- One Month Later -

The silent peacefulness of nighttime was rare since the addition of the new Lawson to the guest house.

And tonight was no different.

The cry of a baby amplified through the guest house, and through by the baby monitor that was resting on the nightstand next to the bed.

Divya groaned softly lifting her heavy head off of the pillow and glanced at the alarm clock across from her. It was only 1:45 in the morning. Groaning again Divya rested her head back down on her pillow and sighed.

The baby's cries continued and when Evan made no move to get up, she sighed softly.


Pushing the blankets off her body she slowly sat up in the bed, stretching her arms above her head and yawning before rising to her feet. Before Divya would had needed a light to navigate the darken room but the early morning wakeup call had become such a common thing that she knew how to get around without a light.

Walking down the hallway to the room just one door over she pushed open the slightly ajar door and entered. The room was dark, but the baby's crib against the window was illuminated by the moon shining through it.

"Hey baby." She whispered softly walking over to the crib and rubbing the baby's back softly. "What's a matter?"

The baby's cries were soothed as the touch of his mother calmed him. Smiling softly Divya smiled and reached to pick up her child in her arm. Scooping up Taran and the blanket in her arms she lifted the child out of the bed.

A soft clatter was heard and suddenly she noticed that an object had fallen out of the blanket that the baby was wrapped in. Confused she bent down and picket up a small box that was resting on the floor.

"What is this?"

Adjusting the baby in her arms she bent down and picked up the box. Examining the box she pushed the lid open and noticed a small piece of paper sitting in the inside.

She rested the box inside the crib and unfolded the piece of paper and identified Evan's scribbled handwriting. The words instantly brought tears to her eyes.

"Mommy, will you marry Daddy? Please?"

Divya turned around towards the doorway and noticed Evan standing there with a smile on his face and his hands clasp together in front of him.


"Divya, in the short time I've know you you've become so much in my life, you're the partner in our business, the mother of my child, and the love of my life. I almost lost you, and by gaining you again I realized how much I don't want to lose you again. Please, will you," Evan knelt to the ground before Divya and the child in her arms, Divya was already crying now and shaking as Evan took her hand. "Will you marry me?"

Divya let out a sob as he slid a ring on her finger. "Yes Evan, yes I will."

So yeah, I'm back, I know I said the story was over, but I felt like there was something left hanging at the end and I wanted to continue it but wasn't sure how. But yesterday after watching an episode of Bridezilla's the idea came to me almost instantly and I had to write this little piece to finish the story off. So enjoy! :)