My name is Ashley, Ashley Davies.

I'm telling you this straight up like this because I don't want to become one of those people who have a thing they do or a thing they have as a name. Like 'that man with hideous yellow hair' or 'that old lady with all the cats'. You're all guilty; you all have them in your neighbourhoods, and never bothered to find out their real name. I saw about two of my neighbours give me dirty looks as they went in their stupid beige house, and I can practically hear them thinking out loud the new name they've just made up for me. Maybe that's why I'm coming on a little too protective of those people. Of the lady with all the cats and the man that always dyes his hair yellow, I mean.

Have you ever done a project, and accidently printed the same picture twice? Yeah, I guess most of you have. So you're doing your project, right? Scrapbook, poster, whatever, and then you realise, you have two identical things looking back at you. At first you think it's like a déjà vu or something but then you're all like, damn. And how you get that other picture off is a totally other story full of anger and tragedy. But what I mean by that is that those two identical pictures? Make them houses with people and pets and lawns and cars. And multiply that by the number of houses in a neighbourhood. And magic! That's where I live. I swear, in my dictionary brown, beige and white are synonyms for gag reflex.

I've totally skipped a part haven't I? Oh well. Just to say, I'm currently just out side, lying down on the sidewalk in front of my house. Oh yeah, and its poring rain and it's about 3 in the morning. So if you don't want to call me Ashley, you could always use the nickname my fellow clone neighbours use, 'That girl who only comes out when it rains'.