When you mentioned that your birthday is on the 15th, I thought 'I got to get this one a gift'. So, I thought and thought, and I thought. Then bam! I figured a fic should do the trick. My very first one shot to you. I'm not sure if it's good, since it took me hours to do. It's rated K+, I think, and hope you enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Mimi-chan!


On a wharf in a quiet village on an island, there lived a young man named Luffy who lives with his fisherman grandfather named Garp.

Night and day Luffy would bring the fish caught from the wharf to the famous restaurant, Baratie, where he gets a few belis and the best, freshly baked pastries the restaurant has to offer, though sometimes he would have to argue with the chef's son, Sanji to do so.

And after dropping the fish off, he would sometimes get a very well wrapped package to the local orchard of tangerines called the Mikan Girls. Where he would receive payment of a couple belis and a small bag of the sweetest tangerines in the village by the woman, Bellemere, and the two daughters, Nojiko and Nami. The two older women have no problem with the monkey-like teen, but the youngest of eighteen would often remind him of the debt he still owed her for the things she told him to do and often spent or ruined while doing what she asked.

Afterwards he would take the bag of tangerines, eat a couple himself, and headed to the gun shop, where his friend, Usopp, a second generation sniper and talented artist, worked with his father, Yassopp, a sniper as well, and Ben, would often be found sketching while waiting for a customer to walk through the door. From there, they would often talk about random things starting from the weather until Yassopp comes out and joins in the conversation until Luffy headed out.

From there he would head to the small market place and, try, to spend the money to what would help support both his appetite and his grandfather's.

However, on this particular day with his lucky straw hat with the red band around, he was in the market place, which normally was bustling with activity and conversations livened the atmosphere, is now stilled and everyone was on the side of the stalls and were in a bowing position, clearing a path that separated the string of stalls.

He walked down the center of the path, watching the people look at him in almost a frightened and shocked expression when they glanced up on him.


He looked up to see a man with a long face and seemingly nasty temperament.

"What are you exactly doing?!"

"Shopping. What are you doing?"

"Don't you know how to show respect to the royal family?"

"Huh? Where?"

"Insolent brat!" The man said as he hit the young man with the staff, knocking the straw hat off, revealing black-dark brunette hair as the body fell to the ground and his face was covered in mud.

"Damn…" He said as he rubbed the spot where he was hit and felt a little liquid, but nothing too life threatening. "All you have to do is tell me to move to the side and let you through."

"And why should I tell a commoner such a trivial thing, especially since everyone else is going it!"

"I didn't think it was too important."

"Insignificant brat!" The man said as he stomped on the young man as well as kicked some dust in his eyes. "That should teach you a thing or two about learning your place." He turned and stepped on the straw hat.

"Bastard! Get your foot off my hat!" He called out as he ran up to get his hat, only to be kicked in the chest.

"What the hell is going on?" Said a new voice.

"I'm teaching this lowly commoner his place, Roronoa-sama."

Luffy coughed as he tried to blink away the dirt in his eyes. "Give me back my hat bastard!"

"How rude! This is the prince you're speaking to you!"

"I was talking to you!"

"Ungrateful! I ought to teach you a less-"

"That's enough! If you so lay another foot or finger on him, I'll slice them off!"

"Y-Yes Roronoa-sama."

"You'd be lucky if you still have a position when we get back."

Luffy tried to blink the dirt out of his eyes as he could hear someone grabbing his hat and helping him up before placing it on his head.

"Are you well?"

"I'll live. Is my hat okay?"

"Is there something special about this hat?"

"Someone I look up to gave it to me when he saved my life. It's a promise that we would meet again someday. That and it's really lucky."

"I see."

His vision was a bit blurry, but he could make out the three katanas on the right side of the man and felt that the other's hands were rough, as if used often in laborious work.

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I'm getting my sight back." He blinked before taking a step back and bowed. "Thank you. You're a lot nicer than the other guy."

"He's just doing his job, but he does need to tone it down if he wants to continue working with my family."

"Hai!" He said with a laugh as he joined the other people and mimicked their bowing position, but not before stealing a glance to see the tall, athletically muscular man of nineteen, with sun exposed tan, light green hair, and a face that was definitely fit for a warrior. He never once, in all his time growing up in the village, saw someone that fully got his attention intentionally.

Once the day's events were over, he couldn't sleep that night. He thought about the prince known as Roronoa-sama.


The next morning, he asked the people he often socialized with to know more about the prince.

"Huh? You wanna know about that national treasure?"

"He's a national treasure?"

"No, it's the color of his hair. Marimo are considered a national treasure in this and many other islands."

"Oh… So, what do you know about him?"

"That he doesn't talk to people and people say he's a demon in a man's form. Why do you want to know?"

"I met him yesterday."


"I was getting something after my morning rounds like today, and I ran into this bastard, who I guess works for the family, and he started beating me up. Then Roronoa-sama came out and talked him down a bit and helped me up."

"This is a first time I heard he was human."

He went out to the orchard and asked the same question.

"I only saw the old man when I went up to complain that I couldn't afford to pay the taxes because this place had a bad season." Bellemere said.

"I heard he likes to train in the ways of the samurai." Nojiko said. "But he also follows his own way. That's why he carries three katanas because he mastered his own sword style."

"Well, I don't know much about the guy except he prefers sleep and training over taking care of important things." Nami said.

He then went to the gun shop and learned a bit more.

"Ah! I know who ya mean." Yasopp said as he put down a gun he was polishing. "He's a proud guy. He has his own code and is completely anti-social. He would also wander around the palace as if he was lost in his own home. But he's a tough guy that not many people would dare cross."

"Who are you talking about?" Ben asked as he came out.

"We're talking about Roronoa-sama."

"Ah! The Santoryuu Swordsman Prince."

"You know him?" Luffy asked.

"Not personally, but I have seen him fight. And man can he slice through those bricks like it was butter. He even attempted to cut steel once. He may have found that feat by now."


"He sounds dangerous." Usopp said.

"Only if you really piss him off." Ben said as he brought out a rifle. "All done fixing this."


"I better go." Luffy said as he waved and said his good byes before running into a traveling musician. "Sorry about- Brook!?"

"Yohohoho! Luffy-san!" Brook said as they chatted until the young man asked him the same question.

"It's funny you should ask that, I was invited to perform in the party the family is setting up for next week."

"A party?"

"Yes…" He looked around before bending down to whisper to the other's ear. "Just between you and me, I heard from some of the servants that this party was to find a compatible marriage partner for him."


"Apparently he showed no interest in any of the neighboring candidates, royal or common."


"No one knows."

"Thanks for telling me."

"If I were you, I would try to find something nicer to wear, incase you're lucky enough to be invited."

"Thanks for the tip, and good luck in your performance."

"Thank you, Luffy-san."

Once they parted, Luffy waited a bit before running to the only place in the village that could have the outfit he could get with his share.

He went up to an antique shop and saw the woman behind the counter, who looked up and smiled pleasantly.

"Why hello Luffy-san, this is an unexpected visit."

"Hi Robin, can I ask you something?"


He told her about what happened yesterday and what he has learned about today. "Do you have anything that I could possibly buy or rent for the party next week, if I'm lucky."

"I'm sure you'll get in, and I do have something in mind that may fit you. But you would have to wait until you know more about this party. You don't know if there's a theme."

"Okay, but can you put it on hold until then?"

"Of course."

"Thanks Robin! I owe you!"

"Well, I am getting a little low on fish as of late."

"Okay! I'll see you later then."


A few days later, he was helping his grandfather, who a few days ago gave him a good size black eye for not paying attention to the net when they were bringing the fish, they were unloading the fish when he heard someone arguing with the wharf master.

"I'm sorry sir, but we can't go out to get more if we want to risk the population decrease."

The man sighed. "Looks like the invitation list will be short this year."

He didn't like the sound of that, especially he didn't know where he was placed on that list. "Can I visit some of my friends Gramps?"

"Hai, hai, you can go."

He quickly ran up to the man and stopped him. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear, what seems to be the problem?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy, I help fish with my grandfather every morning and do errands throughout the rest of the day."

"And you think you know how to get more fish?"

"No, but I do know someone who can make it seem we got more than enough needed."


Luffy nodded. "You've heard of the Baratie?"


"The cooks there make sure not even a scrap of meat is wasted and make the most amazing dishes that you will have a hard time to eat because it just looks too good for that."

"Hm… I shall go and see for myself."

"You won't regret it!"

As the man left, he hoped that it was enough. If the restaurants cooks don't impress this guy, then nothing will.


The next day, he went over to see that Sanji was practically giving him dishes to try out. Each dish was just impressive as the last and he was practically in heaven.

And once he got the list of the amount of fish they're going to need to make it work, he went over to the orchard, which he noticed that the two younger women seemed to be chatting away about what to wear.

"They just got invited to the palace in the next few days." Bellemere informed, unaware that it caused the young man to fear that he might also have one himself.

He went over to the antique shop, where he saw a man talking to Robin. "Hey Franky!"

"Ah! Lil' Bro! How's it going?"

"At the moment, I'm a little nervous."

"Did you get the invitation?"

He shook his head. "I don't know. I hope I do."

"Do you know the theme?"

He shook his head again.

"I do." Franky said. "Apparently it's a masquerade."


"Aye, if a guy wears a dress, and pulls it off, then it's all SUPA!" He said with a pose, making her giggle.

"Huh? How come?"

"Well…" Franky said. "I heard that because Roronoa-sama is so difficult to find anyone he likes to wed, much less date, that they have to do a masquerade to give it something to work with."

"Oh…" He said as he looked at Robin. "Can I try on that outfit now?"

"Of course." She said with a smile and led him back to the room after saying her good bye to Franky.

He looked at the stuffy room with many different kinds of old dresses and suites.

"What would you like?"

"Well… something I could easily fight in."


"I figured that the prince likes someone he can spar with."

"Makes sense." She said with a smile. "You're a bit more observant then people give you credit for."


She giggled as she looked through the outfit rack and found one. "This is so you." She said as she brought something red out.

It was a red silk jumper with flowy pants that gives the illusion of being a dress, the top part had some ruffles, giving the impression of having a bust for a flat chested girl. While a second skirt over the pant part was black and lacey, giving the impression that a girl with small hips have a bit bigger, or in Luffy's case some form of a feminine hips.

"Can I fight in it?"

"Try it on and see for yourself."

He tried it on quickly, which seems to hug him from the chest to the waist, while the waist down were free to move and breathe. He looked at himself and he was surprised how much of a girl he really looked.

"I hope he doesn't mistake me for a girl." He said as he lifted the black skirt and saw that either way he looked like a girl.

"It is a masquerade." She said. "He may expect someone to be another gender." She came up and placed a silk neck ribbon of the red color. "When you mentioned that you saw him, did he see you?"

"Well… my face was covered in mud."

"So he doesn't really know what you look like."

"Is that a good thing?"

"In this case, it is." She hugged the young man. "You look so adorable. And I know if you do plan on fighting, then you will be impressive."

"I was thinking about bringing Boshi with me."

"I'm afraid that you can't wear anything that will give you away."

He pouted. "But it's my lucky hat."

"Then make a wish and kiss it."


"If you can't bring Boshi, then you can at least give it some love so at least you feel like you're not abandoning it."

"Sounds good!" He said as he walked around, getting used to how the outfit feels.

"So, will it do?"


After that, he got back in his normal clothes and went back to the fishing boat he lives in with his grandfather and immediately got to work cleaning it. He never really minded cleaning, because he was happy at the moment.

"Hey, Gramps, was there any mail today for either of us?"

"Yeah… There was some kind of invitation for some party."

"Yeah?" He knew it! He was invited as well!

"But you're not going."

He felt like he was just slapped in the face. "Huh? Why?"

"That night I go with the guys for poker night, and someone has to watch the ship."

"But Gramps, why would anyone steal a fisherman's ship?"

"You questioning me!?" He said as he punched the young man, nearly causing a hole in the ship's floor.

"No Gramps…" He said, clearly heartbroken.

"Good! Now get cleaning."

He sighed as he put the mop into the bucket. His previous good mood crushed by his grandfather's selfish and overprotective hold on the small, fishing boat.


The next day, Sanji was a bit busy to notice the sad mood the other was feeling and the family of three women were busy as well from getting enough tangerines to bring to the palace kitchen to the kind of outfit the girls are going to wear.

It was Usopp who noticed the sad atmosphere from his friend.

"Oi, what's wrong?"

"I got invited."

"Isn't that something to be happy about?"

"Gramps won't let me go because it's his poker night, and someone has to watch that tiny boat."

"Oh…" Usopp said as he thought about something to help the other. "How long does this poker night thing go?"

"It goes to about midnight, and Gramps will be home a few minutes after that."

"Ha! I got an idea!"

"What is it?"

"Okay, listen to me closely."

Luffy had his full attention.

"Okay, you got an outfit in the boat?"

"No, it's with Robin."

"Great! Okay, once your Grandpa leaves for his poker night deal, wait until you can't see him and give it three minutes tops, head to Robin's place and get your outfit on and I'll be there to get you up to the palace."

"Okay, but I don't see how this plan is going to help."

"Getting there is the easy part, the toughie here is getting out before midnight."

"Why before?"

"To give you enough time to get out of the party, get back to your normal clothes and get back on the boat."

"Oh! I get it now!"

"Hope so, you're pretty hopeless."



On the night of the party, Luffy spent the whole day cleaning the boat so that he didn't have to do so later when he planned on going out. And once he was sure that his grandfather was good as out of his sight, he got out of the small boat, secured it, and ran to Robin's shop.

When he got the outfit on and was 'prettied' up, he saw Usopp on a single person coach car with a horse on the reins.

"How did you get this?"

"I know a friend who has this stuff and is going to the party as well. I just told her about you and she gave me this to make it work."

"Thanks Usopp! Thanks Robin."

"Go have fun."

"You're not coming?"

She shook her head. "I have plans of my own."

"Okay, see you later." With that he went into the car and waited in the silence before it stopped and got out.

"I'll be there in a bit Luffy, you go on ahead."

"Okay." He said as he made sure he has his invitation and showed it to the bouncer before going in.

He walked down the hall, and saw himself in the mirror. He didn't have much make up on and there was a red ribbon around his head and there was a false rose on the side of his head where it was pinned to the ribbon.

He continued to see that the huge dance hall was practically packed. 'Was the whole town invited?' He thought as he looked around to see the familiar short, green hair.

He saw that the other did not enjoy the dancing, and the girl he was dancing was a klutz, plus he looked really uncomfortable around her.

He took a deep breath and let it out, determined to get that fight with the prince, because he didn't dance that well either.

He looked at the clock and saw that he has at least a good six hours to get to the prince and, hopefully, not get ignored.

But after three hours, he began to wonder if he was ever going to get to the prince. He started to get hungry and the noise was starting to become a bit much for him as he went to the snack table and grabbed two chicken legs and walked out to the balcony.

'Damn it! There's too many people to get through.' He thought as he dropped the finished chicken bone and started his second. 'At this point I won't be able to get to him. There has to be another way…' He finished that leg before he heard someone stomp up to the balcony's railing and called out profanities before noticing him. "Hello Roronoa-sama."

"Hi… Sorry you have to hear that."

"I wouldn't blame you. Looks like you hated being there."

"I hate parties and I hate dances."


"You wouldn't understand."

"I won't until you tell me."

He looked at him before sighing. "It's just the same damn thing ever since I turned sixteen."


"It started out just going to different palaces, then it involved commoners, and now I have to find a damn bride! As if!"

"Are they really pressuring you to find one?"

"If I don't, then they would."

"Well, what do you want in a bride?"

"I don't want someone who's weaker than me or holding me back."

"You want someone to spar with?"

"Yeah…" He looked at him carefully.

"What?" He asked, hoping the other didn't recognize him.


They were silent for a moment before Luffy took this opportunity to ask.

"Where's a good place to spar around here?"


"I don't dance, I fight. And you look like you would like a change in scenery."

"Won't you worry about the dress?"

"I've ruined worse."

The prince grinned as he straightened. "This isn't something to gain my attention, is it?"

"Maybe a bit of that, but mostly to do something different."

"Well… I have real katanas on me."

"I only use my body as a weapon."

"Aren't you a bit reckless?"

"Yeah, but then I never was good at keeping still."

"Okay, but don't cry when you get cut."

"I won't, as long as you don't hold back."

"You're serious?"

"Yeah!" He felt fired up at fighting the man he just suddenly felt attracted to.


The two looked at the door before the prince grabbed his wrist and ran down the balcony stairs down to the garden.

"Anything to get away from there."

Luffy just laughed until they made it to a clear opening.

"Let's see what you got." The prince said as he drew out his katanas.

He got into a ready position. "Bring it!"

They charged and they started their own quick, violent dance of their own with dodging, close calls, and impressive moves that surprised one another.

When Luffy tried to punch the man, he missed and found himself on his back, a blade to his throat. He panted as he smiled.

"Damn! I need to get better to keep up with you."

"Really? I thought you were difficult to keep up." The prince said as he sheathed his katanas and held out his hand, which the other grabbed, and pulled him up.

Luffy, feeling the sudden blood rush to his head, lost a little bit of his balance and crashed into the other's chest. "Sorry." He said when he felt the other lifting his chin, making him look up at the green eyes that seem to glow with the moon's light, before he saw the other leaning down and claimed his lips.

He was shocked to feel gentle lips on his as he watched half lidded eyes staring at him, watching the reaction. But he quickly got used to feeling and hesitantly kissed back, which the prince embraced him and he closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of being with the man.

After a while they parted and Luffy looked at the man, feeling his face warm and hearing his heart pound in his ears.


"Zoro. My name is Zoro."

"Zoro…" He worded it and liked how it sounded. "That's a great name. Zoro…"

Zoro chuckled as he held the other tighter. "And you?"

Before he could say his name, he heard the chimes of the bell and counted twelve. "Shit…"


"I have to go!" He said as he managed to get out of the embrace.

"What's going on?"

"I have to go!"


"Home! Or I'm as good as dead!" He ran up the stairs, which the other was closely at his tail before getting into the crowded room and managed to get up the stairs and ran to the front and saw Usopp.

"Where the hell have you been!?"

"Just go!" He called as Usopp wasted no time and hurried out there. He looked back to see Zoro just got to the front steps and stood there. "Gomen…" He whispered as he didn't look away until he lost sight of the man.


After rushing the clothes off of him and rushing to the wharf, he hoped his grandfather wasn't at the boat yet and made it to the boat, only to see a lantern on.

He knew what was going to happen as he went into the boat and saw his grandfather, drinking tea and looking at him.

"And where were you?"

"I have to help out some friends move some things for the party up at the palace and ended up staying a bit longer then I needed to."

"You're only telling me the partial truth."

Luffy didn't say anything as his grandfather pointed to his bedroom. "Go to bed, I'll deal with you in the morning."

"Hai…" He went into his room, locked the door and crashed onto his bed and cried.


The next morning, he went through a lot of torturous chores around the boat, the wharf, even with the other wharf men that were buddies with his grandfather and mean to the boot. To further the punishment, he wasn't given a meal to help him through the day.

By the end of the day, he was sore, hungry and tired beyond anything he'd ever imagined. The only good thing about getting to bed that night was that he could dream the night before and could feel the other's kiss and embrace.


This went on for the next couple days before he finally collapsed on the wharf as he was carrying a crate.

"Luffy!" His grandfather called as he went up and grabbed his grandson by the hair. "Quit sleeping on the job!" He shouted as he put a punch in, which worked to make the young man wake up. "Now, pick up the crate and continue working!"

Luffy struggled to get up and walked to the dropped crate before a hand stopped him. He looked up to see green eyes. "Zoro…" He said, shocked to see the prince at the wharf.

"Excuse me!" His grandfather called out, but when he got closer and saw who he was, he blinked.

"Are you okay?" Zoro asked as he lifted the other, only to feel the ribs under the loose shirt.

Luffy didn't know what to say, because he could see in the other's eyes that he already knew.

Zoro looked at his grandfather and glared. "Are you the one responsible for him?"

"I'm his grandfather. What brings you here?"

"I planed on asking for his hand."

Luffy definitely didn't expect that and thought it was just three days of starving that's causing him to hear things.


"Either you give out the blessing, or do I have to banish you for neglecting and cruel punishment."

Garp definitely didn't expect that this would happen. He figured that his grandson just partied that night, he definitely didn't expect that his grandson actually got the most difficult prince's attention.

"Very well." He said, knowing that if he fought against a member of the royal family, he would lose everything. At least his grandson was finally being of some use.

Luffy was carried out of the wharf and felt the other getting on the horse and they went back to the palace, which by then he fell asleep.


When he woke up, he saw that he was in a huge room on a big, comfy, soft bed, and he also saw Zoro sleeping next to him. "Z-Zoro…"

The man opened one eye and closed it. "There's some food for you. Let me sleep a little more."

He looked to see a mountain of fruit, and of course he couldn't let anything go to waste.

By the time Zoro woke up fully, he saw the mountain of fruit gone and Luffy was looking out at the room's balcony. He got up and went to be on the other's side.

"Feel better?"

Luffy nodded happily before looking at the other. "Did you mean that?"

"About asking your hand in marriage?"

He nodded.

"Well… I kinda hoped that I would propose you in a more settle scene, but then seeing your grandfathers and the rest of the wharf men look shocked and scared is something for them to think about."

"Do you like me that much?"

"I don't like you… And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I fell in love with you. Ever since you were nothing but a commoner with a mud mask."

"You knew?"

"Who could forget that cocky attitude?"

He laughed as he smiled. "Well, I really liked you since then too."

Zoro turned the other's face to look at him before leaning down to kiss him before parting once more. "I don't know why, but I feel attracted to you. And I tried to forget since you ran off, but I can't get you off my mind and since I have to pick someone that night, I was going to pick you and you alone."

"So… What's going to happen now?"

Zoro brought the other close and took a deep breath of the other's hair, taking in the scent. "Introduce you to my family and just be yourself."

"Do we have to be married right away?"

Zoro shook his head. "Not right away… Only when you're ready. We just met a few times after all."

Luffy giggled. "Well! If I'm going to meet your parents, you're going to meet my friends. And my brother when he finally gets back."

Zoro chuckled. "Deal."


It has been two years since that day and, somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, there was a huge white ship, decked out with red roses and white ribbons. The sails were drawn up and everyone was sitting down the rows of chairs.

Zoro was at the front of the altar where the priest was preparing for the union. He wore something that's similar to a samurai's uniform, swords at his right side, and looking at his family on his side of the ship, while he looked to see his best men, Sanji, Usopp, and Franky were talking among themselves, before looking at the maids of honor, Nami, Robin, and Vivi.

When Brook played the music of 'here comes the bride', everyone silenced as they looked to see a small puppy named Chopper carry a small basket that contains the rings before Luffy came out.

He was wearing a similar red jump outfit again, but this time the pant legs were wider then the older ones, making it look flowier then the time he wore one at the party. And he had a white veil on over his face and the rest trailed down his back. The gentle wind got some of the white flowers on the ropes that led up to the sails, giving the effect of the shower of flower petals on Luffy.

When he got up to the altar, they made their vows and Zoro bent down to grab the basket out of Chopper's mouth, but being a puppy, it took some effort before he got the basket, fished the rings, and gave back the basket to the puppy. Luffy giggled at this before the rings were put on and then they made their first kiss as a married couple.