And here is the second part. It'll be a good bit shorter than the first, methinks.

"That was reckless, Haruhi. You have to be more careful." Tamaki smiled down at the girl in his arms that he had just lept of a bridge to catch. "Look at you, you're soaking wet!"

"A little water never hurt anyone." Haruhi replied, shaking her short-brown hair, spraying droplets of water all around. She smiled back at him as he placed her gently down on the dry shore, a small glint in her large brown eyes. "Besides...people are always telling me that I'm dripping with good looks."

Tamaki stiffened for a moment at her uncharacteristic statement, knowing just how true it was, before he remembered that he had said that not too long ago, just after they had first met. He felt a blush spread across his face at the thought that she even remembered that. He couldn't very well help it, though! She was just too cute when she giggled like that and cocked her head just right and--

"Tama-chan! Haru-chan!"

Tamaki turned just in time to be tackled/glomped by the young Hunny-senpai. He caught his balance just in time to have the twins come crashing into him, trailing just slightly behind Hunny. Soon, though, their attentions were turned to fawning over Haruhi, like all at the Host Club were prone to do, leaving Tamaki sitting on the edge of the shore by himself. Looking across the beach toward the road, Tamaki saw Mori-senpai and Kyoya standing beside a dark red car. He wondered why Kyoya hadn't come running to meet him like the others had! He had almost left them all for goodness' sake!

But, then again, maybe Kyoya was just being a good mother like he should be! Watching over them all from his higher position.

And Mori? Well, Mori was just Mori.

As he watched all of them, his family, Tamaki couldn't help but think that Kyoya had come up with the idea of following him like they did. It wouldn't surprise him at all. It had always been Kyoya's penchant, making plans, figuring things out. Tamaki had known that from the start. That's why he made such a good friend! He could help you with anything!

Tamaki knew that all the other family members of the Host Club referred to Kyoya as the "Shadow King" to his "King". Tamaki also knew that Kyoya did most of the work at the Host Club and certainly held sway over their family.

But, Tamaki was okay with that. He was okay with just being the King of the Host Club. Being their bumbling leader whose plans didn't ever turn out as perfectly as Kyoya's. Tamaki was okay with it because he trusted Kyoya with his life. With everything he had. He trusted Kyoya with his family.

Because that's what friends do. They trust each other.

Kyoya held a most important part of the in the Host Club: he watched over them. For all his seeming coldness and selfishness, most of the Host Club probably would not be in as good as shape as they were without Kyoya's watchful black eyes. For all his talk of what he gained from it, Tamaki knew that, deep down, Kyoya was a part of the Host Club because he enjoyed it. Because he loved it. Haruhi had said it herself up on that bridge. They all loved being a part of the Host Club, and nothing could have made Tamaki prouder. He was glad he had succeeded in drawing Kyoya from his shell of measurements and calculating. Of manipulating and finding the percentage of gain.

Tamaki smiled when he saw Kyoya adjust his glasses and say something unintelligible to Mori. It was probably something about how dreamily heroic he had been when jumping after Haruhi!

Tamaki's eyes left Kyoya and Mori, wandering over to Haruhi. She was currently looking over the sling that Hikaru's left arm was in. How had the troublesome twin managed to do that? Had it been in going after him?

Tamaki wondered if the twins would use the wounded arm as an excuse to gain unneeded sympathy from his lovely daughter. Could they illicit Haruhi's love through pity? He questioned, scandalized.

Tamaki stopped. Did he really still think of Haruhi as his daughter? Or was she something more?

He thought for a moment then chuckled to himself. Now was not the time for such serious thoughts, he would discuss it with Kyoya later. Probably. He'd see.

For now, he was content to watch his Host Club Family, watched over by his best friend, all back together.

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I also do hope that I portrayed Tamaki's childlike, innocent and slightly arrogant attitude correctly. I had a lot of fun writing it!

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