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With Amanda in the backseat of his Sedan, Jethro kissed Jenny slowly, trying to savour the taste, knowing that he may not do that until later tonight. He pulled her near, snaking his arms around her waist, sneaking his tongue into her mouth when she moaned in pleasure.

He smirked against her lips, knowing that even after six years he could still do this to her.

Jenny pulled away, her hands bunching his shirt up, and she stepped back, letting the material fall back into place.

"We had better get going. I am sure that turning up late isn't a good thing for the new director to do."

The decision to go to work separately was one reached when Jenny was dressing Amanda. Jethro had made a joke about seeing the look on DiNozzo's face when they walked in together, a child beside them. Jenny had then realised that it might not be the best idea. They still had a lot to talk about and deal with, and the last thing they needed was rumours flying around the office about them, and getting back to SEC NAV. So instead, Jenny would arrive first, calling the teams to gather in the bullpen, while Jethro was getting coffee. He would wait for her signal, a text message, and then bring Amanda in after Jenny had explained in brief the situation, and dismissed the agents. They didn't want Amanda being surrounded by questions, and curious gazes from a group of strangers.

Jethro didn't know how his team would react. He had told only ever Kate about his first wife Shannon and their daughter Kelly, and how they had been killed all those years ago. He didn't know how he could come to tell her, but couldn't tell Ducky who was his oldest and dearest friend. He wouldn't deny he had felt something for Kate; more than friendship, or partnership. It had been an attraction that he hadn't been confronted with since he met Jenny. And now, Jenny was back, with his daughter in tow, and he had dived straight back into that relationship without a thought. But he was left feeling guilty. Kate had been dead less that a week, yet he had moved on, almost forgetting about their…he didn't know what to even call it. Relationship? Affair? Rendezvous? It had all started on Air Force one, when he had called her Katie. And then when they had been on the submarine. The physical attraction had been completely obvious then, and eventually they decided to act on it.

It hadn't been a huge secret between the team. DiNozzo had his suspicions, but with Kate constantly making up lawyer or doctor boyfriends, those suspicions were quickly dismissed. McGee and Abby had been the first to know, and had kept quiet about it.

Now, it seemed like he had moved on. Forgotten about his feelings for Kate, and started a new relationship with Jenny all over again. She had hurt him badly when she left, and now he was just taking her back? Yes she had a child to him, but how could he be sure that she wouldn't leave him again?

"You're right, Jen." Jethro said, his voice distant in thought. "We should get going."

Jenny watched in confusion at his sudden mood drop as he got in the car, but slotted it away for later, before climbing into her vehicle.

The plan went accordingly, and when Gibbs arrived in the bullpen, he found it mostly empty save for Tony, McGee and a few other agents. Gripping Amanda's hand, he led her out of the elevator, his team looking up when he entered, and rounded his desk. He could feel the looks they were giving him, but he ignored them as he set his coffee down on his desk. Jethro turned, picking Amanda up under the arms with a smile, sitting her on his chair that was miles to big for her.

"DiNozzo, McGee." He called, gesturing to them, and he heard them cross from their respective desks to his.

"This is Amanda. Amanda, this is my team. Tony, Tim and Ka-" he stopped himself, and took a deep breath.

"Hi!" She grinned, taking a sip of her juice popper, and Tony and McGee smiled at her, before turning their attention back to their boss who was strapping his SIG to his belt.

"Got a case?" Abby asked, before anyone else could, as she bounded into the bullpen.

Gibbs looked up from his desk.

"Yeah. Dead marine was found on some train tracks in Norfolk. Abs, I need you to do a favour for me."

"You name it."

"I need you to take Amanda up to the directors office." He brushed his hand across his daughter's cheek, tucking red hair behind her ear.

"Amanda?" Abby asked curiously, spotting the little girl in Gibbs' chair.

So that was her name. When the new director had explained that she had a daughter with Gibbs, though it was a surprise, Abby hadn't been to shocked; mainly for three reasons. First, she was a red head, and it wasn't a huge secret that Gibbs had a thing for red heads. Secondly, he kept his past close to the vest, and not many people knew a lot about him. Thirdly, everyone knew that Gibbs had a way with children. But one thing angered Abby. If the new director and Gibbs had a child together, which until recently Gibbs hadn't known about, did that mean they were going to give it another try, and if so, what about Kate? Did Gibbs even care about her, or was he just with her to get over Jenny?

She felt tears burn behind her eyes at the thought of her friend, but blinked them back, and leant over the desk.

"Hi, Amanda." She smiled. "I'm Abby."

"Hi Abby!"

"Amanda, Abby is going to take you up to Mummy while I'm working. Okay?"

Amanda nodded, jumping off the chair, and hugging her father's legs. Gibbs bent down, kissing her head.

"Love you, daddy."

Gibbs felt his heart leap at those three words, and pulled his daughter closer.

"I love you too, Amanda."

He got back to his feet, slipping his emotional mask back into place. It was an instant reflex for him to hide his emotions from the world because he feared that if he didn't, everyone would be able to read his secrets and his feelings.

Clearing his throat, Gibbs threw the keys to McGee.

"Gas the truck. DiNozzo, get Ducky to the crime scene."

The team dispersed, and Abby grabbed Amanda's hand, leading her up the stairs to Jenny's office.

Cynthia looked up as they entered, and smiled at the young girl. She picked up her phone, announcing their arrival, before nodding them in.

"Mummy!" Amanda squealed as she saw her mother, making her way around the desk to greet her.

"Hey Sweetie. Thank you for bringing her up, Miss Scuito." Jenny smiled at the Goth.

"You're welcome director." Abby hesitated. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Jenny looked surprised, but nodded.

"I know this is none of my business but, are you and Gibbs going to…well, get back together?"

"You are right Miss Scuito. It is none of your business."

"I only wanted to know, because I don't want you to get hurt being a rebound for him."

A rebound? Jethro hadn't said anything about a previous relationship. Although not a lot of words were said last night, but still. This changed everything.