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Oh no, no, no, no, no no no nononono.

"And here's the book you left in my car…" Another book dropped onto Reid's desk, as the rest of the team watched shamelessly in their fascination of his public humiliation.

"And here are the books you left on my couch…" Another three books fell onto Reid's desk. For his part, all Reid could do was to stare at his irate ex-boyfriend, wide-eyed, open-mouthed and stunned. Shawn dug into the backpack he was holding, and withdrew another small stack of books. "And here are the books you left in my bedroom." The books fell on top of the stack with several dull thuds, and then Shawn slung the backpack over his shoulder, folding his arms across his chest and glaring at Reid. Gaping, in a fashion similar to an out-of-water fish, Reid could only continue staring at Shawn, shocked and dismayed that he would go so far as to come to Reid's workplace and do this, knowing full-well that Reid wasn't ready to come out to his team. Maybe Reid could just play it off as a pissed-off friend…

"And, just so you know, I fully plan on going out tonight, hooking up with someone a little more attentive in bed, and forgetting about you completely, Spencer."

If Reid's eyes could have gotten any wider, they would have. When Reid still didn't say anything, tongue-tied, and frozen in horror, Shawn took a deep breath, and turned, walking out of the bullpen. Reid watched him go, clutching a closed case file to his chest, face still frozen in horror. Once Shawn was out of sight, and the bullpen door was closed, Prentiss' voice cut through the awkward silence that hung in the air.

"God, you really pissed him off, Reid…"

Reid snapped his head in Prentiss' direction, so fast his neck popped. "No, really?!" he squeaked, the first noise he'd made since Shawn had stormed into the room. The silence resettled, only interrupted as Reid's forehead hit his desk with a sharp thunk. Then, brisk footsteps echoed throughout the bullpen, followed by quick, sharp knocks to the door to Hotch's office. Reid tilted his head to the side, leaving the side of his face against the desk, and watched as Hotch answered his door, looking at Rossi with a confused expression.

"Dave, I was in the middle of something-"

"Reid's gay, you owe me twenty bucks."

"Reid's gay?" Morgan echoed from the bullpen, still sounding shocked from the scene. Hotch stepped out of his office slightly, staring into the bullpen, his eyebrows knitting together as he took in the sight of his team, all frozen in place in an awkward silence.

Rossi cleared his throat, folding his arms across his chest. "I'll tell you about it later, Aaron, now, if you would…" Reluctantly, Hotch pulled out his wallet, and handed a bill to Rossi.

With an indignant, uncharacteristic groan, Reid pushed away from his desk, and got up, heading out of the bullpen. Suddenly JJ, who had been standing and watching horrified by her office door, sprung to action, following Reid, sending an angry glare over her shoulder at the rest of her team members as she headed out.

Walking briskly to keep up with Reid, JJ caught him on his way out of the building in the foyer. "Spence, slow down, please…" Reid slowed to a stop, just outside the building, staring down at the cement sidewalk.

"I can't say that's the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me, but it's high on the list," Reid muttered, squaring his shoulders and folding his arms across his chest. JJ reached up and put a hand on Reid's shoulder.

"Why didn't you just tell us? We don't care if you're gay, Spence."

Reid rolled his eyes, looking out at the street to avoid JJ's gaze. "I just didn't want anyone to know, okay? Morgan already teases me for being a little…effeminate. He calls me Pretty Boy, for god's sake! Do you know how emasculating that is? Being the geeky gay kid in college sucked…I don't want to be the geeky gay FBI agent. And, I know about the rumors the other units have about me, I'm not…I'm not stupid." His voice cracked slightly, and he swallowed as he ran his fingers through his hair, still not looking at JJ.

"Spence, we don't…wait, what rumors?"

Reid raised his eyebrows and finally looked at JJ, a bitter smile pressed into his lips. "You really don't know?" JJ shook her head, frowning, so Reid stuck his hands into his pockets, and started to look around, as if the street and surrounding area had suddenly becoming immensely interesting. "JJ, they let me in under special circumstances, I was younger than what was usually allowed, and I don't really scream 'field agent.' I've been called a 'pipe cleaner with eyes' on more than one occasion. A lot of the other agents don't understand the circumstances that got me into the Bureau, especially those who had been looking for a spot on the BAU. So, they made up their own reasons why I got in."

"Like….but no, you didn't…they let you in because you're a genius, not because…"

"You don't need to tell me that." Reid took in a deep breath, before letting it out in a slow sigh. "You'd better head back into the office. I'll be back in, I just need to take a walk first."

JJ nodded, and walked slowly back into the building, taking the elevator up to the correct floor, before heading into the bullpen. Hotch and Rossi were holed up in Hotch's office, and the rest were sitting around Prentiss' desk, including Garcia, who was staring confusedly at Prentiss.

"Reid's not gay, he's just a little…different…" Garcia started, glancing at Morgan as if asking him to confirm her statement. Morgan just shook his head, running his hand over his scalp.

"Sorry, Baby Girl. I wouldn't believe it either, if I hadn't been here…" Just then JJ walked up to them, her lips tight as her arms folded across her chest, almost defensively.

"Hey, JJ, tell Garcia we're not lying, because she doesn't believe us," Morgan said, waving his hand at Garcia. He obviously hadn't caught JJ's hostile posture and expression.

"This isn't funny, Morgan," she said, her voice cooling over.

"I'm not making fun of him," Morgan chuckled, putting his hands up in a defensive posture. "I'm just letting Garcia know that our little genius is a little…you know, bent." As Morgan spoke, the door to the bullpen snapped closed, and Reid walked in, ignoring the looks he got as he sat down at his desk. Morgan smiled, flashing his white teeth. "Hey, Pretty Boy." Reid ignored him, piling the books his ex had left him into a neat pile on the corner of his desk.

"What do you want, Morgan?" Reid asked, his voice dry as he pulled his chair up to his desk, starting up his computer.

"Nothin', just saying hi," Morgan answered, sounding a little put-off. Reid didn't answer, staring studiously at his computer screen. Morgan and Prentiss got the message, and left him alone, going back to work. JJ paused, but then left, going into her office. Reid refused to look up throughout the rest of the work day, staying focused on his files and computer screen. When no cases came, and it was finally time to go, Reid let out a heavy sigh of relief, grabbing the books and a couple files, and shoving them into his bag before heading out, not looking back as he made his way out of the bullpen.

He walked to the subway, and then got onto the train, taking his seat silently, pulling out one of the books, and opening it as the train started to move. The trip passed in a haze, and Reid could hardly remember what he had read as he got off, walking up the concrete steps and out onto the street. He made it into his apartment, and turned on the lights. A quick, precautionary glance around revealed that the apartment was empty, so he turned, and shut and locked the door, toeing off his shoes. He walked into the tiny living room, dropping his bag down onto the cluttered tea-table.

Reid then walked over to his phone, and began listening to the messages on the answering machine. Two were from colleges, offering him a job, and the third was from Austin, the girl he'd met in Atlanta. He smiled a little as Austin chattered along, asking him to call her back when he got the time, and tell her how he was doing. After the case in Atlanta had wrapped up, and he'd gotten home, Reid had made the dreaded phone call to make up some excuse why they would never work. Instead he had ended up telling Austin that he was gay, and she had been remarkably understanding, and they had even managed to become friends and keep in touch.

Once he finished listening to her message, Reid went to the bathroom and got undressed, pulling off his tie before yanking his sweater-vest and button up shirt off over his head at the same time. He then took a quick shower, trying to decide what he would do with the rest of his day off. As he began to dry off, Reid decided that being forcibly outed to his team by his ex-boyfriend was a good enough excuse to spend the rest of the evening relaxing, barring the possibility of getting called in for a case. He put on the pair of comfortable black silk pajamas Austin had sent him for his birthday before heading out into the living room.

Reid turned on the tv, and was delighted to find an old rerun of "Lost In Space" on. He went to the tiny kitchen that was adjacent to his tinier living room, and got out the half gallon of vanilla ice cream that he'd bought before heading out on the last case. He got a spoon, and then sat down on his scratchy old purple couch. As the show started, Reid pulled off the top of the ice cream, and then grabbed the blankets that were bunched up at the end of the couch, and curled up in the blankets, digging into the ice cream.

As the show ran on, Reid giggled helplessly at B-9, and occasionally muttered angrily at the scientific mistakes, and nearly forgot why he was eating ice cream and watching a science fiction, until a knock sounded at his door. He let out a small groan, and got up, carrying his slightly-melted treat with him.

Reid checked the peephole, and frowned at the figure on the other side of the door. Hotch was staring at a spot on the wall in the hallway, and as the door opened, he looked over at Reid. Reid felt his face heat up as Hotch looked him up and down, his eyebrows twitching upward before he finally met Reid's gaze. Suddenly silk pajamas didn't seem like such a good idea.

"Uh…Hotch…what are….what are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to make sure you're okay." Hotch looked genuinely concerned, but Reid knew he wanted to come in and talk, but he stayed in the doorway, barring Hotch from entering. He hadn't exactly overlooked the fact that Hotch and Rossi had made a bet regarding his sexual orientation, which was, to be frank, just a little weird, in Reid's opinion.

"I'm fine," Reid answered, a slight sarcastic tone edging its way into his voice. "I find it extremely amusing that my ex unexpectedly outed me to my team, and that you and Rossi had an ongoing bet on whether or not I'm some sort of fag. Oh, and sorry to let you down about that," as Reid spoke, his tone became more and more clipped and sarcastic, a tight, bitter smile forming on his lips. "But Rossi was right, I'm gay. Sorry about the twenty bucks. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to get back to what I was doing." As Reid slammed the door closed, he locked it once more, vaguely aware that he probably shouldn't have treated his boss so disrespectfully. Ignoring the little voice in his head that was rambling on about how he shouldn't piss of his boss, Reid sat back down on the couch, forcing himself to pay attention to the show once more. However, ten minutes later, he was interrupted by a knock at his door once again.

With a sigh, Reid got to his feet, going to the kitchen to put the ice cream away (it was nearly all the way melted at this point, and he knew he might as well just throw it away, refrozen ice cream really wasn't all that good) and then he answered the door, frowning as he was once again presented with the sight of Hotch at his doorstep. "What now, Hotch?" Reid asked, exasperated.

"I didn't drive all the way out here to Stafford just so you could shut the door on my face, Reid, so let me in" Hotch answered, shortly, sounding just as exasperated as Reid. Grudgingly, Reid moved out of the way, letting Hotch enter the tidy apartment. Reid closed the door, and turned, leaning against it, watching as Hotch stepped into the middle of the room, glancing around, as if eyeing a crime scene. Reid cleared his throat loudly, just to let Hotch know he wasn't comfortable with Hotch profiling his home. Hotch turned to face Reid.

"Well?" Reid asked impatiently. Hotch waited for a moment, before speaking.

"Rossi told me about what your…ex-boyfriend did," Hotch began, speaking in a slow, measured tone.

"And…?" Reid prompted, wishing Hotch would just get to the point.

"And, I just want you to know that, if you need some time, you can take some time off…"

Reid's eyebrows flew upwards briefly, and his lips parted in surprise. "Hotch, I don't need a break from work…" Reid suddenly couldn't look Hotch in the eye, his gaze darting haphazardly around the apartment, his breath speeding up slightly as he stuck his hands into the pockets of his pajama bottoms, anger starting to cloud his mind, and he looked back at Hotch, meeting his gaze. "If you really think something this stupid is enough to make me crack, maybe you should take me off the team, because if I can't handle a simple break-up, I really shouldn't be able to handle the cases we work on." Reid tried to keep his voice down, but only managed to keep a steady tone as the volume increased.

Hotch looked slightly surprised, and simply stared at Reid for a moment. If he hadn't been so angry, Reid probably would have run to get his camera out of the bedroom to take a picture of Hotch's shocked expression so he could show it to Morgan and Prentiss. "I wasn't implying that-" Hotch began, sounding too formal and professional for Reid's taste. Why couldn't he have been professional in regards to Reid's sexuality? Why had he been talking about it with Rossi in the first place?

"If my ability to work isn't under question, then I'd really like to get to enjoying my night." Hotch nodded, and Reid moved away from the door, unlocking and opening it, motioning for Hotch to leave. Hotch walked out, and Reid closed the door behind him, locking it once more. He slumped back onto the couch, curling up and promptly falling asleep.


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