Summary- Isabella Swan has been married to her husband Edward Cullen for 6 years. She has had to deal with his infidelity throughout there marriage. Sick and tired of it she asks for a divorce not before getting into a near fatal accident. Now watch as they try to rebuild there life and fix there marriage.

"The heart of a cheater
is empty and hollow" - Unknown

"Happy Anniversary," Our family said, as Edward and I walked on to the stage.

All there smiling faces made me feel like the most pathetic person on the planet. Here I am walking on stage with my husband pretending that we have a happy marriage, well we don't. The last three years have been a nightmare for me. Every time I look at Edward's face I feel like I'm going to be sick. He's been cheating on me for three years, i haven't been clueless about his infidelity, I know. At first i tried ignore it it, turn the blind eye but after a while i just couldn't. I tried everything, different things in order to make our sex life exciting, marriage counseling, and I even started to give him oral even though i hate it but, he still didn't stop. I've asked him plenty of times is it me he just looks at me and walks out of the room. I know Edward has a girlfriend, I even know her name Tanya Denali. She is Edward's receptionist. I thought it was the most exciting thing in the world when my husband opened up his private clinic but, i can see now that's when our troubles began. Edward doesn't even try to hide that he's cheating on me anymore. Whenever Tanya calls his cellphone he just walks out of the room, even if where in the middle of a conversation. I want to leave him so badly but i love him, I'm a damn fool for still caring but i do. I know he sleeps at her house when he says hes always on call, i know because i went down there and they told me Dr. Cullen hasn't been there all day. I knew, but i didn't want to believe. Now here we are a supposed 6 years of marital bliss nothing but lies.

"Thanks everyone," Edward smiled as he pulls me to his side. "Bella and I would like to thank everyone who came here tonight to celebrate will us".

"Speech" Emmett called out. God please don't tell me his brother is drunk again.

Everyone else began to murmur there agreement. When Tanya walked in. She scanned the room quickly finding Edward on stage and began to smile. I watched as Edward looked at me then at her and he leaned close and whispered in my ear.

"Bella you can give the speech right, I'll be back" He attempted to kiss me on the cheek but i moved away.

Edward walked off the stage leaving me to explain to everyone where he was going. Evey one my husband is about to go have sex with his mistress in one of the bathrooms, Cheers.

"Sorry, Edward had to use the bathroom apparently he couldn't hold it". I laughed.

Everyone laughed at my joke, I watched Edward kiss her on lips and walk to the bathrooms. The only people to follow my line of vision was my sister Alice and my cousin Rosalie. Everyone else was oblivious to what was going on around them.

"Everyone thank you, its been 6 wonderful years of marriage. I could not have asked for a better husband. We fight just like every other couple but when those really tough days come along we remember the love we have for each other and it helps us get through, again thank you for coming to celebrate with us, god bless".

I quickly got off the stage and made it through the crowd with out a problem. I reached the bar when Alice grabbed my arm.

"Bella why are you wearing black, second why did you let your husband walk off with some chick" Alice questioned.

"What was she supposed to do Alice, make a scene ?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes, Bella you and Edward love each other fight for it" Alice persuaded.

"First off to answer you first question. I wore black cause it seemed appropriate, second i'm not making a scene and embarrassing myself, and third i'm asking for a divorce"

"What!" the said in unison.

"Look I'll call you guys tonight I'm leaving".

I gave my sister and my cousin as i walked to the bathroom. I heard moaning and Edward grunting calling out Tanya's name. I sighed. I walked over to the bathroom stall and knocked on the door.

"Edward, I'm ready to go home".

I heard them grumble and wrestle to get them sleeves together. Next thing I knew a pair of keys were being thrown over the bathroom stall.

"Then go home" he said as he and Tanya continued there previous activities.

I picked up the keys and i drove home. All the while i was thinking "this is it" I'm finally going to leave. I can't keep putting myself through this, I'm only human. Edward and I used to be happy, we used to even be in love. Now we hate each other and I can't keep doing this to myself. If i love myself i need to have the self respect to walk away. Edward has kept me down for too long. It was his dreams i followed, tried to build on. We were always supposed to be together "Till death do us part" but i can't die hating myself for never having the strength to walk away.

I walked into the house, took a shower and began to pack my cloths. This time i was going to do it, i was really going to leave. I wasn't going to pretend anymore. I needed to do this for me, only for me. I grabbed all my belongings and began to load them into my car. I went to the garage and grabbed the boxes that where in there and began to pack my pictures. An hour later and I was almost finished Edward decided he want to make and appearance.

"This again" he mumbled throwing his suit jacket on the couch.

"Nope, I'm leaving for real this time" I said quietly. I don't care if he hears me or not I"m out.

Edward raised an eyebrow "Really act one Bella leaves and packs a bag, act two Bella asks for a divorce , act three Bella comes back home and we do it".

"Look around you Edward, for real this time I'm gone." I said as i loaded the last box into my car.

I walked back inside to see Edward's face twisted with a flurry of emotions. Rage, anger, humiliation, hurt. Now that one i was shocked not that i cared.

"Where the hell are you going" he yelled.

" I'm leaving" i said.

"What about your vows, till death do us part" he spat.

"What about to love and to honor. You neither love nor honor me Edward you couldn't even wait till we got home" I screamed.

"Your not leaving me" he said .

"Watch me" I spat as i walked out the door.

I don't know what Edward broke but it made a loud boom as it hit the floor "BELLA" He screamed.

I didn't look back i got into my car and drove away. I watched through my review mirror as Edward yelled and screamed for me to come back. I was so happy to finally be away from Edward that I didn't see that the light turned red. The next thing i knew my car was hit and everything faded to black.

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