June 25, 2010

I know people hate to get updates when it's only an A/N but since OW has already been turned into a multi-chapter – Hints of Me - I'm hoping you won't mind this one time. It's for a good cause…

For the Eclipse Fandom Gives Back event I'm offering the entire one shot of One Weekend from Edward's POV. As I'm sure you already know FGB supports Alex's Lemonade Stand which raises money to fight childhood cancer. The bidding opens June 26 and remains open for one week. The bidding starts at only $5, and if you're interested in helping the cause, please check it out. The link to my auction is on my profile page, but there are SO many wonderful people in the fandom offering stories, signed items, virtual services – you name it.

Thanks for reading this fake-out update, lol, and especially for reading One Weekend and Hints of Me.

All my best