The full moon shone in the dark sky overhead, lighting the way for the couple of wolves who ran through the woods in hot pursuit of a small deer.

The deer took leaps and bounds over bushes and small shrubs, and made sharp turns around trees in a desperate attempt to throw the wolves off its tail. But these wolves seemed smart, and quick. They were hard to ditch.

The brown wolf stopped running, coming to an abrupt halt; letting his brother, the big black wolf take the kill.

The black wolf never stopped, he kept after the deer with a certain determination as he tore the dirt floor of the woods up with his thick black paws eagerly.

Suddenly, just as the deer looked like it was going to outrun the wolf, the wolf roared and leapt on its prey, sending them both tumbling in a ball to the ground.

The brown wolf watched from a distance as his brother wrestled with the deer for a moment before locking his jaws around the deer's throat, sinking his fangs into its flesh with great force.

When the deer finally stopped moving, Dean unlocked his jaws from the deer's throat and looked up at Sam who was still watching from a distance.

His message was apparent; it was Dean's kill, and he wanted his brother to eat first.

The smell of the animal's blood was overpowering his senses, his adrenaline was at an all time high from the chase, and to top it off, he was sharing this with his brother. Dean was truly happy, to say that least. Maybe he could get used to this, if every night was like this.

Lifting his head toward the moon, he released a long, celebrating howl, giving in just a little to his instincts. Moments later, his little brother who was still watching from a distance returned the howl.

And both brothers stood there close to a fresh kill singing their victory.


A couple miles away, Bobby Singer was sitting peacefully in his motel room with a book propped in his lap. He skimmed the pages absently, not really being able to concentrate on the words.

In the morning he would depart from Sam and Dean, and head back to his home in South Dakota; but tonight while the boys were out 'running' he would stick around to see if they needed any help when they returned.

Just then, Bobby's head snapped up to attention as a duet of wolf howls in the distance disturbed his peace. It sounded joyous, as if they were actually celebrating.

That made Bobby offer a half smile to himself, maybe Sam could help Dean get through this sooner than they thought.

Bobby then shook his head as the howls continued.

"Idjits." He muttered with a tired sigh.

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