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Chapter 18- The New Emperor

Yugi slowly stood up, purely exhausted from his battle. 'Father was the second strongest in the kingdom, so I shouldn't be surprised that I'm tired after a fight with him. At least it's over now.' Yugi thought.

Yugi looked down at his lifeless father's body, and he couldn't bring himself to feel any remorse for the man.

Kenshin has angered too many people for anyone to truly mourn him properly. Only his true supporters would mourn his passing, mainly because they would lose their high standing as well as well as the massive wealth that they had accumulated due to Kenshin's ways.

"I don't believe it." Marik said, shocked.

"He really won." Seto added.

"All right! I knew that he would win in the end!" Joey said happily.

"No kidding! Yugi's not known as the most powerful in the kingdom for nothing!" Malik added.

Heba smiled. 'I knew that you could do it, brother. Father never stood a chance against you. He knew that as well. That's why he wanted you gone.' Heba thought.

"So, what happens now?" Atemu asked.

Before anyone answered, Heba noticed something.

"Guys, I think that there's something we need to do." Heba said.

Joey, Ryou, and Malik saw what Heba saw and knew that he was right.

"Stay put!" Joey ordered before the four ran forward.

The Egyptians were left wondering what had gotten into them.

Yugi, whose back was to what remained of his father's soldiers, hadn't realized that half of the men there, about ten men, were starting to attack him.

The sound of shouts and crashing caught Yugi's attention.

Yugi turned to find that Heba, Joey, Ryou, and Malik had attacked and stopped the ten attacking soldiers.

"Not a chance." Heba growled.

"Out of the way! He killed the emperor! He's a traitor to the Millennial Kingdom!" one of the soldiers, obviously the leader, said.

Yugi knew this soldier well. It was Kinomi, one of his father's most loyal, most trusted soldiers as well as one of the cruelest and most sadistic of the lot. "It's not murder, Kinomi. I challenged him to the Huang Day Ching. I was well within my right to do so. Everyone knows the end result. One lives, and one dies. There is no way around those rules." Yugi said.

"It doesn't matter!" Kinomi spat.

Kinomi didn't want to live under Yugi's rule because he knew that Yugi would rule differently than Kenshin had.

Yugi would not allow the cruelty and mistreatment of the people to continue. Yugi would put an end to it all. Yugi would change the laws that were unfair, and he would make sure that the people were now treated fairly.

"You obviously cheated in that battle! There is no way that someone like you could have defeated Emperor Kenshin!" Kinomi spat.

Joey started to say something, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

Yugi had known that this would happen, and he was more than prepared to deal with it himself. He stepped out in front of Kinomi and said, "Fine. If you have a problem with me, then deal with it. Fight me in a one-on-one battle. If anyone tries to help me, I automatically lose. If anyone tries to help you, you automatically lose." Yugi said.

"Why should I believe that?" Kinomi asked.

"Because I have never broken my word." Yugi said. The silent "unlike you" was heard by all.

"Fine. I agree. And I'll defeat you." Kinomi said.

Heba and the others stepped back, having no intention of interfering with Yugi's battle.

Kinomi's allies also backed off, not intending to help Kinomi, feeling certain that Kinomi would be fine.

"Is this such a good idea?" Aknaudin asked.

"I don't know, brother. We do not know Millennial ways that well. I do not understand the point of this." Aknankanon replied.

"Allow me to explain." Timaeous said.

The Egyptians turned to look at the knight.

"Many people here were completely loyal to Kenshin because he allowed the cruelty and mistreatment of the common people. People were attacked, whipped, burned, raped, and murder for absolutely no other reason than the enjoyment of those inflicting the pain. Under Prince Yugi's rule, that would al change. Also, Prince Yugi will not technically be the emperor until after the coronation ceremony. Many won't accept his rule until after the ceremony." Timaeous said.

"besides, Kinomi is one who was allowed to do what he pleased without having to answer to anyone for his actions. He doesn't want to lose that." Critias added.

"And Kinomi has never liked Prince Yugi. He loathes Prince Yugi for the fact that he is so different from his father. He wouldn't have a problem if Prince Yugi was like his father, but he is the polar opposite of his father." Hermos finished.

"So, this is about the fact that he doesn't like that prince Yugi would rule differently than his father?" Yami asked.

"Exactly." Timaeous said.

"What will happen to him when the battle is over?" Isis asked.

"This will be a battle to the death. Kinomi knows this." Critias said.

The Egyptians turned to look back at the battlefield, now understanding better why Kinomi made the choice that he did.

Yugi and Kinomi faced each other.

"Are there any rules, Emperor?" Kinomi asked snidely, wanting to insult Yugi.

"Same rules as the Huang Day Ching. No one interferes. That's it." Yugi said.

"Fine by me." Kinomi said, a bit angered that Yugi hadn't even reacted to his indult.

Kinomi charged forward at Yugi and brought his sword down at Yugi. Yugi jumped up out of the way and then brought his sword down at Kinomi. Kinomi held his sword horizontally to block the attack. The force of the strike rattled Kinomi slightly. Yugi then kicked Kinomi in the chest and sent him flying backwards into the wall. Kinomi got back up and charged at Yugi. Yugi ducked as the sword came at him and brought the hilt of his sword up into Kinomi's chin, throwing Kinomi's head back. Kinomi stumbled as Yugi charged forward. Yugi rammed his shoulder into Kinomi's stomach before he turned and kicked Kinomi hard in the chest. Kinomi went flying backwards, but he brought out his wings before flying up in the air. Yugi, whose wings were still out, also flew up.

Heba noticed that the other nine soldiers who had stood with Kinomi had brought his wings and were going to fly at him.

"They're going to interfere!" Heba said.

"They can't play fair!" Joey growled.

Before the four could do anything, the other ten soldiers who had not joined Kinomi charged forward and grabbed the soldiers who had sided with Kinomi.

"Release us!" one hissed.

"No." one of the opposing said. "Prince Yugi won the Huang Day Ching fairly. By right, he is the new emperor. You will not interfere in a battle you have no place in." the man said.

Heba and the others were shocked.

"I wonder why they're helping us." Malik said.

"I know why." Heba said.

"Why?" Ryou asked.

"Because they either helped Father only out of fear of him or to protect their families from him." Heba said.

"Maybe." Malik said, not convinced.

"We will watch them for the time being." Heba said.

The four then turned their attention back to the battle.

Kinomi flew at Yugi at top speed and brought his sword at Yugi. Yugi held his sword diagonally and blocked the strike. Kinomi brought his sword at Yugi several times, but Yugi matched him move for move, despite the fact that Yugi was injured from where Kenshin had stabbed him. Yugi blocked a strike before he rammed himself against Kinomi, knocking Kinomi backwards. Yugi brought his sword down at Kinomi so hard that Kinomi was thrown backwards to the ground. Yugi flew down at him and brought his sword at Kinomi. Kinomi managed to get his sword up in time to block Yugi's sword before he kicked Yugi right where Kenshin has stabbed him, throwing Yugi backwards. Yugi winced at the pain that radiated from the injury. Kinomi charged at Yugi and brought his sword down at Yugi. Yugi, however, had ignored the pain to block the attack.

"Just like my father." Yugi said.

"What do you mean?" Kinomi demanded through gritted teeth.

"Simple. You are underhanded and have to use dirty tricks to win. I don't." Yugi said.

Before Kenshin could react, Yugi had forced his back before he rammed his knee into Kinomi's stomach. Yugi then brought his fist up right into Kinomi's chin and threw Kinomi backwards onto the ground. Angered, Kinomi got up and charged right at Yugi, but Yugi blocked Kinomi's sword with his own. Yugi then threw Kinomi back before h wiped out his Sai and thrust forward, sending the blade of the Sai right into Kinomi's chest, through his heart.

"This is why I won. I'm the better fighter. I'm the better strategist. And I'm the one who doesn't fight dirty to win." Yugi said. He pulled the blade out from Kinomi, who fell down dead.

"nicely done, brother."

Yugi looked up to find Heba at him. He saw that the other soldiers had the remaining ones who had sided with Kinomi restrained. "Does anyone else wish to challenge me?" Yugi asked.

There was no response, not that Yugi had expected one.

"Sire." Timaeous said as he and the other Knights came over to him.

"Timaeous, take those that sided with Kinomi in this battle to the dungeons. I'll deal with them later." Yugi said.

Timaeous nodded and went to do as he was told.

"Critias. Hermos. It's time that the people know who won this day." Yugi said.

Critias and Hermos nodded and went to do as they were told.

"Yugi, let me heal you. I know that that injury has to be painful." Ryou said.

Yugi nodded.

Ryou placed a hand on the wound and immediately managed to heal it.

"How is that you could heal him entirely without help, but couldn't when it was Mahado and Heba?" Bakura asked as the Egyptians joined them.

"Because the injury wasn't life threatening. If they were, he would have needed extra help." Yugi answered.

"how did you know that?" Joey asked.

Ryou shook his head. "We're gone for eight months, and you forget everything that Yugi is capable of." Ryou said.

Joey shrugged.

"Joey, Yugi is more advanced in the healing magic than I am." Ryou said.

Heba then turned to Aknankanon. "Pharaoh, it might be a good idea for us to get back to Egypt. If people have noticed our absence, they may be thrown into a panic." Heba said.

"Hmm. A good idea. We will return, but you all stay. I know that you have questions for them." Aknankanon said.

Heba nodded.

Ryou opened a portal, and Aknankanon, Amara, Aknaudin, Isis, Karim, Shada, and Mahado left the Millennial Kingdom.

Atemu, Marik, Seto, Bakura, and Yami remained.

"What now?" Joey asked.

"Come on." Yugi said.

As they headed inside, Timaeous came to them. "They are all in the dungeons, sire. Should we hunt down those that supported him?" Timaeous asked.

"Yes." Yugi answered.

Timaeous nodded and left.

The sound of cheering reached the group.

"What is that?" Yami asked.

Yugi smiled and walked to a window with everyone else following. "That would be the rebellion cheering." Yugi said.

"I take it that those that do not look happy and are restrained were on Emperor Kenshin's side." Atemu said.

"Yes." Yugi said.

The group then walked into a large room.

"What is this?" Seto asked.

"It's used for extensive meetings. Much more comfortable than the throne room." Yugi answered.

Everyone sat down.

"I know that there's a lot that I need to explain." Yugi said.

"Start with why you're alive." Malik said.

"I feel loved." Yugi said sarcastically.

"He didn't mean it like that, Yugi." Heba said.

"I know, Heba. You see, Rafael is a part of the rebellion. He is also the man that Father approached about killing when he gained proof that I was a part of the rebellion. Rafael wouldn't have killed me, but he told me. That's when we got the idea to use it to our advantage." Yugi said.

"We?" Ryou asked.

"Yes, we." an older voice said.

The group looked to see that Solomon and Dartz were in the room.

Heba's eyes lit up. "Grandpa!" Heba exclaimed, jumping up and running over his grandfather, hugging him tightly.

Solomon chuckled. "Hello to you, too, my boy. It's good to see you." Solomon said.

"What happened? Where have you been?" Heba asked.

"Aiding the rebellion." Solomon answered.

"Well, we're not technically the rebellion anymore." Dartz said.

"Quite right, Lord Dartz." Yugi said.

"No need for the formalities after all we have been through together." Dartz said.

Atemu and the other Egyptians looked confused.

"I believe that proper introductions are in order. This is my grandfather, Solomon, the former Emperor of the Millennial Kingdom." Yugi said. He then turned to Dartz and said, "This is Lord Dartz, a nobleman who sided with those that opposed my father."

"I was glad to help end his tyranny." Dartz answered.

Everyone sat back down.

"So, you guys have spent a lot of time planning all this." Seto said.

"Yes, we have. I would also like to apologize to all of you for the trouble that my father caused you." Yugi said.

"You have no need to apologize. You couldn't have controlled what happened." Yami said.

"Yugi, do you know everything that happened while we were in Egypt?" Heba asked.

"Yes. I know about the attacks that Father made against Egypt, even thought he twisted things to make it look like we did it." Yugi said.

"Even the plane incident?" Joey asked.

"Yes. I knew that you guys could handle it, and you did." Yugi said.

"Wow. That's amazing." Heba said.

"Anything else that you want to know?" Yugi asked.

"Is everything here going to settle down?" Bakura asked.

"Bakura!" Atemu growled.

"What? I want to know." Bakura said.

"It's all right. Things will settle down. There will be unrest, of course. That happens with any major power change. Once I assert my rule, things will be fine." Yugi said.

"When will the coronation ceremony be?" Heba asked.

"Within a few days. The sooner it takes place, the better." Yugi answered.

The group nodded.

Knowing that there was a lot Yugi needed to do, the group from Egypt decided to leave. Yugi opened a portal for them to leave from.

Joey, Malik, and Ryou all said their goodbyes to Yugi before leaving with their husbands.

Heba now had to say his goodbye to Yugi.

Atemu stood off to the side with Yami to give the brothers some privacy.

"I have to say that I'm glad to see you alive, Yugi, but I wish that I didn't have to leave so soon." Heba said.

"I know, Heba. You don't have to worry about anything. I'll be fine. Your place is in Egypt now." Yugi said. He smiled and said, "I told you that everything would work out."

"I know, and it did. Let me know when the coronation will be so that I can be here." Heba said.

Yugi nodded. "I will." Yugi said.

Heba nodded and then left through the portal with Atemu and Yami.

Yugi smiled. 'He's in good hands. I'm glad that Heba found love in his marriage. I can tell that he loved Prince Atemu and Prince Atemu loves him.' Yugi thought.


Yugi turned to face Timaeous, Critias, and Hermos. "Yes?" Yugi asked.

"All supporters have been captured, and the people would like to hear form you." Timaeous said.

Yugi nodded. "What happened with all the dead bodies?" Yugi asked.

"They will be disposed of soon." Timaeous said.

"Despite the fact that he was cruel and evil, my father will still be given a proper burial. He died the Emperor, after all." Yugi said.

"Of course, sire. It is only right." Timaeous said.

When Atemu, Heba, and the others returned, they found Aknankanon and the rest of the court in the meeting room.

"How did things go?" Aknankanon asked.

"Fine. They went through a lot. I have to say that." Yami said.

"Indeed. Perhaps Prince Yugi will be a better ruler." Aknaudin said.

"I'm sure that he will." Ryou said.

"Does it bother you, Heba?" Marik asked.

Heba blinked. "Does what bother me?" Heba asked.

"You lost your chance at the Millennial throne. Don't you feel cheated?" Marik asked.

Not only Heba, but Ryou, Malik, and Joey all burst out laughing as well.

"What's so funny?" Seto demanded.

"Marik, I wasn't cheated period. I never had a claim." Heba said.

"What do you mean?" Amara asked.

"In your kingdom, when twin sons are born as the first, I know that a competition takes place, and the winner will be the new king, right?" Heba asked.

"Yes." Aknankanon answered.

"Well, in the Millennial Kingdom, when twin sons are born, the Emperor merely chooses the one that will be the Emperor. There is never a choice. When Yugi and I were born, my father chose Yugi. Yugi was always the destined Emperor." Heba said.

"It's odd, but it makes a bit of sense." Isis said.

"What will happen now?" Shada asked.

"Yugi will take over. His coronation will be soon." Heba said.

The Egyptians all hoped that Yugi would be a better ruler than Kenshin had been.

Yugi had gone to the main balcony at the throne room that overlooked the kingdom.

All of the people were gathered there, waiting to hear what Yugi would say.

"My people, we have been victorious this day! My father, Kenshin, has been defeated in the Huang Day Ching!" Yugi said.

The people started to cheer and shout.

Yugi waited until the cheering died down to continue. "We have waited and fought long and hard for this day, but the tyrant is dead, and we have arisen victorious! A new age for our kingdom has begun!" Yugi said.

The crowd cheered once more, happily.

Yugi smiled. "The coronation ceremony will be in two days! After that, I will assume the role of Emperor, and together, we will rebuild the Millennial Kingdom into the great kingdom it once was! The Millennial Kingdom will be restored to its former glory, and we will be a great and powerful kingdom once more! A united kingdom!" Yugi said.

The people started to cheer wildly.

Dartz, Solomon, Valon, Rafael, and Alister were standing at the back, smiling at the words of their new ruler.

Timaeous, Critias, and Hermos were not far from their new sovereign, ready to act should anyone endanger his life.

Yugi smiled. 'I will restore the kingdom, and I will make sure that things are as they once were." Yugi thought.

~Coronation Day~

The day of the coronation had come.

Yugi was getting ready for this. He was dressed in a pair of white pants with a white shirt on with a white chest plate on his front. He wore a pair of black boots that reached his knees. He had on a medallion with the symbols of water, earth, wind, lightening, and fire around his neck. There were several rings on his fingers. He also wore a ring around his head that had a ruby jewel in the center of his forehead. He also wore a white cape.

"You look great."

Yugi turned to face his brother. "Thanks, Heba. I appreciate you coming out to stay for a few days to help with the preparations." Yugi said.

"Any time. I'm just glad that you were willing to put up with my husband." Heba said.

Yugi laughed. "he's family now." Yugi said.

"I know. You're going to make a great king, Yugi." Heba said.

Yugi nodded. "Thanks. There's a lot of damage that I have to fix in the coming days." Yugi said.

"I know, and I know that you're going to manage to do it." Heba said.

"Thanks." Yugi said.

The ceremony had begun.

There were nobles, dignitaries, and guests from various kingdoms on Earth to witness the crowing of the new king. Many were happy to see this since what they had heard about Yugi had been nothing but things that pointed to a good and better ruler.

Aknankanon, Amara, and Yami were there as the representatives for Egypt. Seto, Marik, an Bakura were there because they came along with their husbands to see this.

Ryou, Joey, and Malik wanted to see Yugi crowned badly, and since they were Millennials, Aknankanon felt that they had every right to be there.

Yugi walked down through the throne room toward the throne, where Solomon and Dartz were.

Once at the throne, Yugi stood in front of Dartz.

"Prince Yugi, do you, as king, swear to uphold the laws and principles that are written? Do you swear to look out of the goodwill of the people and act in their best interest? Do you swear to not abuse your power for any reason?" Dartz asked.

"All these things I swear to do." Yugi answered.

Dartz then lifted the crown that was a two-ringed ring with a diamond in the center in the shape of an oval, from the cushion. "Then you will be the new emperor of the Millennial Kingdom." Dartz said, placing the ring on Yugi in place of the old one.

Yugi then turned to face the guests.

"I present to you, Emperor Yugi, the new king of Millennial Kingdom." Dartz said.

The people cheered for him.

Yugi hid a smile. He was going to do everything he could to be a good ruler.

Timaeous, Critias, and Hermos then walked forward and kneeled before Yugi.

"Emperor Yugi, we, the Legendary Knights of the Millennial Kingdom, swear our undivided loyalty to you. We will act and follow your commands to the end." the three knights said.

"Rise." Yugi said.

The three got to their feet before they moved behind Yugi.

"I swear before everyone here to uphold all that I have promised to do. I will rule things kingdom in the best way possible. I will be the best ruler I can be." Yugi said.

Everyone clapped for that.

Yugi's eyes met Heba, who smiled at him.

A tyrant had been defeated, and new age for the Millennial Kingdom was just beginning.

The age of the rule of Yugi, Emperor of the Millennial Kingdom.

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