By Torina Archelda

A response to the SeverusSighs fluff challenge from WhiteCotton. The challenge prompt is the first line of this fic. Thanks to snow for the beta!


Severus threw himself into his armchair with a heartfelt sigh. "Well," he said to his likewise tired companion, "that could have gone worse. Just wish I knew how."

Harry collapsed onto his lap, releasing an exhausted sigh of his own. "Mhm," he replied, burying his head in the crook of Severus' neck and pressing a kiss there. "It could have started raining something much messier than gumballs?"

Severus snorted and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, pulling him closer. "I suppose the look on Fudge's face as he tripped and fell to the floor was amusing."

Harry laughed. "That wasn't my intent, honestly- not that I'm going to say I didn't enjoy watching it." The grin fell off his face a moment later, though. "I just wanted that Skeeter cow to get her paws off of you. I was so angry. She had no right-"

"No, Harry," Severus interrupted, lifting Harry's chin so their eyes met. "She didn't. I am yours and you are mine, remember?" Inches from Harry's face, the gold of his wedding band glinted in the firelight. "I'm not going anywhere, I assure you. As unpleasant as it was to have her poke and prod at me, it was not an event that necessitated seemingly divine intervention."

Harry dropped his gaze, his smile half sheepish and half amused and his heart full of relief. Severus' hand moved from his chin to his cheek, and Harry leaned into the touch. "I suppose I shouldn't need to hear that so badly any longer, should I?" His tone held both regret and apology, and Severus shook his head.

"Nonsense. There is nothing strange in needing reassurance." His lips quirked into a small smirk. "And I'm certainly not going to complain about anything that provides an excuse to absent ourselves from a ministry function ahead of schedule." His hands framing Harry's face, he leaned down to steal a kiss. "I love you, Harry," he said plainly. "That will never change. And honestly, if I were going to leave you don't you think I'd have better taste than that shrew of a woman?"

Harry laughed and shoved him gently. "Git," he told him. But he was smiling. "I love you, Severus."

"I know, Harry," Severus replied, unable to keep the hint of awe and amazement he still felt at that fact from showing in his voice. "I know."