Roy walked into the cave, and wasn't surprised to find Dick sitting at the computer. "Hey, I was just in the neighborhood, and thought I'd see what you were up to."

Dick stopped in his typing, and turned to face Roy as he shook his head. "Roy, this is Gotham…no one is ever JUST in the neighborhood."

Roy smiled as he held up his hands in a defensive manner. "Alright, alright, so you caught me. Lian is having a sleep over with some of her friends, and Dinah insisted on watching the girls, so I was told to go have some 'me' time, and was promptly sent away."

Dick leaned back in his chair slightly. "And that led to you being here because?"

Roy shrugged as he walked over and sat on the desk. "I was bored, and you're always fun to annoy."

Dick smiled at Roy's response. "Of course I am. Well, sorry, but I'm a little busy here, so…"

"What are you doing here?" Dick and Roy turned at the same time to face the newcomer to the conversation.

Roy shifted his gaze back and forth between Dick and the newcomer before settling on staring bewilderedly at Dick. "Dick, that doesn't look like Tim."

Dick felt an overwhelming urge to run his hand through his hair, but decided to just clench his fists instead. "That's because that's not Tim. That's Damian. Tim isn't Robin anymore."

Roy stared at him, slightly shocked. "So, Tim quit? Weird…I mean, I didn't expect him to be Robin forever, but I didn't think he'd quit so soon. I mean, the kid practically lived for Robin, especially since…"

"He didn't necessarily quit." Dick cut Roy off before he could finish his sentence.

Roy raised an eyebrow at him as the shock melted into something edging closer to anger. "What? What do you mean?"

Dick sighed to himself as he tightened his jaw. "I really don't think this is something I should be discussing with you."

Roy rolled his eyes at him. "Dick, tell me you didn't fire Tim."

"I didn't fire him," Dick paused for a moment before continuing, "per se."

Roy raised an eyebrow at him again. "And what does that mean?"

Dick slumped further into his chair. "Nothing."

Roy slid off the desk and placed a hand on Dick's shoulder. "Dick, please tell me that the decision for Tim to stop being Robin was a mutual one."

Dick didn't look up. "It's complicated."

Roy sighed, and silently wondered why, when there was a bat involved, nothing was ever easy. "Well, where is he?"

Dick still didn't lift his gaze. "It's complicated."

Roy raised an eyebrow at that. "You don't know where he is?"

Dick shook his head slightly. "I didn't say that."

Roy suddenly became furious. "You don't know where he is!"

Dick shrugged. "He can take care of himself."

Roy began to pace the length of the cave while trying not to shake his fists in frustration. "I can't decided if I should hit you or not. This is bad, Dick, really BAD! This is one of your worst screw ups…like congradu-fucking-lations, Batman!"

Dick slammed his hands down onto the arms of the chair. "I know, Roy! Okay, I know."

Roy stopped pacing long enough to really look at Dick, and take him in fully. It was clear exactly how upset Dick was about all of this. "Sorry. any ideas about where he could be?"

Dick sighed again. "It's Tim…he damn well knows how to hide, so if he doesn't want to be found he won't be."

Damian folded his arms over his chest as he huffed out a response. "I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like he's important."

Dick stood up and tried very hard not to yell, but failed miserably at it. "Damian, don't even start! Just go do something useful…like go help Alfred with…something."

Damian walked away without another word, but both Roy and Dick were pretty sure it was just so he could go cause trouble elsewhere. Roy waited until he was sure Damian was gone before returning his attention to Dick. "So, where were we?"

Dick's hands tightened around the arms of the chair. "I have no idea where Tim is, I screwed up immensely here, and I'm kind of failing to cope. Does that cover it?"

Roy heaved a large sigh as he placed a hand on Dick's shoulder. "We'll figure it out. I'll see what I can do on the finding Tim front, and you're coping just fine."

Dick laughed, but there was no humor in it. "If by just fine you mean crashing and burning, why, yes, yes I am."

Roy gripped Dick's shoulder more firmly for a moment. "It'll be okay, Dick."

Dick finally brought his gaze up to Roy's. "I really want to believe that."

Roy nodded slightly. "Hey, just think…we'll have a grand old time tying Tim down to his bed to keep him there once we do find him."

Dick cracked a small smile at that thought. "We could force feed him Jell-o."

Roy laughed lightly. "I thought he preferred pudding."

Dick's smile broadened. "Yeah, thus why we'd have to force feed it to him."

Roy smirked evilly. "So, are we drugging his Jell-o?"

Dick stared at him as though the answer should be obvious. "It's Tim, of course we're drugging his Jell-o"

Roy rolled his eyes. "Of course, how could I be so silly?"

They laughed for a few moments before the smile faded from Dick's face. "Do you really think we'll find Tim?"

Roy nodded firmly. "Yeah, I really do."

Dick smiled again. "Okay, then, I gotta get back to work."

Roy sighed. "Yeah, I'll leave you to it."

Roy turned to leave, but was halted by Dick's voice. "Roy, thanks for stopping by."

"Anytime, short pants, anytime." Roy smiled to himself as he walked away.

The End