Hey, thanks for reading the first chapter, I hope you like the new one its sorta slow at first but trust me it will pick up those who don't know, this is my first Fanfic Ive been reading them for awhile now and I thought that I should through myself out there and see what kind of response i would get. I appreciate the comments and feel free to correct me. I would like some Idea of what i so feel free drop hints of what you might want in a story, Who knows maybe ill use it.


Zack walked in to the living room giving Cody the opportunity to change for bed. As Cody was getting ready Zack was starting the game. In just a few minutes Cody walked out of the shared room to join Zack on the couch.

Are you ready to get schooled, LITTLE BROTHER? Asked Zack in a Teasing manner.

Zack how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Said Cody with a brat like attitude.

Yea yea yea. Said Zack waving his hands at Cody. Is the princess is ready to play then?

Oh its on now, Cody replied , are you ready then you little girlie man?

A few more bad puns where thrown back and forth before they actually started the game.

After they played the game for what seemed like hours. Cody demanded that they do something else.

There was nothing good on TV so they decided to watch a movie from the shelf.

Hey look an old Steven King movie. Said Zack.

No Zack you know how I hate horror movies. Cody stated.

Oh come on Cody do you mind listening your hinges every once in a while. Said Zack.

Fine, Said Cody, but I get to choose which one.

Ok but it has to be a horror movie.

Deal, said Cody, Why don't we watch one of the old Halloween movies?

Ok. Said Zack.

About half way into the movie Zack fell asleep leaving Cody to watch the movie by himself . At the end of the movie, Cody woke up Zack and made their way to the bedroom, Zack still half asleep asked how the movie was, and Cody not thinking said it was cheesy.

Well most old horror films are cheesy, said Zack, Hey I got to piss.

Well then what should you do, Said Cody teasingly.

Very funny Cody you better hope Michael doesn't find you. Stated Zack

Better that you Zack, said Cody playfully.

After Zack went and did his business He came back into the room and changed into his pajamas.

Wow that storm is getting pretty nasty, Zack. Said Cody with slight fear.

Well get over it, Rain cant hurt you. As Zack said that the sound of thunder filled the room.

Rain may not hurt you but Lighting can, Said Cody with a fear stricken face.

As the two twins slumbered the rain came down harder than before, waking both Zack and Cody A few times at night, Cody was constantly looking over at the clock to see if this night was almost over, but to his dismay the clock only shown 12:23. The only the light in the room was the small night-light and the occasional flicker from lightning In the distance that was heading this way. All of sudden The night-light went out and Cody knew what that meant.

Oh no Zack the powers out, Cody shouted in the dark, what are we going to do?

SLEEP! Said Zack, it's a five star hotel the night manager will turn on the generator soon.

Well can I come and lay in your bed until then? Asked Cody not thinking straight.

What? Asked Zack, Oh fine, just don't wet the bed.

Zack you know I don't do that anymore. Exclaimed Cody as he was walking over to Zack's bed.

As he removed the covers to join his brother he remembered what happened earlier.

Are you just going to stand there? Asked Zack with the expression of hurry up.

Cody finally snapped out of it and got in the bed. Struggling to find a comfortable position Zack rolled over in his sleep and faced Cody. Cody was already facing his brother and was now face to face with his sleeping brother. Man Zack you look hot when you sleep…Wait did I just think that, that's sick man…. You need to shake this Cody.. Why are you thinking this…

As Cody was arguing with his inner thought his hand was traveling down to his hardening member, when his hand barely tapped his member Cody woke up from his thoughts.

Oh God, Cody silently moaned as he started to rub his member slowly so the vibrations don't wake Zack up, then Cody thought of his brothers member And wanted to see what it felt looked like.

OK just once said Cody to himself ,he moved his hand from his dick and started to slowly inch his way towards his brothers. After a few safety snores he touched Zack's thigh, Cody slowly moved his up Zack's thigh and soon he hit the spot he was aiming for. He touched a small bulge in Zack's pants. After he felt his brothers sack through his pajamas he craved more and started to inch his way up to Zack's flaccid penis.

Oh, Cody moaned as he slowly pressed down on Zack's little prick. After a few more safety snores He wanted something that only Zack could provide the warmth of another's hand. So Cody removed his hand from his brothers crotch and moved his hand to Zack's arm, Once he reached his brothers hand he grabbed his wrist ever so gently and moved it to His own thigh. After Cody was sure Zack was asleep still and that he wasn't going to move his hand, He decided to undo his pajama bottoms and open his boxers fly.

Very carefully he picked up his brothers hand and placed it gently on his hard penis. Oh Cody moaned letting go of Zack's hand so it fell and landed on his sack, Cody pulled out his penis and started to jack off slowly moaning while his brothers hand was resting on his sack.

So close, ah So…. Very………. CLOSE, Moaned Cody. As he increased his speed he started to close his eyes and moan Zack's name. Then all of a sudden Cody felt Zack's hand fall off. He moaned Zack's name one last time and that's all it took. Lightning Flashed through the window Cody exploded all over himself the sheets and his brother, but as the light flashed for a second time Cody saw something he really didn't want to see.

Cody!?! What the hell?

Its not what it looks like I Swear is what Cody was trying to say but for some reason he couldn't say a word he was still in the afterglow of the orgasm he regrets .

Zack threw the covers off of both him and his brother to reveal Cody in his soaked boxers.

Why the hell where you touching yourself ? IN MY BED?

When Cody's vision started coming into focus he saw Zack striping himself from his pajama bottoms and heading straight to the Bathroom. At the slam of the door Cody sat straight up, looked around the room he saw the sheets that need now to be washed, Zack's pajama pants that were soaked with the seed of his sin, and then the mirror of which he saw himself.

What, Cody Asked the mirror, HAVE I BECOME?