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2 years later

Lily Evans stood in a beautiful room. She was all by herself. It were the last minute she'd be Lily Evans. She looked into the mirror and saw a woman. A real woman in a cream colored wedding dress. She hadn't done anything special with her hair, it was just loose like it always was, he would like it.

Lily Evans was a simple bride and she didn't want to be anything more. It was not the day to be a fairytale princess, it was the day where a woman in love would marry a man who was in love with her. Simple.

Suddenly the door opened and Lily spun around. There in the frame stood the last person she'd expected to see right now.

"Severus Snape, what are you doing here?" she hissed, afraid anybody could overhear them.

"I just wanted to ask if you- you know, if you are sure." Severus blushed slightly.

"I have never been so sure in my whole life," Lily said with all seriousness. "But get out of here now. You are not supposed to be here." Lily's voice was almost pleadingly now.

"Alright, I'll go Lily. I just needed to know if that is what you really want."

"I do really want this!" Lily said softly. "Now, go Severus."

Lily was glad when Severus finally left. Her heart was pounding loudly in her chest. And for a second or two she needed to think about if that was really what she wanted. But the only answer in both, her heart and her head, were yes. So, she walked out the door, out of the building she had been, out onto the lawn. A hundred wedding guests were sitting there, and everybody's head turned when she appeared. Suddenly her father was next to her and brought her down the aisle. Lily didn't really know what she was doing anymore. It all seemed to be a dream. So surreal, as if a white sugary fog was above it all. And there stood her groom, so handsome today, even more handsome than usual and beaming at her. The black hair tidy and nice. Lily took his hands and the tiny wizard began to talk to them but she didn't listen. It didn't matter. The only thing she remembered was saying I do and the feeling of her groom's hand in hers. She remembered sliding a ring onto his finger. And best of all she remembered the kiss, so soft and eternal. And then he whispered into her ear: "I'll love you forever Lily Snape."