Author's Note: I do not own Twilight and or any of the characters and story lines associated with Stephanie Meyers creation. This story deals with homosexual relationships between males and also contains mentions of alcohol, drug use and other adult topics.

This is my first AU fiction and it's only because someone requested a Jacob x Jasper story and this was something I had been working on so it kind of transformed into a Jacob x Jasper story. SO I hope you like it and enjoy. Oh and it's all human.. No vamps in this little bit of fluffy goodness.



My "Freshmen Experience" as so many people refer to your first year in college as, started out as most anybody's. I was 19, came from a fairly well off family in California and thought "Hey, I think I'll go to Colorado State University for college, you know, ride the mountains like I rode the waves." At the time I thought it would be an easy transition. Never the less I was happy.

And who wouldn't be if they were me. I was a surfer, never got below a B+ even in college, my older sister was on the the student body president, and god forbid I am sexy. Every time I looked in the mirror and saw, sun-bronzed skin pulled tight over sleek ripped muscles, dark chocolate brown hair and deep passionate eyes; I understood why girls put me in their phones as 'stud muffin' or 'hunk'. Dare I say it, I thought I was god's gift to the female race, and most women agreed.

Moving on to the real story, apparently, my original room mate was a no show and I got the room to myself. It was heaven on earth. I could play my own music, I could stay up as late as I wanted, when I put the two twin beds together I got a king, and best of all I could bring home girls; you can only imagine what went on then. Westfall Hall room 1020 would forever be known as "the Penthouse." It was everything I could have imagined college being. Of course that is until he showed up.

It was about nine weeks into my reign in "the Penthouse" and the end of semester was about a month away. It was the week before fall break and to make matters worse it was Tuesday, the worst day of the week in my opinion because although it is not Monday , it is not the middle of the week, nor is it the end or the beginning, making it the most meaningless day and only there to take up time. Thursday was at least is the day before Friday.

Nevertheless there he sat at my door on that Tuesday afternoon looking all together average in almost everyway. When he saw me, he stood up and I looked at him, trying to discern some reason for him to be there. Perhaps I had slept with his sister and he was there to avenge her. That would be pointless since he was of slightly below average weight and a good three inches shorter then me. He didn't look particularly threatening so I tossed that thought aside and looked at him for any other clues. You can tell a lot about a person by how they look.

He was plainly Caucasian, had a slightly preppy punk clothing style, used aftershave though it was old and a faint hint of five o'clock shadow was appearing, he had dark golden colored hair and had a strange smile on his face as I approached. He was altogether average, except for one thing. When I got to my door and he was about a foot away from me, I looked over and noticed his eyes.

His eyes were …..beautiful and that's the only way to put it. They were a pale golden yellow. The same color as the sea at sunset; my favorite time of day, mostly because it was the only time of day when you could really see the sun in Forks. And as I looked into this guys eyes, I could see the waves crashing, and hear the birds and the wind, I could smell the salt, and feel the sweet stickiness of my wet suit. In this boy's eyes, was a world I craved to get back home to and for what seemed forever I just stood there, barely listening to him as he asked if he could be my new room mate. Without really thinking and still in a daze, I nodded and signed a paper he produced from his wallet. He had introduced himself as Jasper and I vaguely remember telling him my name was Jacob. We exchanged phone numbers and emails, and for an instant I got the butterfly feeling in my stomach my sister had told me about when a guy asked for her number. We shook hands and the instant our fingers touched something I can only describe as forth of July fireworks shot through my entire body with immense pleasure. Every muscle, every bone, every drop of blood was on fire with sweet intensity. I know he felt it too because he pulled his hand away quickly after he caught himself holding mine.

It wasn't until Jasper had left and I was just standing in the hall, half way in a haze, that I realized what I had done.


Author's note: So this is the first chapter and I have several chapter's done already so I'll be posting a lot at the same time. So just enjoy and I'll try to keep this going as best I can. It's a kind of a side project for me while I get back in the swing of things.