(A/N: since Plushie Love is over, I see you guys still story alert it- ITS OVER! But, there are some questions you guys probably have- so i'm doing little snippit side stories- they're like chapters I didn't add to the story. So- here they are.)

Plushie Love

~Extra: Family Meeting- Part 1~

They sat at the airport, listening to all the hustle and bustle going on around them, "Kat- where are we going?" He asked, his hair tied back, looking around as everyone moving, going about, some running, others walking fast, others just walking, "where are we?"

"We're at an 'Airport'. To get around the country, or even to get to other countries, we take large, metal planes- er-birds, called 'airplanes'." She explained, smiling at him, "Airports are places that let you get on the airplane, but only so many people can get on." She told him, and he smiled at her sleepily, "Since we're married now- I'd like you to meet my family. Both sides. I'm sorry ahead of time if they don't like you- they're a little frosty to newcomers."

"I'm sure I can handle it." Orochimaru smiled at her, and she smiled, leaning against him, "I haven't met your biological father…"

"He's vacationing there and it's his family that's frosty." She told him and Orochimaru frowned slightly. "We have a row of 3 seats all to ourselves- it's a 3 hour long flight, but if it gets too boring, you can always sleep in my lap." She told him and he tilted her chin up and kissed her, slipping his tongue in and she kissed back, hugging him closer, before Orochimaru heard a giggle.

"Mommy, look at those two!" A little kid said and their mother grabbed their hand, "Don't point, honey." Their mother said and dragged the child off and Orochimaru looked at her like a puppy and she laughed, running her hand through his hair, smiling gently.

"Cock blocked by a 4 year old- who knew?" She laughed and he kissed her gently.

"That's not fair, Kat." He said, pulling her closer, "which bathroom? Men's or women's?" he asked and she pushed him off gently.

"Whoa there, Tiger, I need to lay down some rules for when we meet my family. You can't do anything ninja-like, try to be as slow as possible, and some of them don't know you're my husband so if they get mad about the wedding, just tell them that your family's customs are really strict." She told him, a hand on his thigh, the other on the back of his neck, "Got it, Oreos?" He grinned widely, and nodded, and she withdrew from him, making his grin vanish. Orochimaru pulled her into his lap and grinned, as she blushed.

"You're crueler than me, Kat- leaving me alone after you've turned me on." He whispered in her ear, before something else caught her attention, and she got up, and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her back down and playfully nipped her neck, "Nuh-uh."

"Aki, our flight is boarding!" She exclaimed, panicked, and he released her, as she got up then rushed him to grab their things and they got on the plane. He learned that big bags go over head while little ones stay with them- her purse stayed with them because it had all the information in it. He sat in the middle seat as she took the window, and she showed him how to buckle in as the plane took off. Orochimaru gripped the arm rests, clenching his teeth and was pushed back in his seat, Kat looking at him, "Aki? Honey, are you ok?"

"I stay on the ground for a fucking reason!" He grumbled, covering his mouth with a hand, "This is so bumpy! Isn't there some other way to travel!" He hissed, and she sighed,

"You can't drive a car, and we could take a bus, or a train, but flying in an airplane is the fastest type of transportation unless you count the monorail, but that's not in our state." She told him and after a while, he calmed down, not looking too well, She took his face in her hands and kissed his forehead, "Poor baby…come, sleep, you'll feel better." She told him, pushing up the armrest and pulling his head into her chest to use as a pillow as she reclined to back a little, twisting herself around to make him more comfortable. Orochimaru opted for her lap and one of the thin, flimsy pillows the airline offered. She covered him with a blanket, and stroked his hair as he fell asleep, looking out of the window.


"Aki, wake up." She said, and he opened his eyes, "Honey, we need to leave." He got up and grabbed their things in a daze, following her out sleepily, wobbling here and there but finally made it to a pair of sliding mechanical doors, where she put several coats on him.

"Vhere are ve going?" He asked, still half-asleep. "My legs hurt…"

"No problem, you'll wake up in a second or two." As he looked at her for answers, she shoved him towards the sliding doors that opened with a mechanical whine, and he yelled as a blast of icy air slapped him in the face, scaring other people walking around, before running back inside. "Yeah, you're awake now, aren't cha?" She asked and he waited for her to get a fur-trimmed and lined coat on, putting the hood up, and went over to him, taking her purse from him, pulling his hood up and he stared at her. "Geez, I married such an idiot, I swear." She muttered and he kissed her, catching her off guard, smirking.

"I was caught off-guard, just like you were just now." He said, smirking, and she pushed him back outside, going with him this time, looking around. "I'll look for my grandparents- We'll be visiting my mother's side first. I suppose you can make yourself warm I guess." He clung to her and she looked at him, and he withdrew, just staying close to her. They stood out in the cold for an hour and finally, Orochimaru had had enough. "Kat, I'm sick of waiting!" He hissed, and she smiled and waved at someone,

"Well, our ride is here, so we're going to have to move over to them." She told him and grabbed his hand, pulling him behind her as they crossed the crosswalk, Orochimaru eyed the cars warningly, on edge, and she pulled him over to a car, a pair of people getting out and hugging her. They looked at him,

"Is this him?" The woman asked, in her late 40's, early 50's, a tall, buff man, putting their luggage in the trunk of the car, around the same age range. Kat nodded and her grandmother (?) approached Orochimaru. He looked at her and she smiled at him warmly, "Well, Welcome to Chicago, Illinois." She greeted and he bowed out of respect for her grandparents, and she laughed, "How nice! I'd bow back, but, my back is so old." She answered, and looked at him, "What are you, 18? 19?" That's right, he had taken on the human form, and he just smiled, his soft smile turning into somewhat of an odd scowl, as her grandmother said slowly and loudly, "Are. You. 18. Or. 19?"

"G'ma, he's learning English slowly, he's not retarded-" Kat defended him, her grandmother stopping, and he looked at her as she looked back, before adding, "He's not that retarded, anyways." Orochimaru frowned, as she closed the trunk, everyone getting in the car and he sat in the back with her, holding her hand, and looking out the window as her grandparents drove and they talked and chatted about her life, and he was absorbed in the bright lights that blurred around them and the colors as they drove. She blew on his neck and he shivered, "It's a lot prettier in the day, but I like the night time much more. It's so… mysterious and- mm- dark." She said in his ear, and he looked at her, smirking, "Of course, you're interesting too, Aki, honey." She withdrew and he stared out the window again, realizing she had complimented him.

Eventually, they arrived at a farm- a few acres of planted foods and vegetables, a 2 story, rickety-looking farm house on their left, on the right, a rickety barn kept in good shape, on a long, gravel road, a metal shed, and as they traveled up the gravel, taking a slow turn to the right, to a brick house on a hill, snow fell from the sky as they parked in the garage. Orochimaru helped carry in the luggage, as she stood outside of the garage, everyone else inside the warm house, but he came back out to her. She was crouching, petting an old cat with mangled and gnarled fur, and Orochimaru crouched down too, next to her. "This is Ginger. For the longest time; she's always been here, through my childhood. She didn't have a name until me and my brother came up with one a few years ago, for her." She told him, Orochimaru watching quietly as the cat rubbed up against her and purred lovingly, as she touched it, "I used to think that this was love- when you'd leave, but always had someone or something to come back to. Someone who'd wait for you forever and remember you when you came back." Orochimaru looked a little sad and pat the cat on the head, Kat kissing him on the cheek, "But, I have you, so, I don't have to think like that anymore." She told him and Orochimaru smirked, taking her chin in the hand he hadn't touched the cat with, and kissed her hotly, leaving her breathless when he pulled back.

"I'll keep you warm in this cold weather." He told her reassuringly and she laughed, Ginger going to a small shelter, and she grabbed a towel and put it in the shelter with the cat, "Let's go inside- your Grandmother told me that she made a hot meal for us both before she came to get us." He stood up and helped her to her feet, pulling her into the house, and she closed the garage door and he refused to move as he watched it close, "No, I must watch this."

"Oh, Oreos." She purred and he looked away from the garage door, as it closed, Kat leaning against the door frame, giving him a seductive look, "Come over here, Big boy…" Orochimaru climbed the small steps into the house from the garage and she shut the door behind him, and he was told to take off the coats and jackets she had layered him with and he did so. He sat shyly on one of the stool chairs, and was handed a bowl of delicious smelling food, and went to eating as she slowly ate, chatting with them still, before getting back to her food and he gasped. Holy Shit, it was spicy! "G-Ma, it's a little too hot, spice wise."

"Oh? Well, I'll get it next time." Her grandmother promised as she handed Orochimaru a glass of milk, and he gulped it down, Kat looking away. Orochimaru offered up his bowl.

"May I bother you for seconds?" Her grandparents stared at him in astonishment, before his grandmother laughed and took his bowl to refill it, and her grandfather gave him a manly handshake- in which Orochimaru over exceeded her grandfather's test of manliness- and was welcomed warmly as a grandson-in-law. He smiled at Kat and she smiled back.

"We were just a little surprised that you could speak- sorry for our rudeness. You just haven't said a word ever since we picked you up." Her grandmother apologized, and he put some ice cubes in his bowl to reduce the temperature and spiciness, before eating some more, "You are just like my granddaughter- every time she comes here, she avoids conversation or says very little and just stares out the window. You're very alike." Orochimaru glanced at Kat and she blushed,

"G-Grandma…" Kat murmured, embarrassed, and Orochimaru smiled gently, "He's just- not good around new people. He'll warm up to you soon, I'm sure." She told her grandparents, and her grandmother smiled softly, as her grandfather went on about how he should help on the farm the next day.

"I haven't done much farm work, honestly." Orochimaru started, "I suppose I do have to earn my stay since I'm somewhat of a stranger. I'd be happy to help as much as I can." He smiled, and her grandmother laughed,

"Oh no, dear. You're our grandson-in-law; you don't have to earn your keep." Her grandmother assured him and Orochimaru shrugged, before her grandmother saw that she couldn't convince him and turned to Kat, "Could you convince him that he doesn't have to do anything to earn his keep?" Kat laughed and smiled,

"Oh, I can't really convince him of much. Aki is the type of guy who, once he has his mind set on something, he sticks to it. Right, Honey?" Kat said, asking Orochimaru the last part and he nodded. After dinner, the two went down to the basement and Orochimaru assisted in setting out some blankets for her to sleep on the old couch. Her Grandmother came down and looked at the two of them,

"What are you two doing?" She asked, confused, and Orochimaru paused, looking at her.

"Obaa-San?" He asked, and she laughed,

"I don't know what that means, but you can call me Bonnie and my husband is Mike. Now, you're not sleeping on the couch down here in this dingy old basement, are you?" Bonnie asked, and Kat nervously responded, "It makes me feel safe?" "No, no, no! You know that won't do! Now you two come up here and use the guest room, I don't want you two scrunched up on the old couch." Bonnie ordered and Kat sighed, collecting her things and they relocated to the guest room.

"It's a very nice room, Obaa- um- Bonnie." Orochimaru commented and she smiled before leaving them alone to unpack. "Hey- why did you want to sleep in the basement?"

"Force of habit I suppose. Every time I came here, my mom always got this room, and I don't like sharing the bed with my mom." She answered and unpacked, as did Orochimaru. When they were done, she looked at the clock, announced it was time for bed, vanished to take a shower, returned in a fresh pair of clothes, and lay down in bed after brushing her hair. Orochimaru left for the bathroom, noticing it hand two doors, aside from the closet in the room- one leading out, and the other, leading to her grandparents' room.

"Oh, Aki, I forgot to tell you," Bonnie said, popping her head in before he started the shower, "Our water comes from a ground well, so it's a different color but its still good." She informed him and left, allowing him to shut and lock the door after she taught him how to turn on the shower. He put the towel over the curtain rod and set the water on hot, watching light brown/ clear colored water come down from the shower head, the slight smell of rust in the air. He showered and dried off, going back to the guest room,

"I can see why you took such an abnormally short shower, Kat." Orochimaru told her and she smirked. Orochimaru slipped in bed next to her and pulling her close, taking out the piercings in his lips and setting them on the tall shelf over to her right. "Do you really think I'm determined?"

"You got me to marry you, didn't you?" She answered, and he kissed her neck,

"I suppose you're right. Oh, but don't tell me my charm had nothing to do with it." He smirked, and she scoffed,

"Your sense of stupidity astounds me. Don't you know you couldn't pick up a chick in a bar without a jutsu?" She answered bluntly and he smirked,

"Oh, that's so cold, Kat." Orochimaru told her, "Was that wolves howl in the distance?" He questioned and she 'mm-hm'd. "I'll protect you."

"I'd rather see how good my chances are with the wolf." Kat told him, wrapping herself up more in the sheets, and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

~O~ Next Morning ~O~

She stepped outside, stretching and yawning, before smiling. The air was cool and crisp aside from chilly. No cleaner air than country air. Kat turned around, grabbing a tray and readjusted her scarf, "Don't worry, I'll make sure to get it to him, Grandma." Kat assured her grandmother and shut the door, and leaving the house with the tray. She made her way down the old gravel road to the large metal shed where Orochimaru was already helping by moving hale bales from a large pile to the back of her grandfather's old, red, pick up truck. She knocked on the big, sliding metal door, and he paused, looking at her, panting, before standing up and wiping off sweat on the sleeve of a shirt he borrowed from her grandfather most likely. "You seem to be working hard." She said and he nodded, setting down the hay bale hooks and jumping down in front of her,

"It's a reasonable system with very little faults." He answered, panting from the labor, "The hay bales are put on the truck, sent to horse stables, fed to horses, horses help plow more hay, and the cycle repeats itself." He said and she smiled and nodded, offering him the tray, "What's this?"

"Breakfast. I was told you skipped out with out it. Sit down and take a break, Oro." She said and he sat down on a hay bale and she sat next to him, "You need nutrition too, honey." Orochimaru looked at her sheepishly and she kissed him passionately, before withdrawing. He stared at her and she blushed, "Sorry- Hard working men kinda turn me on."