Red Hot Moon

Chapter 1

It was the summer of 1986 and John Winchester was on a witch hunt. He had been on this hunt for an entire month, and now he followed a lead that led him right to the witch he had been looking for.

This one was a nasty one. She had been kidnapping people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities and using them for her own little experiments which John wasn't quite sure of yet.

So John made sure that he kept his sons Sam and Dean safe. He left them in a motel room in town, and left Dean with an entire arsenal and told him to use whatever means necessary to keep Sam safe. Not that he thought anything would happen, especially with all the protection charms he had hidden around the room.

Now John was standing outside in the humid midnight air outside of a ramshackle cabin that was hidden in the middle of the woods.

John looked up at the full moon, and heard the distant howling of a wolf but shrugged it off. He clicked the safety off his gun, and then kicked the front door down.

To his surprise, the middle-aged witch stood in front of her fireplace facing John with her hands up in surrender. Her long red hair was pinned back out of her face, and her piercing green eyes seemed to be almost glowing in the soft light coming from the dying fire in the fireplace.

Her house smelled of rotting flesh, and was littered with bones and teeth, globs of hair, books, papers, herbs, etc. But what caught John's attention, were the large dog cages in the corner of the room. All of them were empty, and with the doors open.

John pointed the gun at the witch's chest with a look of determination on his face.

"What a pain in the ass you've been, sweetheart." John said with a half smile.

"I'm flattered that you've come out of your way to see little old me," The witch said with a teasing smile, "but then again I can't say I wasn't expecting this…I mean especially after the little visit I made to your room this morning."

"What?" John demanded threateningly.

The witch looked at John with mock innocence, "Oh, little Sammy didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" John growled.

A wicked smile crossed the witch's face, "Well you weren't in the room this morning Johnny, and Dean…I suppose he was still asleep."

John cursed to himself, it must have been this morning when he went out to get breakfast. He wanted to leave and come back all before the boys woke up, but when he returned Sam was wide awake.

"I just stopped by this morning and talked too little Sammy." The witch said with a shrug, "Well, I actually did most of the talking."

John shook the gun gently but kept it aimed at her heart at all times. It was a warning. When he returned earlier that morning, Sam seemed perfectly normal so of course he didn't suspect anything.

"What'd you do to my son?" John spat.

"I dunno." The witch lied.

"What's wrong with Sammy?" John repeated sternly.

The witch looked at John with fake concern, "Something's wrong with Sammy?"

"Did you do to Sam what you did to the others?" John prodded.

The witch shrugged, "Just kill me Johnny, you're not gonna get any answers out of me, and I have no other contacts or help so there's no way you're gonna find out until you go back to your room and see for yourself."

John growled with impatience and the clicked the safety on his gun. He wouldn't kill her tonight after all. Whatever she did to Sammy she would have to reverse.

"Reverse it." John ordered as he put the gun back in his waistband.

"No." The witch said defiantly as she suddenly pulled a small blade from her waistband and jabbed it into her own gut. Her lifeless body then dropped in a heap on the floor with a large pool of blood surrounding her.

John ran to the witch's side and knelt down beside her. He put his hand on her neck and felt for a pulse. His heart constricted when he didn't find one.

"Damnit!" John cried angrily as he jumped to his full height, and then ran out of the cabin and ran through the close-knit trees until he reached his black truck.

He quickly jumped in and started the truck and headed toward the motel room as fast as his truck would allow.


About an hour later, John pulled up to the motel room where he had left his sons. He shut his truck off, and jumped out the door and slammed it shut behind him as he ran to the door.

A lump formed in his throat when his seven year old son Dean flung open the door and met John with a fearful gaze and a rifle in his hand.

"Dean what's the matter? Where's Sammy?" John asked urgently as he made it to Dean's side.

"Dad, don't be mad!" Dean pleaded as tears sprang to his eyes.

"Mad at what?" John asked impatiently as he grabbed Dean's shoulders and shook them gently, "Where's Sammy?"

"S-Sammy's gone." Dean replied in a broken sob.

"What do you mean, gone?" John demanded.

"I don't know!" Dean admitted, "I-I just went to the bathroom, dad. It doesn't make sense! When I walked back into the room Sammy was gone…and in h-his place was a-"

"Was a what, Dean?" John demanded.

"A puppy." Dean said with confusion.

"A puppy?" John asked, confused.

"Go take a look for yourself!" Dean said as he motioned toward the door.

John gave Dean a skeptical look, and then headed toward the room with Dean hot on his heel. John pushed open the door and saw Sam's little pajamas in a heap on his bed.

"Sammy!" John called curiously.

When John and Dean were both in the room, Dean gently closed the door behind him.

Suddenly, a tiny fluffy brown wolf pup padded out from under the bed with its' tongue hanging out as he stared up at John.

It's muzzle and ears were black, as were the toes on its' paws, but the rest of its' fur was dark brown. It cocked his head and sat at John's feet expectantly.

"Sammy?" John questioned curiously as he looked down at the little wolf.

It yipped with excitement at being recognized and then walked up to John's leg and rubbed his face against it affectionately.

John bent over and picked up the pup to get a closer look at it. He held the little fur ball up to his face and looked in its eyes. They were Sam's hazel eyes, and that made John's heart constrict.

"Damnit." John muttered as he placed the pup back on the floor.

"Dad what's going on?" Dean asked worriedly as he looked down at the little pup.

"N-nothing," John replied shakily, "come on, pack up. We're hitting the road first thing tomorrow morning."

"What about Sam's stuff?" Dean asked worriedly.

"I'll worry about it." John replied simply.

John wasn't sure where they were going to go. He figured he would look for a specialist to help Sam become human again since the witch killed herself.

He looked down at the sad little pup as it lay down and rested its tiny head on its paws.

"I'm gonna fix this, Sam." John muttered defiantly, "I promise."

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