"Filthy Muggles"

By. Ratty Darling and Grapenut01

Part V


It is almost every straight man's fantasy to wake up to a couple of overly friendly women, but this wasn't just any other man, this was Sweeney Todd…

After the witch proved the baker to be a liar, Mrs. Lovett's eyes shot open, and so did his.

The auburn haired woman gulped, feeling self conscious over the dark witch's gaze, not knowing or even realizing that Sweeney was awake yet.

"I know what you're thinking...." Bellatrix sighed, "That I'm sick and disgusting..."

"I didn' say tha-"

"Oh, but you were thinking it. Weren't you?"

She flinched a bit and shrank back against the bars. "Maybe..." You could just hear the fear in her voice.

Mrs. Lovett shuddered. The witch had just cupped her left breast.

"That's not an answer, muggle." Bella scowled, her voice dropping as she glared at her, "Admit it. I disgust you."

She shook her head, opening and closing her mouth unsure what to say. She couldn't help but respond to her advances though was so terribly wrong of her.

Meanwhile, Sweeney lie on the floor, not daring to move. He was so confused as to what was going on.

"It's a yes or no question. Do I disgust you?"

She bit her lip before nodding hesitantly, "Y-yes?"

Bellatrix smirked as she let go of her grip on Mrs. Lovett's breast and slapped her hard across the face. "Good because you disgust me too. You filthy muggle."

Mr. Todd heard the slap echoing around the stone walls of the cell, but he knew that if he were to get up and even attempt to put a stop to Mrs. Lovett's obvious torture, it would be no use.

She winced as her head snapped to the side and she felt the sharp stinging of her cheek. "I'm not filthy."

The witch glared at her even more, "Lies. Lies. Lies." She paused a moment, thinking. "Too bad for you, I don't plan on killing you just yet... But you know me, always playing with my food before I..." Her voice dropped to just barely above a whisper, "Eat it."

Well, this is all we have written of what would have been a hopefully long part five. What a terrible way to end this, might I add. But, grapenut01 and I have not spoken in a little over a month. So, I decided that I might as well publish what we had written, I took out a few lines having been they no longer flowed because of the lack of continuation.

I would finish this by myself but I am afraid that it wouldn't be as fun without her help.

I hope that you all enjoyed this, and maybe someday, if Amy wishes to speak to me, there will be more "Filthy Muggles".

Thanks for reading ;D