It started as an ordinary day at the Tipton Zack and Cody both running a muck in the Lounge and parading through the ballroom, As Mr. Moseby walked in to stop the commotions a basketball flew through the air and broke several plates and some of the china on the tables, And Zack not seeing the threat of the presence of Mr. Moseby Yelled, "HE SHOOTS HE SCORES" .

Haha take that Cody, that's two in a row. Said Zack turning around with great enthusiasm.

Whats wrong Cody afraid of getting your ass handed to…Hey what are you staring at?

That would be me, Said a familiar voice from behind.

Zack trying to be quoi quickly turned around and said I swear it wasn't me Honest.

First Cursing and then Lying in the same hour I think im going to have a heart attack said another voice from the other side of the room. Zackary Martin im very Disappointed in you. I though I raised you Carey walking to the spot where they stood.

Thank God you're here I though I was going to have to punish them myself. Said Mr. Moseby.

Well I can tell you that im not happy with what they said but you still don't have any right to punish my kids. Carey Said with the sound of authority in her voice.

Well Carey your right but I would like to see some type of punishment .Said Mr. Moseby.

Before Carey could get a word out Zack said that he wouldn't have been playing in the ballroom if it wasn't for the fact that it was storming outside.

Its called an umbrella said Moseby with a hint of anger in his voice.

Well it doesn't matter you Still shouldn't be playing in the Ballroom anyway. Said Carey.

Then out of nowhere Cody said that it was his fault that they were playing in the ballroom anyway it was his Idea and that Zack shouldn't be getting the Third Degree.

Is this true Zack? Carey asked.

Yes, Said Zack.

Well don't jump to conclusions. Said Cody and Carey at the same time.

Fine then Cody Both you and Zack will Be Grounded for One Solid week. Hey wait a minute you two were both already grounded for this week anyway for coming home with detention. Said Carey.

I plea the Fifth, Said Cody Knowing that it wasn't his fault that he got detention.

Yes well you did get Detention so you both are grounded for Two Weeks.

But mom, Said Zack, its Christmas break Cant you ground us later.

No and what I say goes. Mr. Moseby I want you to tell the Staff that These two are not to leave the Tipton Hotel and are not allowed Downstairs Understood? Said Carey.

Since when were you the manager? Said Mr. Moseby.

Oh Just do it please, Now Boys I want you to pick up this mess and head straight for the suit is that clear.

Yes mom both of them said in unison and started to pick up the Glass.

Oh and Boys I'm Going to be out a little late tonight so I probably wont see you until tomorrow. So good night and Dinner is in the Fridge.

OK mom. Said Cody.

All Zack Did was Complain and grumble the entire way from The ballroom to the suit.

Hey Zack I'm not hungry sorta sick really so you can have my Dinner im Just going to take a Shower.

You don't have to tell me twice. Said Zack As he walked to the fridge, Just don't use all the hot water.

Ive think you've mistaken me with mom Said Cody as he walked to the bathroom.

Cody closed the door to the bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. As the water started to warm he Undressed first his shirt followed by his pants and boxers. There he stood nude looking in the mirror And admiring his features from his hair to his penis. After looking at himself he checked the water for the temperature to see if it was to his standards and got in.

As the warm water streamed over him he started to become hard. Not thinking of it he moved his hand toward the area he loved to play with. As he started to stroke himself he slowly moaned and moved a little faster.

His foreskin was moving over the head of his penis now with every stroke, And the pressure inside him started to move in faster. So he stopped and decided to lay on the bottom of the shower. His mind racing with thoughts of girls but none of them were pleasing to him so he decided to think about himself and lo and behold the image of Zack appeared in his mind. As the pressure was building he started to moan Zack's name not knowing that those moans where a little loud. Zack being in the other room heardThe noise and the sound of his name being called.

Zack sat up from the couch and walked over to the door that separated him from His naked brother. And put his ear up to the door and heard his name being called. Zack not knowing what was going on opened the door and Said Cody are you ok?

That's all it took Zack saying his name, Cody moaned out some kind of word that was crossed with Zack and God and for the first time ever exploded his seed all over himself. With his vision going white All he could say was Zack.

Zack not knowing what to say left the door open and headed to their shared bedroom.

After recovering from the aftermath of that amazing First time orgasm. Cody decided to wash up and dry of,

But all he could think of was How disgusted he was with himself.

Come on Cody pull yourself together Your not gay especially for your own brother. Was the sentence that kept repeating in his head. Your not gay your not gay, was the chant that he quietly said to himself as he dried his hair.

A good night sleep was the only thing that would help.

As he walked into the bedroom There stood Zack with an expression that mad Cody feel worse about what happened.

Hey Cody You feel any better? Asked Zack with no emotion

Yea, Cody said, Why do you care?

Cant a brother ask a simple question without getting the third degree?

Yea I guess so, Said Cody.

Hey Cody you mind if I ask what was going on in the bathroom?

What do you mean? Said Cody looking away from the gaze of Zack.

Well I heard you calling my name and I didn't see you through the curtain.

YOU WHERE IN THE BATHROOM? Said Cody with the look of utter Shock.

Yea I know what you mean, but I heard you calling my name so I figured you fell or something. Said Zack.

Well I was not calling your name, Said Cody With a Slight Stutter,I was mad because you used my shampoo.

I never used your shampoo. Said Zack with a slight tone.

Well if you didn't use it then who did? Cody asked.

Let me think, MOM. Zack yelled,

Whatever lets just forget it OK. Stated Cody.

Fine. Said Zack forgetting everything He thought of in the bathroom.

Hey Zack?


Want to leave so I can change? I want to play that video game with you tonight?

OK You better bring you're A game this time.