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Saturday morning came around and I was back in my dorm room waiting for Jacob to get back into town. It was a little nerve racking. I mean, I was nervous in all the right ways, there were butterflies in my stomach and my head was in the clouds; clouds full of images of Jacob that is. Of course I couldn't just jump feet first into this could I? What if he turned out just like Mike? What if he decided he was just going through a phase? But then again I knew that Jacob wouldn't do that. There was no way he would ever do that, he'd experienced the same rush of feelings I had that first time we touched. He knew that we were meant to be together didn't he?

God, the thoughts were driving me crazy. I was turning into a lunatic. And what's the best way to kill insanity? Sleep. So, with a sigh and a spin of my computer chair, I slunked over to my bed and passed out the moment my head hit the pillow. Who knew being excited to the point of horniness could take that much out of you.


Impatiently, I stood in the elevator haphazardly talking to myself. The ride to the tenth floor seemed especially slow today and I cursed the CSU technical staff for not finding a way to speed up the elevators. All in all, I'm pretty sure the girl in the elevator with me thought I was crazy by the time I got off.

Rushing to my door, I scrambled to get the key into the lock, dropping it on the floor more then once in my hurry to get inside. But all the nerves and frantic waiting was worth it when I walked into that room. Now there is no better way to be greeted then by the image of you're lover, well future lover in my case, sleeping peacefully in the sun. And boy was I happy to find that exact thing when I finally got inside the room.

Quietly dragging my bag into the room and leaving it by my bed, I softly shut the door and walked over to Jasper's bed. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. I love watching him sleep. His face is always so expressive when he's dreaming and as he laid there, the sun shining down upon him, he seemed to shimmer with the glow of his dream world.

Looking at him was becoming increasingly difficult. He was so beautiful that I couldn't help myself and lent down to place a slowly sweet kiss on his slightly parted lips.


I have to say, there is no better way to be woken up then by a kiss from someone you adore. And that was just the case as I returned to consciousness. I let me eyes flutter open for just a moment to confirm it was who I was hoping it was, and it was, which was great. And then of course they slammed back shut as I pulled Jacob down onto the bed on top of me, my legs instinctively wrapping around his lithe hips.

You can always tell if a person is right for you by how their body fits with yours. And boy did Jacob fit. His hips grinded against mine in sultry little swirls and dragged a needy moan from my lips as his hands roamed my body. For someone who had clearly never been with another man, Jacob was astonishingly good at what he was doing. So I had to ask after he finally broke the kiss, ending it with a playful nip to my bottom lip.

"So," I asked with a happy smirk, "you're pretty good at this. I thought you told me you'd never been with another boy."

Jacob frowned for a moment while thinking up an answer, "Well I haven't." He paused to place a teasing brush of his lips on my Adam's apple. "Unless you count late night circle jerks with the football team.

"Circle jerks? Do explain." I pushed as I grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged on it suggestively.

Jacob laughed and let me remove his shirt before replying, "Where to start? Well, you start by sitting around in a circle… you know, with your junk out, so you're usually in you're boxers. Although there was this one time that me and two other guys from the team did it naked. Should have known they were gay when we went at it, they tried to get me to kiss and stuff but I didn't go for it. Sure was a shock though when I found them fucking after the homecoming game though."

I quirked an eyebrow at his narration of the event and tried not to laugh. But Jacob soon caught on to the fact that he was diverting from the question, "But back to the subject at hand, once you're all in a circle you grab the Johnson of the guy to your right because everyone's usually better with their right hand, you know from practice and stuff, and then you beat him off. Which is surprisingly hard when you're getting jacked off at the same time. But it all works out in the end I guess… We used to call it a bonding experience, because there's nothing that brings you closer to your teammates then letting their spunk drip all over your hand." Jacob laughed as he finished. I must say I was a little disturbed.


Jasper just looked at me for a moment as I finished my story. It wasn't until I had finished that I realized how awkward the whole situation really was. "OK, so maybe it's not as cool as we thought it was…"

"No, not really, it's kind a gay." Jasper remarked with a small smile on his lips. His lips, god those lips. I gave into temptation and leaned into him again to kiss those lips with renewed lust.

"Ha Ha, very funny." I commented after we parted for air. "Ok, so it was kind a gay, but we were the football team, the whole thing is kind a gay. I mean think about it… young men slamming into each other to get position of a leather ball."

Jasper shrugged, "It could be worse. You could have been on the wrestling team. That sports just one big gay joke waiting to happen."

We laughed and kissed again. Somehow even though I had never kissed another guy in my life, it was completely natural and I couldn't get enough. After another lengthy make out session we parted. Somewhere along the way it had the sun had started to set and we had ended up laying on Jasper's bed side by side in each others arms.

Sighing I ran a strand of Jasper's golden hair between my fingers and marveled at how I had ever thought him as average. We had touched and suddenly I couldn't imagine something more beautiful. Definitely no girl had ever made me feel this good before.

Jasper pulled me out of my reverie by running his finger tips down my tan abs. "Jacob, do you think we can go get some food. I'm starving." At the mention of food my stomach grumbled and I realized I hadn't eaten since I got to the airport this morning.

I groaned as I got up and stretched, "I suppose I can stop molesting you for a little while to grab some foodage." Jasper smiled and sat up. His hair was a tangle of golden sex hair, even though we hadn't even gotten to that part yet and he looked very much pleased with himself.

"You know…you don't have to stop molesting me." Jasper replied with a smirk and it took all the control that I could come up with not to tackle him straight into the sheets once again and take him. But my stomach groaned in protest.

"As fuck-able as you look right now Jazz…it tortures me to say not take your offer. But," I whispered as I leaned in close, my lips momentarily brushing against his neck, "I have a feeling that we'll need some food. Because tonight we'll need all the energy we can get."

"Oh," Jasper smirked, "Well then lead the way."

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