Jethro took another sip of his beer and sighed heavily. The alcohol was just starting to numb his thoughts of her, but not quite. Memories still lingered in the back of his mind and came creping up on him when he least expected it. He tried to think about other things, he really tried, but everything he thought of reminded him of her. Her long, silky red hair, her sweet, intoxicating lips he missed and most of all her smile. That damned smile. It could make his heart melt when he was a bastard, could make him laugh when nothing else could. But then she left with her five-year plan and his heart in a bottle. Then the drinking started. He didn't know exactly when it had happened. Some time after he figured she was never coming back, he supposed.

A song came on the jukebox just as he was getting up to leave.



Bold, underlined Italics-both

4 o'clock in the mornin',

My mind's filled with a thousand thoughts of you,

And how you left without warning,

But looking back, I'm sure you tried to talk it through.

Now I see it so clearly,

Living together, but living separate lives,

So I want to tell you I'm sorry,

Baby I can't find the words but if I could,

Then you know I would,

No I wont let go,

Know what we can be,

I wont watch my life crashing down on me,

Yes I had it all,

Right there before my eyes

Jethro tried to ignore the lyrics, as he walked out and rounded the corner, but the words were branded into his mind and kept playing over and over again. Why had he been so ignorant and missed the signs. He had thought that she was just still recovering from losing their baby, but obviously there was more to it than that.

When he got home, he threw his coat onto the couch, grabbed a bottle of bourbon and headed down to his basement. 'Diane' lay unfinished in the middle of the floor. He ducked under the wood frame of the boat and laid down where the cabin would eventually be. As he drank his sorrows away, he let a few tears fall and he thought about what it might have been like if Jenny never lost the baby, never left him, what would his life be like? He fell into a deep, dreamless sleep while little did he know; his daughter was taking her first breath…