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Chapter Twenty Two

Heath was gone and Z was a sleep. Well, everyone was asleep, apart from me. I couldn't help but wonder what really happened between Stevie-Rae and Zoey.

Zoey's POV

"Hey Stevie-Rae! I've missed you." I said as I hugged Stevie-Rae to death. "Hey…Umm, I need to talk to you about Erik." She said to me. "What about him?" I asked her curiously. "Well…it also has to do with Neferet." She stopped. "Continue…" I told her. "OK…well I know that Neferet is supposed to never come back here and everything, but I have been feeling her presence a lot lately. I think she might be sneaking back here." She paused again. I didn't speak. "I think she is coming back here to watch over Erik's body and wait for him to wake up as an undead-dead red vampire, or something like that."

I stood up, wiped a tear from my left eye before it dropped and walked away. "Zoey! Come back!" Stevie-Rae screamed from behind me. I just ignored her. "Zoey!! Stop ignoring me and the situation!" She screamed out again. "I'm not ignoring you or the situation! I'm just don't want to talk about it with anyone!" I screamed at her then turned around and started walking off again. "Zoey! It could be true and you know it!" She continued screaming. "Fine! I know it could be possible but I don't want it to be!" I fell to my knees and started crying in front of Stevie-Rae.

"Zoey…you don't want it to true?" She asked me shocked. "Yes! It could mean that he doesn't love me anymore or that he's too different for me to love him!" I told her in a partly angry, partly upset tone. I got back up, wiped all the tears from my cheeks, and started walking out. "Zoey! You cant avoid this forever!! You know if he wakes up, he will still love you no matter what!!" She yelled out to me as I left. But I didn't want to even think about it now. My life destroyed when he died. I was destroyed when he died. There is no going back.

Alice's POV

I woke up and looked at the clock. I managed to get 3 hours, 26 minutes and 4 seconds of sleep. Zoey was already awake. She was sitting on her bed with her legs up against her stomach and her arms wrapped around her legs. I've never seen her like this. "Zoey…Are you OK?" I asked her in my tired voice. "I miss him so much Ali." She confessed. "It's OK Zoey." I went over to her and put my arms around her. "It'll be OK." I kept on telling her.

This was going on for about 20 minutes before I convinced her to take a shower. When she walked out, you could still see she was destroyed by her loss and the fight with Stevie-Rae. "Hey, you know you can talk to me. About anything." I reassured her. "Yeah, I know." She replied. I had my shower and got ready for another day at school while Zoey was going through a photo album I had no idea she had. I don't even know how and when she took the photos, then put them into a photo album. So, I did what I normally do…

"Hey, where'd that come from?" I asked her. "Oh this, it's a photo album from when was a little girl." And that explains a lot… "Why don't you make one from your years here?" I asked her. "Well, first I don't have a camera, second I don't know how to print them without a computer and printer and last I don't have a spear photo album." She explained to me. "Easy, we sneak out, in the day when we are supposed to be sleeping and go buy a camera and photo album and then when you have enough pictures, sneak out for the day again to get them printed." I am a genius!

"Wow Ali, you have the answer to everything." She said. "But…?" I replied. "But…it's so much sleep to miss out on!" She said. "2 nights practically. Well, 2 vampire nights at least." "Still…so much energy and planning." She kept on complaining. "I think it's a good idea. I might talk to the twins about it then." I said with a smile. "Fine…I'll go with you. But do you have the money for a camera?" She asked me. "Z, a disposable camera is like 20 dollars! And I have enough for a couple!" Zoey just stared at me looking emotionless.

I laughed. "Come on, lets go eat." I said and dragged her out with me. "Ali…are you still going to tell the twins?" She asked me. "Well…yeah. I will." I answered. "OK." She simply said. "Is that OK with you?" I asked her. "Yeah, I was just curious. That's all." Curious…that's the excuse for asking so many questions for so many people. "OK." I replied. We where at the dining hall by now and we went straight to get our breakfast then to the table. "Hey." I said as I sat down next to Shaunee. "Hi." They said back.

"So…I was thinking, we could sneak out when we are supposed to be sleeping-" I got cut off. "In the human day?" Erin asked me. "Yeah…?" "Oh." She said. "Continue." Shaunee spoke before Erin could. "And buy some disposable cameras and photo albums so we can create photo albums of us so we remember what it was like to be a fledgling." I told them. "I like it!" Damien sounded excited already. "What about you Jack?" I asked him. "Sure, sounds good." He was in and I was smiling. "So twins…what do you girls think?" I asked them. "Well…as long as you get them." Shaunee started. "So we can sleep." Erin added. "It'll be fine!" Shaunee finished.

My smile got even bigger! "OK, so I'm fine missing a couple nights sleep. What about you Damien and Jack?" "Doesn't bother me." Damien smiled at me. "Yeah. It's fine." Jack agreed. "OK. Now when should we go?" I asked them. "Hmm…we have tests coming up in a few weeks so we could get the cameras and photo albums maybe tomorrow night…?" Damien said. "Sure, sounds good to me." And with that lead to an even bigger conversation about who wants a camera and photo album and who will pay. It also equalled in us being late for out first class…woops!

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