Filthy Muggles

Part I

Written by Grapenut01 and Pandora Spocks

"… dear Bellatrix, who likes to play with her food before she eats it."

It was an extremely cloudy day on Fleet Street as Mrs. Lovett gazed at a rather curious looking necklace at St. Dunstan's market.

She stopped, seeing the light catch her eye as it glimmered off a rather interesting golden chain, and dangling from it was a beautifully crafted locket with an emerald 'S' on it in elegant writing.

"S for Sweeney…" She murmured to herself smiling. "How much fer the necklace?" She asked the bloke selling it.

"Eh, since your such a pretty lady, I'll give to ya fer - say - one pound." The man answered back curtly, flashing her a mouthful of horribly rotten teeth.

Mrs. Lovett gave him a hesitant smile, slightly disgusted by the man, and replied. "So kind of ya, sir." She said, pulling out a pound from her purse which was nestled comfortably between her bosom, handing it to him and stuffing it back down her dress and holding her hand out for the necklace.

"'Ere ya are." He said, exchanging the necklace for the money.

She took it and quickly began her journey home looking at it before fastening it around her neck letting the locket itself fall down and rest in her cleavage.

Mrs. Lovett was downstairs about a week later rolling out some fresh dough for a fresh batch of pies, humming softly as she worked efficiently.

It was raining terribly outside, the wind that had seized to stop blowing since this morning was now worse than ever, her thoughts on the weather were interrupted, however, when she heard the door open and close abruptly.

A horrible burst of wind filled the room which made her turn around to face the man no other than Sweeney Todd.

"Mista T!" She gasped dropping her rolling pin and holding a hand over her heaving chest where her necklace rested, "Scared me half t'death, love."

She went around the counter.

"I was star'in' t'think ya wouldn' be comin' down. Mus' be like a li'le lake up there." Mrs. Lovett gabbed on going back around the counter to retrieve her rolling pin.

"Awful weather huh dear? A'leas' ya go' some customers. I go' none. Bu' yers should be ready fer tomorrows batch, if this bleedin' rain ever stops."

Mr. Todd did nothing but stare at her, quirking an eyebrow as if he didn't know what she meant.

She sighed, noticing he wasn't listening, as usual. "Well did ya wan' some gin? I was thinkin' o' havin' a glass or two meself before headin' off t'bed."

He nodded, suddenly, his eyes flickering down to the golden chain dangling from around her neck.

She smiled at him and nodded to a booth before turning and reaching up to grab a couple of glasses and a bottle of gin. "Have a sea' Mista T."

She cleaned up her small mess from baking and flitted over sitting across from him with the glasses pouring them both a generous amount.

He took the glass and eyed it curiously, before sipping it grimly and averting his eyes back to her.

She smiled at him and drank some of her gin. "Anythin' else I can' ge' ya love?" She asked, toying with her necklace.

"That is a rather interesting looking necklace, Mrs. Lovett." He saidquietly.

Her eyes lit up as she looked down at her necklace. "Why thank ya. Was a real bargain too down a' the marke'."

"Market, you say?" He replied, sounding oddly interested.

"Mhm." She nodded happily.

"Mind if I have a look at it?"

"Why certainly." She said, moving to take the necklace off.

"Let me help you..." Sweeney suggested, moving to stand as she stared up at him.

"Thank ya dear." She said, turning her back to him as her heart beat faster when she felt his hands move lightly against her skin.

Sweeney grinned mischievously when he felt her stiffen uncomfortably beneath the slight brush of his fingers against her neck.

She bit her lip and trembled slightly at the feel of his touch.

He smiled deviously, pressing his lips firmly onto her neck.

Mrs. Lovett gasped, straightening back up and leaning back against him. "Mista T…" She breathed softly.

Mrs. Lovett heard him chuckle against her as his lips moved to her shoulders, pushing down the sleeve of her dress as he did so.

She bit her lip, tilting her neck and tightening her grip on the table sighing contentedly.

He sucked gently and then roughly on the spot on her shoulder as he moved his hand beneath her dress to wander through her skirts.

She mumbled something that he couldn't understand, before turning in his arms and wrapping her arms around his shoulders, kissing him quickly, not giving him the chance to protest when she found him kissing her back roughly.

The hand that was lost beneath the many layers of her dress soon found its way up her thigh, causing her to moan into his mouth, slipping her tongue into the kiss and tangling her fingers in his hair desperately.

His hand moved further up her thigh before brushing over the fabric covering the part of her body that ached for his touch the most.

She bit his lip lightly pushing closer to him and moving to lay in the booth pulling him down over her.

Strangely delighted with her willingness to let him continue with this, he grinned against her mouth, moving swiftly to slip his hand into her undergarments.

Mrs. Lovett shivered, wrapping her leg around him and kissing him harder, exploring his mouth hungrily with her tongue.

His hand moved delicately against her damp curls before he pressed his thumb against her swollen clit.

Another moan escaped her as she shifted to wrap her other leg around him as well pulling him closer, needing more of him.

Suddenly, he plunged a finger inside of her and began a rough pace, smirking when he heard her squeak and gasp beneath him.

She broke the kiss to tilt her head back gasping for breath, moving with him and moaning his name softly.

Sweeney smirked again when he pulled his hand out her undergarments and stood up to kneel in front on her, positioning his head between her legs.

She whimpered with disappointment as he pulled away, sitting up and leaning on her elbows, looking down at him and breathing heavily. "Mista T, love? Wha' are ya..." She whined breathily before seeing he was kneeling down between her legs. All she could do was stare.

His eyes met hers with a devilish sneer, moving his hands to rip her undergarments from her roughly.

Mrs. Lovett leaned back, grinning at the side of her table and tilting her head back as she shivered in anticipation.

Mr. Todd trailed his forefinger slowly up her bare thigh, pushing up her skirts so that they were in a heap around her waist.

She whimpered as he teased her - squirming beneath him, tightening her grip on the table, needing him badly.

He continued to move at this torturously slow rate, brushing his hand over her clit once more as he did so.

She cried out softly pushing her hips up to him, desperate for more, something, anything!

Sensing her distress, he laughed silently, moving the tip of his middle finger into her before quickly pulling out.

"P-please." Mrs. Lovett whimpered pitifully, squirming terribly beneath him.

"Please what?" He mocked, his enjoyment in this apparent though his words.

"I- I.... I need you, love." She barely managed out.

"I'm sorry... I still am not sure of what it is that you need…"

She cried out softly, shifting and biting her lip hard, unable to help herself as she moved her hand down to help herself.

He slapped her hand away, scoffing at her playfully before scolding, "Patience, my dear, patience."

She shook her head and moved her hand back. "C-can't." She breathed out.

She moved to touch herself again, biting her lip harder and shuddering, knowing he was watching her with intent eyes.

Again he moved her hand away, replacing it with his own and shoving two fingers inside of her.

She moaned and moaned his name in a strangled voice, pushing up to him gripping onto his shoulder. "Mmmhhhmmmm, Mista Todd…"

"Is this what you want, Mrs. Lovett?" He began, thrusting his fingers in and out of her.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, nodding her head vigorously.

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you..." He suddenly purred, pulling his fingers out of her again and hissing, "You filthy muggle!"

Perhaps if she hadn't been so frustrated with pleasure, she would have been baffled at what he just called her. Whimpering again, she fell back onto the booth, making the seat slick with her own juices.

"P-please…" She begged, staring up at him desperately through hooded molten chocolate eyes.

Grinning, he moved his head down and licked her opening, placing his hands on either side of her knees.

She moaned loudly, arching her back harshly up and pushing herself up to him. "Yes."

If Mrs. Lovett hadn't been so delirious with pleasure, she would have noticed Sweeney's hair growing longer and fading into a more grayish black, she would have noticed his hands shrinking and his nails growing longer as they continued to rest on her knees; she would have noticed his body shrinking and his chest enlarging in size… And what she would have noticed from the beginning was that it wasn't Sweeney Todd at all, it was a woman.

Though a fact that she wouldn't know about the woman would be that she wasn't even human, she was a witch, a Death Eater. A Death Eater by the name of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Her eyes were tightly shut as she shuddered beneath him, moaning his name and moving her hips with who she presumed to be .

Bella took no notice as she continued to suck at Mrs. Lovett's clit greedily, not planning on stopping on she came for her.

She bit her lip harder, letting it start bleeding, gasping and reached up gripping the booth tightly pushing up more.

The darker haired woman grinned, pulling away from Mrs. Lovett when she knew that she was about to come.

She cried out shaking her head reaching down trying to pull her back whimpering. "No. P-please Mista T…" She begged, her eyes still shut as she was heaving for breath laying flat, and spread out for all to see against her own booth.

Bellatrix smiled evilly when she saw that she had turned back to her original form before sneering down at the struggling woman beneath her, "Silly muggle…"

She frowned, hearing a different voice, and opened her eyes, breathing heavier as she got closer to the release she was so desperate for.

"W-wha'?" She asked questioningly as she took in the sight of the woman kneeling in front of her legs before gasping and gripping her shoulder tightly, digging her nails into Bella as she arched up, moaning louder as she came.

Bellatrix sat on her knees as she leaned an elbow up on the booth, laughing quietly as the muggle woman lie there, clearly exhausted.

She fell back catching her breath, breathing heavily before she scooted back, still panting. "Who...the bloody 'ell...are ya?"

"It doesn't matter who I am..." The woman said casually through her plump lips, "What matters is who I'm not..."

"W- Wha' did ya do to him?" She asked nervously, frowning more and feeling worried for the man she loved, backing up more pushing down her skirts.

"Ooohhh..." Bellatrix said with a cackle, "You really don't think that that statue would ever touch you like I did?"

"Just shut up!" Mrs. Lovett snapped, shaking her head and ignoring what she said. "You're lying. What did you do to him?!"

"Tsk tsk... I did nothing to him, in fact, he didn't flinch in the slightest when I plucked one of his hairs from his head..." Bella replied calmly, the most amused expression dancing on her face.

"Where is he?" she asked shaking hr head pressing herself against the wall.

"Why, he's upstairs... Like he's been the whole time... I'm surprised that he didn't come down to see what all the noise was about." Answered the witch as casual as before.

"W-wha'? No." she said softly shaking her head moving to push her aside to go up to him.

"I wouldn't do that, muggle." Bella said, her voice louder.

"Ge' outta my way." Mrs. Lovett muttered, pushing her down and sliding to move from the booth.

Bellatrix sat up angrily. pulling her wand from her robes and exclaiming, "Stupefy!"

Mrs. Lovett let out a scream moving just in time falling to the floor as a flash of red light hit the door. "Wha' the bloody hell?!"

Bella moved over her, glaring at her darkly, "Not bad... for a muggle."

She looked up at her, terrified. "A wha'?"

"Muggle. A non magical being, which you obviously are. Now give me the Horcrux." Bella snapped suddenly.

"Magic? Wha' are ya on abou'?" She asked shaking her head confused.

Bellatrix ignored her and pointed her wand at the necklace around Mrs. Lovett's neck, "Accio Horcrux!"

The necklace then levitated magically off from around Mrs. Lovett's neck and floated into Bella's hand.

She gasped and grabbed at her necklace as the chain broke from her and into the woman's hand. "Tha's mine!"

"It's the Dark Lord's, now let me 'ave it or -" Bella paused a moment, keeping her grip on the necklace before pointing her wand back at Mrs. Lovett, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

She hollered as she floated into the air keeping a hold on her necklace, the actual locket part in her hand, as the chain broke.

"Now, I will let you down if you give me that back." Bellatrix stated.

"I's my necklace! I paid good money fer it." Mrs. Lovett exclaimed, putting it down her dress. If it were any other necklace she would be glad to give it to the insane woman. But this one reminded her of the man she loved.

"Ooh here!" Snapped Bellatrix, throwing some muggle money at her, "Now. Give. Me. It."

"Why should I?" she asked suspiciously. "An' pu' me down ya bloody slag!"

"Calling me names isn't going to get you down is it?" Bella sighed, pointing her wand back at Mrs. Lovett, "Accio pendant!" And, like the necklace did the first time, it floated right out of Mrs. Lovett's dress and fell into the palm of Bellatrix's hand.

"Now pu' me down!" She demanded, glaring down at the woman.

"Reparo." Bella whispered to the necklace pendant and chain before they magically went back together.

"Pu' me down ya bloody halo'in' thief!" Mrs. Lovett hollered kicking at her and managing to hit her jaw with her heel.

Angry, Bella pointed her wand at the ceiling, "Accio Sweeney Todd!" And moments later, Mr. Todd appeared in the pie shop, an extreme look of shock plastered on his face.

"Mista T!" Mrs. Lovett hollered desperately, "Tell her to pu' me down dammit!"

Before Sweeney could even register what Mrs. Lovett had just said, Bella pointed her wand at him and yelled, "Immobulus!"

"Wha' do ya think yer doin' t'him!"

But before Mrs. Lovett had the chance, Sweeney Todd fell over, frozen - As if he really was a statue.

"Mista T!" She exclaimed, reaching down at him. "Wha' did ya do?! !!"

"I froze him." Bellatrix answered simply

"Pu' me down! How dare ya touch him!"

"What are you talking about? I didn't lay one hand on him.... I wish I could say the same about you..." Bellatrix smirked.

Mrs. Lovett narrowed her eyes at her, "Shu' up. How was I supposed t'know?" Obviously embarrassed by the way her cheeks redened.

"You weren't..." Bellatrix smiled, "Thought I'd 'ave some fun... You liked it... Didn't you?"

"Wha'? Yer bein' ridiculous. Pu' me down."

"I will only when you admit that you liked it." Said the Death Eater.

"Tha's jus' ridiculous." She replied, completely flabbergasted.

"Admit it." Bellatrix demanded, "Or shall I remind you?"

"I did no'!" She exclaimed, blushing.

"Yes you did." Bellatrix's grin failed to disappear on her face even when arguing with this stubborn muggle.

"Tha's... Tha's jus' absurd." Mrs. Lovett mumbled, shaking her head.

"Really?" Bella inquired, tilting her head to the side, "Is that so?"

"Pu' me down!" She pleaded again, ignoring her questioning.

Bellatrix paid no attention to Mrs. Lovett's struggles as she lowered her down to the ground, grabbed her wrists and pressed her to the wall, "Than it would be simply preposterous if I were to do this..."

She gasped as she was suddenly pinned to the wall. Her breath hitching as she stared into the deep violet eyes of the woman.

Bellatrix laughed, "You muggles are so weak... I don't know how you can manage." And in one quick movement, Bellatrix had shoved her hand up Mrs. Lovett's skirts.

She pushed her away, shaking her head. "Mugg- I'm not weak! I may be many things bu' weak isn't one o' them." She said her voice wavering a bit uncertainly, still feeling the tingling of the woman's hands on her.

Bellatrix chuckled, "You may not be weak then..." She then whispered into Mrs. Lovett's ear, "But you're wet." Bella then pulled away with the broadest of smiles on her face.

She was left speechless blushing once more and shaking her head.

"Tell me, filthy muggle," Bellatrix began, "If I were to un-freeze him right this moment and leave... Would he touch you like I did?"

"Would he kiss you like I did?" Bella's eyes stared into Mrs. Lovett's as she continued to speak, "Would he lick you? Would he make you come like I did?"

The auburn haired woman looked away from her, her chest heaving lightly, refusing to answer her question.

"Would he kiss you like I did?" Bella's eyes stared into Mrs. Lovett's as she continued to speak, "Would he lick you? Would he make you come like I did?"

"Shu' up." she muttered looking away still. "Jus' shu' yer bloody mouth."

"Am I upsetting you?" Bella said softly, almost mockingly.

"He jus' needs to ge' his revenge. Then he'll realize I've been here wai'in' fer fifteen bloody years fer him. He jus' needs his revenge." Mrs. Lovett explained, more to herself that to the woman pinning her to the wall.

"But would he?"Bellatrix asked again.

She sighed and turned away from her. "Jus' go." Mrs. Lovett whispered sadly.

"Not until you answer my question."

"No! Alrigh'? Are ya happy?! He ha'es me! He wouldn' give a damn if I died excep' t'think who'd sell the bloody pies!" Mrs. Lovett hollered feeling the sting of pain in her heart as she said it all.

Bella merrily laughed at the woman, "I thought so."

"Jus' go." She repeated, turning away as tears pricked at her eyes.

Bella frowned, disappointed, "Goodbye then, muggle." She then let go of her tight grip on Mrs. Lovett and looked over at Mr. Todd, "He should be fine… Just take him back upstairs, he'll probably just think that it was all a dream, knowing how oblivious you muggles can be …"

After a moment of thought, Mrs. Lovett spoke again, "Doesn' ma'er anyways. He's gonna bloody kill me when he wakes up. There's no poin' in lyin' t'him when yer righ'. I can' be with him. Migh' as well tell him his wife's alive."

Bella stopped dead in her tracks. "His wife?" She glanced at the man on the floor, "That muggle has a wife?" The witch sounded surprised.

She nodded. "From when he was another man. He loved tha daf' girl. Bu' she was a stupid bligh'er an' now she's on the stree's sellin' herself fer alms."

"Alms." Bellatrix nodded squinting her eyes, thinking a moment, "An ugly looking thing lurking near this muggle shop?"

"Tha's her. Won' go away." she said rolling her eyes sitting in the booth and drinking more of her gin.

"Why," Bellatrix laughed, "He has no wife, I killed her." Bellatrix said simply. "The old muggle thought that she could try and stop me from going upstairs. Even had the nerve to call me the devil's wife…"

"Bou' time she die then." She mumbled filling up her drink again, dazed and completely exhausted from the evenings long events.

"I should be going." Yawned Bellatrix, sighing afterwards, obviously having her fill for the day.

"Good riddance." Mrs. Lovett muttered drinking down her gin as the woman disappeared, muttering something about 'filthy muggles' as she left.

To be continued...

Well this took hours xD

This is my first Harry Potter fan fiction and my very first time writing the character for Bellatrix Lestrange :D

I hope I did okay, Amy says I did but she's crazy xDD

Amy, of course, did a fabulous job with Mrs. Lovett, in my opinion anyway.

I hope that you enjoyed this and didn't find it too strange :D

Thanks for reading!


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