Star's 100 Theme Challenge Pokemon Edition: Sometime Down the Road

Welcome to the Pokemon edition of the 100 themes challenge, first issued on DeviantArt about a year ago. I first started this idea with only wanting to do Super Smash Bros themes, but since my attention span wanders more than a Banette at night, I decided to divide the themes up into four different fandoms. This edition was born on August 14, 2009.

As of June 21, 2010, I've started to go back and edit the themes a bit, due to fanfiction being an ass and disabling my personal section divider, thus making everything looked badly mushed together.

This edition has seen the most changes. First it went from being only legendary pokemon pairings to including couples from the games and manga. Then it went from only having 25 themes to suddenly having 35. Next it needed a better name, because I thought the original one was too boring. I am extremely proud of how well these themes came out and I enjoyed writing all of them. This edition is my favourite one out of the four.

I hope you enjoy reading these themes as I enjoyed writing them. There are a LOT of never written couples and plenty of legendary shippings here. There's also a special gijinka story spanning three whole themes that I consider the best of this collection. Please read and be sure to drop a review, as I love knowing what my readers think! :)

Theme: 58. Kick in the Head
Pairing: DarkraixAzelf
Summary: "Even the giver of nightmares need to be given a good kick in the head, you idiot."
Rating: K Plus for Darkrai's foul mouth

"She loves you."

Darkrai looked at Cresselia in annoyance. "You're a liar and you're being annoying right now. She does not love me."

Cresselia smiled. "Oh, I can be annoying, but I'm telling the truth this time. Arceus's firstborn daughter loves you. Her brother is the emotion pokemon and he told me so. He KNOWS she loves you, even without his powers. It's so obvious, Darkrai. How can you NOT see it?"

Darkrai snarled. "Because...she's...come on, Cresselia, she's ARCEUS'S daughter. ARCEUS. The God of all pokemon! She's practically on top of the world with her siblings and her father. Why, in the name of the new moon, would she love ME?"

"Beats me," Cresselia shrugged. "You're argumentative, annoying, stubborn, dark, angsty, emo..." She laughed as Darkrai snarled at her again, flexing his claws. "Oh come on, Darkrai! You do have to admit you have these bad qualities! Honestly, I don't know why Azelf loves you, but she does and it's obvious and what are you going to do about it?"


Cresselia stared at Darkrai, searching for any signs of him joking. When she saw he was serious, she groaned in frustration. "You're an idiot."

"That makes two of us."

"No, I mean you're seriously an idiot. I should kick you in the head and reverse whatever brain damage you got."

"The only brain damage I get is from hanging around you," Darkrai snapped. "Azelf does not love me. And I do not need any kicking to know this. If she did hold feelings toward me, not only would she be damned, she would dream about it. And I've seen nothing in her nightmares that demonstrates this!" he added.

"Even the giver of nightmares needs a good kick in the head, you idiot," Cresselia retorted. "If you're so sure she doesn't love you, then go into her dreams tonight. Give her a nightmare concerning you. Then we'll see what happens tomorrow."

"Fine. If it will get you to shut up," Darkrai groaned. He didn't really want to give the little pixie goddess of willpower a nightmare, but Cresselia wouldn't leave him alone if he didn't. Hopefully Arceus wouldn't find out.

When night had fallen, Darkrai traveled to Lake Valor through the shadows. He stopped at the entrance to Valor Cave, which had surfaced after Team Galactic's attack. Azelf managed to spread rumors that she no longer lived there by using Double Team illusions in the grass near Giratina's home and further away. A risky move, but since Azelf did what she wanted, Darkrai had to credit her.

It was hard to reason with a little pixie who had a strong will.

Then Darkrai realized something. "If Cresselia thinks I'M stubborn, she should look again at Azelf!"

But there was no time to deal with him and his sister's petty arguments. The nightmare pokemon glanced into the cave and saw the willpower pokemon fast asleep. Darkrai's ice blue eyes began glowing until he found himself directly in Azelf's dreams. Not wasting any time, he began to work his dark powers until the bright colours of her dreams began to turn dark and evil looking. He placed a vision of himself directly in this nightmare and pulled himself out almost immediately.

When he was back in his body, Darkrai took one last look at Azelf. She was no longer sleeping peacefully. Instead, she was twitching, moaning with discontent and shivering.


"Of course. She's a psychic pokemon, so she would be afraid of the dark," Darkrai thought. Satisfied his job was done, he turned and left Valor Cave.

He never heard Azelf finish her sleep talking. "Darkrai...don't leave me..."

The next day, all the legendary pokemon had their usual gathering at the Hall of Origin. Darkrai noticed Cresselia was searching the heads of the pokemon gathered. He didn't need to be a knowledgeable pokemon like Uxie to know she was looking for Azelf.

"Azelf! Goodness, child, what are you crying about?" Arceus bellowed.

Darkrai felt his insides run cold and Cresselia quickly looked in Arceus's direction. Sure enough, Azelf looked utterly upset about something.

"I-I just had a bad dream last night, Father...nothing serious. It just scared me a bit."

Arceus looked at Darkrai with a murderous glint. Everyone knew Darkrai was the giver of bad dreams and nightmares. Using the first term didn't change the guilt.

"What was the bad dream about?" Mesprit asked his sister softly.

Azelf turned pink and shook her head quickly. "Um...n-nothing. Just someone important to me leaving me...forever. Like I said, nothing terrible." Mesprit also looked at Darkrai, but with a questioning look rather than anger. Darkrai quickly looked down at his claws.

Cresselia floated up beside him and nudged him. "See?" she whispered. "If she didn't love you, she wouldn't be acting so upset."

For once, Darkrai couldn't answer. He truly felt like he had been delivered a solid kick in the head.

"I'm sorry, Azelf."

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