Theme: 100. Relaxation
Pairing: RedxYellow
Summary: Let your worries go. Now breathe, release and just go with your emotions' flow.
Rating: K

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It had been six months since Red and Gold went up Mt. Silver to train their pokemon and hone their skills as battlers. But both boys had finally reached a limit. Gold was getting fed up of the constant fights and Red, although quite patient, wasn't sure if he could put up with Gold's moaning anymore. He began to complain about everything, from the cave they lived in to the lack of anything fun to do and even their inability to order a pizza. He even complained about not having any pretty girls to flirt with and Red mentally wished Crys was there to scold him and tell him not to be such a baby.

Finally, Red finally agreed they needed a break. Gold needed to get off the mountain and see both his mom and Crys again and Red needed to get away from Gold. He returned to Pallet Town and was happy to be greeted by the sight of home. His mom welcomed him back with warm hugs and the best tasting meal Red had in a long time.

"By the way, hun, a girl named Yellow has been calling here a lot," his mother said. "She's been looking for you."

"Hm? Oh, Yellow," Red said with his mouth full of bread. He swallowed and wiped the crumbs off his chin. "I'll give her a call soon."

"Who is she, Red?" his mother asked with a teasing smile.


"Just asking."

Red looked down. "She...actually, she's one of the nicest girls I've ever met. She's a little short but she's really brave. And just between you and me, Mom, she actually saved my life."


"Crud, I probably shouldn't have said that," Red thought. Now he had to tell his mother how he had been tricked by the Elite Four and frozen on Mt. Moon by Lorelei and the huge battle at Cerise Island that Yellow brought a stop to. His mother sat at the table with her mouth opened and her face looking very white. When Red finished his story, his mother let out a sigh of relief.

"I think we owe this girl a lot more than a phone call, Red...if it weren't for her, you might have suffered something a lot worse than frostbite."

"I know," Red replied.

"You might as well return her call anyway. See what she wants and see if there's something I can do to thank her. Perhaps we should invite her over for dinner one night."

"Good idea. I'll go call her now," Red said. He pushed his plate away and got up from the table. Pika smiled upon hearing Red was going to call the blond girl he got along with...and Chuchu too! Red grabbed his PokeGear and dialed Yellow's house number.

"Hello?" Yellow's timid voice came on the line.

"Hi, Yellow! It's Red!"

"Red!" Yellow's tone changed to overjoyed. "I'm so glad you're finally home! I've wanted to see you for a long time now!"

Red grinned sheepishly. It was nice to hear someone, other than his mom, was waiting for him. "I'm pretty glad to be home, actually. Hey, my mom said you've been calling here a lot. Is there a reason for that?"

Yellow hesitated before answering, "I just wasn't sure if you were back from Mt. Silver yet...I hope I didn't annoy your mom."

"Nah," Red replied. "But she was curious about you. Actually, I told her all about how you saved my life, Yellow. Now she wants to thank you by asking you over for dinner one night."

"Really? That sounds nice, but I don't want to impose..."

"It's not imposing, it's an invitation!" Red laughed. "Now that I'm back from Mt. Silver, I'm ready to relax and eat my mom's awesome cooking."

"That sounds nice," Yellow agreed. "Could we spend the day together? It's been a little lonely here in Viridian City, since Green keeps leaving his gym alone. Blue's too busy looking for her parents and I don't want to bother her."

"Sure," Red answered. "Might as well make most of our time together before I have to go back up the mountain and train Gold."

"Great! I'll come over soon!"

"See you then," Red said and hung up the phone. His mother smiled at how happy Red looked and Pika snickered.

"By the way, Red, I decided to do some cleaning up and I noticed a lot of your old things were still lying around. I've put them all in a box in the living room for you to sort out what you want and what you don't want anymore. Make sure to go through it before you head out again, alright?"

"Sure, Mom," Red said and relaxed on the couch. Pika jumped on his stomach and curled up happily.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Red's mother answered the door and smiled at the sight of the small blond girl with a Pikachu on her shoulder.

"Hello, dear. You must be Yellow. Come on inside," she said and moved aside for Yellow to enter.

"Thank you," Yellow said softly. Chuchu giggled and soon cheered when she saw Pika poke his head up above the couch.

"Pikachu! Pika pika!"

"Pika, knock it off!" Red's annoyed voice snapped.

"Red, Yellow's here," his mother said. Red's eyes flipped open and he jumped up from the couch. Yellow's eyes lit up at the sight of him and she moved forward and gave him a huge hug before he even had a chance to get off the couch. Red's mother uttered a small giggle and she winked at Red before vanishing into the next room.

"It's so good to see you again, Red!" Yellow chirped. Her eyes fell on the box on the living room floor and she wandered over to it. "What's this?"

"Oh...just some stuff my mom wants me to sort out. Nothing really-" Red paused as Yellow picked out an old VHS tape of some cartoons from the box.

"Oh gosh, I remember this cartoon! I loved it so much as a kid!" Yellow said with excitement. Red looked at the title and a wave of nostalgia washed over him as he recalled the cartoons he used to watch. The one Yellow was holding was a stick figure cartoon called Stickin' Around. "You're not going to get rid of this, are you? If you are, I'll take it! I still have a VCR and I love watching old tapes!"

"Actually, I haven't decided," Red chuckled. "I can't remember much of those cartoons or what's on that tape. All I know is I loved them too."

Yellow got up and looked at the living room's entertainment system. She noticed an old VCR sitting on the shelf and smiled. "How about we watch it and refresh both our memories?"

"Hmm...actually, that sounds like a good idea," Red replied. Somewhere inside of him, the child that didn't die grinned and he felt like reliving it. "I'll go make popcorn then!"

Yellow giggled. "That sounds good! I'll see if I can figure this out."

Ten minutes later, they were both sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn between them and their Pikachus on the armchair beside them. Soon they were both laughing and reciting lines from the cartoon and the Pikachus stared at them weirdly.

"For your big fat information, this is our imagination! Me and my friend Reddie! What we draw is what you see!" Yellow sang.

"Real mature, Yellow," Red teased playfully. "I don't know how to draw," he added.

"I can teach you," Yellow said. "Some people think it's very hard, but they don't know everyone has artistic talent. Here!" Yellow pulled her sketchpad out from her bag and flipped it to a blank page. "Watch me try to sketch out Pika and Chuchu there."

"Alright..." Red said and watched Yellow's fingers move the pencil with precision across the paper. Soon the forms of Pika and Chuchu started to appear on the paper. She even mirrored their expressions and Chuchu's little flower. It took her fifteen minutes to sketch them out and she showed it to Red.

"How's this?"

"You're a really good artist, Yellow," Red admitted. "I don't know if I'm that good."

"Aw, don't be so negative, Red! If all else fails, you can always draw stick figures, like in the cartoon," Yellow giggled.

"Nah. I'll leave the drawing to you."

"Okay," Yellow chirped. "Well now that the video's over, what should we do next?"

"How about fishing?" Red suggested. "My dad's got a fishing pole around here somewhere I can use. And you have your own, right?"

"Yup!" Yellow pointed to her bag, which had the folding fishing pole in it. "Is there a fishing place around here?"

"South of the town is route 21. That's where I met Poli," Red informed her. "It's a water route."

Yellow beamed. Red went to ask his mom where the fishing pole was and they were soon on their way out. The sun beat down warmly on them and Yellow decided to put on her old straw hat.

"You still have that old thing?"

"It's right here, isn't it?" was her answer. "I don't see myself getting rid of it, Red. It's got too many memories attached to it. I only have to look at it to remember the days I was working to rescue you with Green and Blue and also when we went to Ilex Forest." She suddenly laughed. "It was this hat that hid the fact I'm a girl from you, remember?"

"Oh yeah..." Red laughed sheepishly. "Boy did I feel stupid when you showed your ponytail that day Gold got suck in the shrine."

"It wasn't your fault. Blue made me hide my true gender. She said I couldn't use any feminine charms to gain an advantage and that I would probably be taken advantage of while I was trying to save you. I was only eleven at the time, so I believed her," Yellow said. They walked over to the fishing spot while still talking. "For a long time, I thought I would have to accept being a boy in front of you, until Gold made me take off my hat. I actually felt ashamed."

Red frowned. "But that wasn't your fault either, Yellow. You didn't have to be ashamed for what you did. I think it was all Blue's idea of a good joke."

" thought I was a boy the entire time. It must have been shocking to realize I was a girl," Yellow pointed out.

"Okay, just a little," Red admitted. They sat down on the shoreline and cast their lines out. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. What matters now is that you're a girl and I know the truth and we're still friends."

"Yeah!" Yellow smiled brightly at Red. Her rod began to tug and she quickly started to reel it in. "Whoa! I think I got something big!"

"Careful!" Red cautioned her. He watched her closely as she continued to reel in her line. She gave one last tug and pulled in a big Seaking. "Whoa! It's massive!"

"I know!" Yellow went over and gently pulled the line out from the Seaking's mouth. "Here you go, my free and happy!" The Seaking splashed around a bit before heading back out to the water.

"You don't try to catch them?" Red asked.

"Nah. I prefer fishing as a sport, not as a way of hunting," Yellow replied. "It's more relaxing this way and I don't care for completing the pokedex as much as you or Green or Crys do."

"I see..." Red's line started to tug and he quickly jerked his attention back to the water. "Hey, I got something!"

"Reel it in gently, Red!" Yellow urged. "You don't want to snap the line!"

Red tried but he was getting impatient and he decided to try tugging the line instead. The line suddenly stopped moving and both teens cringed.

"Uh oh...I hope the line didn't break," Red muttered.

"Better reel it in and see," Yellow said gently. Red did so and they were both astonished to see the hook still on the end.

"You mean it just got away?" Red said in shock. Yellow started to laugh, quietly at first, and then it got louder. "Man, I SUCK at this!"

"So why did you suggest it?" Yellow asked. Red mumbled something and the healer scrunched up her nose in confusion. "I didn't catch that, Red. Could you talk louder?"

"I knew it was something you do so I figured I could try it too," was the reply. "But I suck!"

"Aw, Red. Don't worry! It's only a sport! At least the line isn't snapped and you almost had it as well! Let's try again," Yellow said encouragingly. With her help, Red managed to get another bite on his line and reel it in all the way without snapping the line or losing the bite. The pokemon was just a Horsea but its cuteness was enough to make Yellow squeal with delight and Red feel like it was worth it. Under Yellow's guidance, they continued to fish, catching some pokemon and nearly snapping their lines. By late afternoon, both teens were tired, hungry but very content. They decided to head back to Red's and see what was for dinner.

The more time Red spent with Yellow, the more relaxed he felt. Training or working with Gold didn't cross his mind at all when he was with the healer. He felt carefree and happy with her and it wasn't because of their activities.

It was because it was Yellow.

Red concluded he had to take breaks more often and spend time with Yellow. He could really get used to it.




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