymore of what Shima was saying. Even his subconscious didn't pick it up and store it away in the library of his mind. Kyoya watched quietly out the window as a red convertible passed in front of his view on the road below. In the back seat sat a certain red-haired demoness, who was trying to buy his father's company and take his best friend, and said blonde-haired best friend.

"Tamaki." his mouth spoke without him telling it to. The cell phone dropped from his ear. He felt and saw the rest of the club running up beside him, plastering their faces against the window to get a good look at the red car now nearing Ouran's gates.

Tamaki was leaving. It was then that the revelation his Kyoya with it's full force. Tamaki was leaving.

Was there anything he could really do about it now? The car was almost out of sight. Was there really any plan he could create that would rectify this?

If Tamaki wanted to leave, was it really worth it?

Kyoya's black eyes scanned his friends, still looking out through the streakless glass.

Hunny-senpai had pushed himself closest to the window, tears streaming down his face. In some still, small ways, Kyoya admired Hunny's ability to show his true emotions as easily as he does, although, the youngest Ootori would never admit it to anyone, least of all himself.

Beside his cousin, Mori-senpai stood resolute, a large hand resting on Hunny's shoulder. Mori's face showed no visible emotion, but Kyoya could see just the slightest twinge of worry in the older student's eyes.

Hikaru's fist slammed against the glass and came close to breaking it. His darkened face was looking down at the ground, out of Kyoya's line of sight. Kaoru leaned close against his brother in a show of support, holding back his feelings in favor of helping Hikaru with his. Something Kaoru was serially guilty for.

Looking over his friends, friends made for friendship's sake and not his personal gain, Kyoya knew he couldn't let them down. The clincher came when Hunny looked up with tear-stained eyes at Kyoya. Kyoya easily read that Hunny was looking to him for an answer. A plan. Something, anything. Something that would reassure the boy-lolita that everything would be fine. That Tamaki would return and they would all be one happy Host Club family again.

Kyoya shook his head at being so sentimental. Tamaki really was wearing off on him.

"My family's car should be in the parking lot." he finally said, a plan forming in mind. They would follow Tamaki and, all together, convince him to return to Ouran. The fool was so emotional and touched so easily by such things it was sure to work.

As everyone rushed from the room, Kyoya turned to look at the only one who hadn't moved the whole time. Haruhi. He hadn't even thought about how this news would affect her. The girl sat silently, head tilted to looked at the folded hands in her lap. Kyoya knew of how Haruhi felt about Tamaki and he knew of how Tamaki felt in return, yet he had failed to realize how Tamaki's leaving would affect the tough young woman.

Perhaps he had realized without his knowing that Haruhi could stop Tamaki all on her own.

What a sentimental fool.

He reached out and grabbed her unmoving form by the arm. They were going to stop him together.

"Haruhi, let's go."

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