Intro-A new Fledgling (Alice) moves to the House of Night and things start to change. She has a lot in common with Zoey including the guys Zoey likes. Will Neferet turn Alice away from Nyx before Zoey and her friends can save her? This is before Kalona rises and is when they are all still in school. Aphrodite is a fledgling (again) and Stark is still alive. Stevie Rae is still a Red Vampire controlling the Red Fledglings and she is still a secret to the school.

Chapter One

"Alice, get up! You don't want to be late for your last day of school!" My mother screamed out at me from behind my door. "Fine." I got up and took a shower before getting dressed in my favourite pair of jeans and a cute tank top. My long, blonde, curly hair was especially cute this morning as they waved down along my back. I put on my usual make-up and threw them into my bag before running down stairs to eat.

Mum had already set up my count chocula and brown pop. My favourite breakfast which I have almost every morning. "Melinda rang this morning; she said to meet her at her locker this morning." Mum said into the awkward silence. "Ok." I replied. I finished my breakfast, fixed my hair and make-up, grabbed my bag and ran to my car.

I turned on the radio and the weather man said there was going to be rain today. "Great, it rains for my last day of year 10." I drove to school and went straight to Melinda's locker. "Rob!" I stared into my ex-boyfriends eyes as he stood next to Melinda, my best friend.

"Please forgive me Ali." He looked awful. I felt sorry for the guy but he cheated on me! "Come on Alice, what else does he have to do to get your forgiveness?" Melinda even looked sad. "Come with me to the party tonight?" He asked me sweetly. "Fine," He ran over to me and hugged me tightly so I hugged back. I mean Rob was hot and he could be really sweet most of the time.

He kissed my forehead when Alanna (the girl who he made out with at a party) walked buy giving Rob a flirty smile but Rob turned away to me and gave her no attention. "Yay! This is like a happily ever after fairytale for you two!" Melinda couldn't help but scream at us which means the whole school will know we are back together within 20 minutes.

"I guess so." I said into the silence. We walked off to my first class hand in hand with Mel on my right and Rob on my left. We said put goodbyes before heading to out next classes and unfortunately, Alanna was in mine. "Alice, I hope I didn't cause you and Rob to brake up." Obviously, she didn't hear the news yet.

"You didn't. Rob admitted he was using you because Rob was using you as a rebound after our fight. But we worked everything out now." I said rudely but couldn't help smiling. "Rob wasn't using me! He's using you! We're secretly dating and obviously you are way too big of a slut to notice! You're a dumb bitch!" She yelled out at me not noticing that the teacher was in the room. "Alanna, after school detention for a week!" I couldn't help but smile and giggle.

After class, I met Rob and Mel at out usual table and started talking about how Alanna got detention. I looked up from laughing to see a tracker from the House of Night school standing in front of out table. He pointed at me and said my name before touching my head. My vision started going black and blurry until I fainted into Rob's hands. (Well I'm guessing they were Rob's hands.)

I woke up in a strange place, guessing it is the House of Night school. "Alice, Alice! Oh my god, you're awake!" I heard Mel cry as I opened my eyes. "Yeah." I said confused. "Alice, I am Neferet, The high priestess of the House of Night." I looked at Neferet and she looked beautiful, long brown hair and her tattoo's looked amazing.

"Hi, I'm Zoey Redbird, your roommate." I gave her a wave and a "hi" to be polite. "Mel, what happened to Rob?" I asked my best friend as everyone had confused looks. "He left; his sister was in a car accident." She answered. "Is she alright? I've got to go see her." I tried to get off the bed I was on, but Neferet pushed me back down and told me to get some rest.

"Alice, your old life is over; your human life is over. You have to accept that and accept the fact that so are your old friends. They are apart of your old life, you are now a fledgling at the House of Night. Sleep well my child, and come see me if you need anything." I nodded as she left the room leaving Zoey and Mel in the room with me.

"Where's mum?" I asked Mel. "I drove you to your house and she was shocked and she stayed at her home. She didn't want to see you. I'm really sorry." She came over and hugged me as I started crying. "My mum and I were so close. How could she do this to me?" I asked slowly. "I don't know Ali."

"Z, I heard you where getting a new room-" 2 guys came running into my room. "Alice, this is Damien and his boyfriend Jack." Zoey introduced them one at a time. We all exchanged hellos and then 2 girls came in the room as well. "Damien, we couldn't get a hold of Stev-" Jeesh, can no one finish a sentence around here! "That must be your new roommate taking Stevie Rae's place."

"Yes, her name is Alice and her friend Melinda, and this is Shaunee and Erin. Otherwise known as 'The Twins,'" We all shared hellos before an overweight orange cat walked into the room. "Nala! There you are." Zoey said as Nala jumped on her.

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