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Sasuke Uchiha smirked as he stared at the silver-haired, masked boy named Kakashi, who was currently visiting their graves again, and crying... again.

Mission accomplished, Sasuke thought as he saw Kakashi trace his fingers over their names - his two best friends' names, and his parents' names... all the people whom he cared about, had died. People pitied him and sympathized him for he was merely a kid, only thirteen and yet, he already lost so many loved ones. But ever since their deaths, Kakashi had drawn away from other people and would only visit their graves every single day, staying there for endless hours. Sometimes, he would talk to the graves as if they could hear him, and sometimes, he would just sit and stare at their names for hours as if he was merely a statue.

Some people, er, or rather some angels, would say that Sasuke was a cold-hearted bastard who only enjoyed seeing other people suffer. They would say he was a sadist and he loved torturing poor people. What kind of torture, you say? Oh Sasuke used all kinds of torture. He would take away everything a person has - their money, loved ones, job, life and once and if he took away someone's life, he would damn that person to the deepest pits of Hell.

Of course, Sasuke wasn't allowed to just damn anyone to Hell - he had to have permission from the 'Man in Charge' but he still took pride and joy in doing so.

And okay, so maybe it was true - maybe Sasuke was a pretty cold-hearted bastard who enjoyed seeing pathetic people suffer, but he couldn't help it.

After all, he was the angel of hate and death.

Sasuke had always been successful at making people suicidal - it was one of his highest points and it was what Kakashi Hatake, the poor thirteen-year old boy, was feeling at the moment. Perhaps it was cruel of him to make such a young boy suffer, but Sasuke didn't feel any sympathy or pity.

Nope. He never felt sympathy or pity.

Never, ever, ever.




Black Sheep

by Strawberry Raindrops

Chapter One




20 years later...

"Bye, Mom and Dad!" Naruto called as he grinned widely at his parents before jumping out the door as he bolted down the sidewalk.

He smiled as he raced through the streets, weaving through people - and sometimes pushing people aside which only earned him scolds and shouts, but that was okay because today was going to be the best day of his life!

His grin only widened even more stupidly as he soon reached his academy building and he swiftly stepped inside.

He was instantly greeted by his best friends, Shikamaru and Kiba - Kiba started gabbing about Akamaru, his dog, as always as Shikamaru stayed quietly and muttered, "How troublesome.." every once in a while every time Kiba said something "troublesome" Akamaru did, in Shikamaru's words.

Naruto smiled and talked with his friends – he was a happy boy. There was not a single flaw in his life. He had the best parents in the world – not to mention that his father was the president of a highly successful company, and his mom was a famous doctor. He had the best friends in the world - Shikamaru, Kiba, and Sakura who were always there for him and made him laugh. Not to mention that he had a slight crush on Sakura who was a sweet and caring girl... er, except when she was angry.

But really, what was there to complain about his life? So what if he didn't make the best grades, and maybe never really got on his teachers' good sides all the time? He was still happy and content about his life. He loved his life and wouldn't trade it for anything. Even some spoiled and kids who should be happy, were never happy and all they wanted was more, more, and more! But Naruto wasn't like that. He thoroughly loved his life and saw his glass as half full every day.

But today, Naruto was exceptionally happy for today was his graduation day! The day he would finally leave high school and go to KLU, Konoha Leaf University, where he would major in business so that he could inherit his father's company and run it just as well as his father did.

"Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru!" Sakura called as she rushed over to them.

"Tch, I see your girlfriend's here," Kiba muttered under his breath with a roll of his eyes as he saw the blond's eyes sparkle and gleam at the sight of the rosette.

Naruto shot his best friend a scowl before turning back to smile at Sakura who finally reached them.

"Come on, it's almost time for our graduation! Can you not wait?!" she said excitedly.

"I can't wait at all, 'ttebayo!"

"I can wait forever," Shikamaru said monotonously as he yawned and as they rolled their eyes at him.

"Yeah, whatever, you lazy ass." Kiba smirked.

And as the four friends playfully bickered, Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the happy blond boy from miles and miles above the ground as his eyes slowly flickered to his friends to the girl he loved and then turned to see his parents who were at home, happily getting ready to go to Naruto's graduation.

Sasuke smirked as he found his new victim.

Little did he know that his new victim wasn't as normal as he thought.

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