Capítulo Uno: El Nacimiento Del Diablo

Chapter one: The Birth of the Devil

Demon speaking

Cursed seal speaking

Human speaking

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Summary: Who would have thought that the cursed seal powered chidori could tear through one's soul? To bad Naruto found this out the hard way! Now if only that hole wasn't shaped oh so well, maybe then Naruto wouldn't be a hollow!

"Rasengan!" "Chidori!" Two voices called out. One of the voices was that of Uzumaki Naruto, the other was that of Uchiha Sasuke. As the two clashed, Naruto let go of his rasengan's power, content with just slashing Sasuke's headband. Sasuke on the other hand had no problems thrusting the full powered chidori straight through Naruto's heart, effectively killing Naruto.


"So, now that you're done freaking out over the fact that you're dead and Sasuke is gone, what are you going to do now?"

"What do you mean what am I going to do? I'm dead for hell's sake, with a freaking hole through my chest, what is there to do?"

"You could start by turning down the volume of your voice, my ears hurt. I knew I should have taken over your body with my energy and taken that worthless bastard down when I had the chance, him and his weak demon powers."

"What do you mean by weak demon powers? All Sasuke was using was chakra, even though it didn't feel like normal chakra. And besides, your chakra feels like that all the time when I use it."

"For one thing kid, what I use is not chakra, it is a power that humans should not have."

"Huh? What do you mean by 'power'? What exactly is your 'power'?"

"I call it 'power' for a few reasons, for one thing; chakra is a blend of physical and spiritual energy. I lack a physical body, so I do not have physical energy, and therefore no chakra. However, my spiritual energy is practically limitless, and that is why I have so much power."

"I still don't get it, what's the difference between chakra and your energy?"

Kyuubi's response was merely a sigh, before beginning to describe the main theories behind chakra. "As I said, chakra is a mixture of spiritual energy, or reiatsu, and physical energy. Without a body, like how you are now, one cannot produce physical energy, and therefore cannot blend physical energy with reiatsu to form chakra. The reason why tailed-demons are visible is that they have so much reiatsu that it becomes visible to the human eye. Demons do not have natural physical bodies, so they try to make their reiatsu feel as close to chakra as possible."

Naruto suddenly looked as if he'd been told that ramen had been banned from Konoha . "GAH! You mean I can't use chakra anymore just because I died? How am I supposed to be the Hokage when I can't use chakra!?!"

"How are you supposed to be the Hokage when you're DEAD is more of the point."

"Oh yeah, good point, I'm dead now. How am I supposed to do anything when I'm dead..."

"Well Naruto, if you are done sulking, let me continue explaining chakra. In a living person, the chakra points naturally blend one's reiatsu with their physical energy. Then the chakra pathways circulate this energy throughout the body. This is why the Hyuuga clan is so dangerous, they can stop the combination of these energies while also blocking the pathways that it travels along. Now, spiritual energy itself can also travel through these pathways, but it cannot blend unless it's in a chakra point. You also have to remember that everyone has different amounts of chakra."

"You mean like how fuzzy-brows does not have chakra?"

"That is not exactly true, Lee does have chakra, just not enough to perform jutsu. This is because he has abnormally low amounts of reiatsu, but that in turn means his physical energy has much more room to grow, and grow it did, so much so that it smothered the chance of his spiritual energy growing much more than just enough to keep him alive."

"But what about the celestial gates he used? Those gave him massive amounts of chakra!"

"Once again, not true. The celestial gates remove the limits of the BODY, not the SOUL, meaning what he gained was much more physical energy. This caused him to be much stronger, faster, and caused his muscles to run out of energy faster. Of course, I can also tie this in with how some people use chakra to speed up their movements. What they are doing is simply pushing chakra into the required muscles and then pushing the physical energy from the chakra into the muscles while letting the reiatsu simply bleed off, causing more of a blur to their movements. Now then, to the topic of Orochimaru's cursed seals."

"What do they have to do with this, don't they just boost their chakra?"

"Kit, you just keep forgetting what I am saying. There are two different cursed seals, with two different effects. The cursed seals are the cursed seal of Heaven and the cursed seal of Earth, mind taking a guess of what they do?"

"Ummm, they both boost the amount of chakra is formed in the chakra points?"

"Sort of, but not quite what I was looking for. The cursed seal of Earth focuses on increasing the amount of raw physical energy in the body. Raw physical energy is much more potent than the normal physical energy is, so it bleeds of the body and has a very menacing feel. This effect also happens with the cursed seal of Heaven, but with raw reiatsu instead. The raw spiritual energy of the cursed seal of Heaven is so potent that it can sometimes be confused with the slightly more potent reiatsu of a low level demon, which is what the cursed seal is almost transforming the users into."

"So by low level demons, you mean like Shukaku, right?"

"Still wrong, Shukaku is actually a mid-high level demon, while I am ranked at the top tier of insanely high level demons. Now, you must be wondering about how the seal could be 'purifying' my reiatsu into chakra right about now, so I will explain it. The seal was designed by your Yondaime Hokage, who actually understood what the power of a demon was. He designed it's purification to naturally increase the physical energy that you had when you were alive, actually putting you well above Lee in that department. The only reason you were not a demon at taijutsu was because of the constant flow of my reiatsu into your body, mixing in the chakra points to create your massive stores of chakra that seemed unnatural. Even more so, the seal changed how much physical energy your body was producing by how much adrenalin was in your body. The amount of adrenalin also changed how much reiatsu was flowing from the seal into the chakra points. This means that the more adrenalin your body was producing, the more chakra you were producing, allowing you to keep a high level of chakra in your body for as long as you fought. The bad part of this was that it caused the amount of chakra you were producing while you were always being chased by those mobs when you were young, allowing the few ninjas to track you down with relative ease."

"Hey, I'm hungry! Why am I hungry, I though that dead people didn't need to eat!"

"Naruto, that's a major sign that you're going to turn into a hollow soon."

"A hollow? What's that, and why does it sound so painful?"

"Hollows are quite similar to demons, they have no physical bodies and a high potency of reiatsu. I guess I should explain what hollows are if you are going to become one. The order of hollows is simple. You start off as a plain old hollow, normally living in a realm called Hueco Mundo. Then, by eating other hollows or souls, you gain more and more powerful until you 'evolve' into the next level of hollow, further boosting your power. These normal hollows are normally equal to low level demons."

"Wait, why would I become a hollow?"

"I would have to say it is because of the taint of my reiatsu, plus the taint of Sasuke's reiatsu-powered chidori. That probably equaled the hole in your chest to be seared with so much reiatsu that it was forced to stay open like that even when only your human body seemed to be injured. I would have to guess the reiatsu in Sasuke's chidori probably ripped that hole through your soul. Now then, if you are hungry now, just wait until you become a hollow, then you will feel like you are starving!"

"When you say eat, do you mean like actually eating other hollows? Isn't that cannibalism? That's not cool!"

"Yes, I do mean actually EATING other hollows who are naturally trying to EAT you. It is eat or be eaten in Hueco Mundo, and I would rather not be eternally bound to the inside of a dumb hollow's stomach. Now, after the normal level of hollows, you get into the Menos Grandes. This starts with Gillians, taller and wider as the Hokage's tower, these beasts are approximately equal to a mid level demon, but run off nothing more than instincts and insanity until they evolve. Then after awhile you become an adjuchas, about the level of a mid to high level demon, or 'one-tailed' on the reiatsu power scale. The adjuchas are more intelligent than the normal level hollows and are also much more powerful. Then you have the highest known level of hollows, the vasto lorde. Vasto lordes are easily equal to a four-tailed demon, or a high level demon, and only a few exist now."

"So, if I'm going to be a normal level hollow, then that means I'll just have to work my way up to vasto lorde, right? But if I'm just as strong as all the other hollows around, then there's a good chance that I'll be killed really early on…"

"Highly unlikely, most hollows are born from human souls in another dimension, and they don't have chakra their. Their hollow forms use what spirit energy they had when they died and then add the potency factor in. When you died, your chakra was almost full, which was easily over half a tail's worth of reiatsu in there. You were also using one tail of my reiatsu, this will carry over into a little over one and a half tails of hollow reiatsu just because it will have to diffuse. This means you have over two tails worth of power going into the normal level. I suggest not wasting time as a normal level or as a Gillian and go straight for adjuchas."

"I understand. So…any idea when I'll become a hollow?"

"I figure right…"

At this point, Naruto screamed in agony, clutching at his face before bursting into a cloud of spirit particles, transporting him to Hueco Mundo.

"…Damn, so close to being right on time too."

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