Capítulo Cuatro: Los Rabos Del Zorro

Chapter Four: The Tails of the Fox

"Demon speaking"

"Human/Hollow speaking"


"Flashback within Flashback speaking"

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Las Noches…

Naruto sighed. His days now were little more than training and lounging, he was doing the latter now. Unbidden, thoughts of his most recent failure came surging to the front of his mind.


Naruto stood in the middle of a large clearing, the Espada were gathered around, waiting for him.

"So, Naruto, please use your resurrección." Aizen spoke, eagerly awaiting his secret weapons true powers.

But as Naruto focused he discovered one thing, he couldn't use resurrección. For some reason, his zanpakuto seemed to not respond at all.

"Aizen-sama, I'm sorry, but I…I can't seem to do it…"

"Ah, do not worry about it, some Arrancar cannot do it at first either, just make sure you tell me if you do succeed."

End Flashback

Once again, Naruto sighed. His zanpakuto seemed simple at a glance, but it was actually a very complex weapon known as a snake sword. The blade had eight segments, only holding on to each other by a small wire. "Gah! No matter how much I try, I can't seem to get this thing to work!"

"I am surprised, Naruto, you are not the type to give up so easily. Perhaps I could give some advice?"

"Advice, what advice could you possibly have about this? I mean, my sword won't work right!"

"While I am trapped inside of your soul, your sword is part of your soul. For some reason, the fragment of your soul that has become your sword is somewhat mutated, making it not for a thirteen year old body like you currently have, but more for a sixteen year old body."

"So, you're saying my sword is too old for me? How does that make any sense at all?"

"Why should I know, it is your sword after all. Perhaps all it will take is for the fragment that is your sword and the whole of your soul to become synchronized."

"But how could I possibly synchro-whatever two parts of my soul?"

"Just let it flow, Naruto, let it flow."

With this, Naruto tried to do just what Kyuubi had advised, focusing only on the sword while trying to block out all other thoughts or disturbances. After awhile of doing this, something inside Naruto seemed to break free, and like an exploding dam, Naruto's power rushed out, along with a single phrase.

"Flow, Los Rabos Del Zorro." In a flash, Naruto discovered that his body now had patches of fur in certain places, making a sort of armor. With this, Naruto discovered that he had three tails twitching and waving around behind him. His sword on the other hand was the same shape, only shorter. Upon further inspection, Naruto found that it was now only five segments long. Testing a sudden thought, the last segment of the blade shot off before flying behind his back, forming a forth tail, along with giving him a minor boost in power.

"Amazing, so if each segment can be used to boost my power, I wonder what happens if I use all eight?"

"I would not suggest trying to use too much power right off. Besides, take a look at what else happened."

Naruto did exactly what Kyuubi suggested, looking around confused until he saw what had happened.

Naruto was no longer a scrawny four-foot six-inch kid, but was now a moderate five-foot ten-inch late teen man.

"So you were right, my body was too young to use with my sword!"

"I suggest that you stop wasting your time here and report this to Aizen, he should be pleased."

Time skip – One week

Much had happened over the week since Naruto had obtained his resurrección. First, Nnoitra had attempted to get rid of Neliel, just to be stopped by the lucky appearance of Naruto at the scene. After a short fight, mostly because Nnoitra was completely unprepared for seven-tails worth of Naruto's resurrección, Nnoitra was killed. Of course, that left the seat of the Quinto Espada open, and Aizen decided that the one who killed Nnoitra was the perfect candidate for that position, willing or otherwise.

"I still don't see why you wanted that mask, Naruto." Grimmjow remarked, taking note of the Anbu-style fox mask with a red number 5 on the forehead that now covered Naruto's face.

"Grimmjow, you seem to have forgotten already. While wearing this mask, you are to refer to me as Kamikaze." Naruto's distorted voice said through the mask.

"Yeah yeah, your little Títeres Zorros… Those things still freak me out."

End Chapter Four

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Why does Naruto wear a mask, and what are these Títeres Zorros that Grimmjow mentioned, and why does Naruto want to go by Kamikaze? All this might be revealed next chapter, or the chapter after that. Also, I apologize that this chapter is so short for such a long wait, but I've been too into the first-person shooter game that my friend got me into.

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