Why, why, why, why, why!? WHY!?

Why, why, why, why, why!? WHY!?

That was the only word that Kakashi's mind could comprehend. He couldn't think of anything… his mind was stopped, but it still felt like it was running a million miles a second. Why!? Why did Tenzou give himself up?! Why didn't he fight?! Why didn't he refuse!? Kakashi couldn't wrap his mind around what was happening. He was beside himself with fury, confusion, jealousy, hatred, and an overwhelming sense of loss. His very insides seemed to twist and churn at the thought of Madara even being near Tenzou. The Jounin felt his body move and his broken hand lifting, pulling back. He wanted to hit the tree again… he wanted to snap it in half.

Why, why, why, why, why!? WHY!?

Why, why, why, why, why!? WHY!?

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto was at the silver haired man's side instantly and holding the mangled limb carefully.

Kakashi didn't spare Naruto a glance. His eyes remained fixated on the bloody and splintered spot on the tree before him. All he could see was that spot… and how it was achingly similar in appearance to Tenzou when he'd been badly injured as an ANBU. Kakashi remembered slaughtering the rest of the enemies as Tenzou used the remaining chakra he could to hold them still. He remembered watching the wooden tendrils slither back to Tenzou's body. He remembered watching Tenzou give him a smirk using his eyes. It was the most remarkable mission he and the brunette had ever gone on. Both had been exhausted afterwards and welcomed time off. Kakashi remembered keeping a distant eye on Tenzou as he recovered in the hospital.

"Kakashi, we should go inside." Sasuke muttered standing on the other side of his former teacher.

"Yeah, let's go inside, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto agreed and started to pull the absentminded Jounin away from the tree.

Kakashi allowed Naruto to lead him back into the meeting hall. As they reached the entrance, the sound of a tree came crashing down. The man froze, listening to it. Why… why did it sound like it was Tenzou screaming? Naruto jerked his teacher back into reality again and they continued back in. Sasuke frowning as he slowly connected Kakashi's reactions to the Jounin that Uchiha Madara had taken. There was some unspoken relationship between the two. His thoughts were halted as a doctor came over to Kakashi and rushed him off to get medical attention. This left Naruto and Sasuke alone. They stared off in the direction that their hollow teacher had been taken. After a moment, Naruto finally turned to Sasuke, they had things to discuss.

Meanwhile, Kakashi sat in the cold operating room. There were a couple of nurses and the doctor. They surrounded the stony ninja as the doctor set the bones in his hand. Kakashi didn't register the pain of his bones being snapped back into place. He didn't feel the nurse to his right using medical ninjutsu to heal the remaining damage. All Kakashi could do was stare at the void before him. He was growing tired. All the adrenaline that he'd put out to destroy the tree was beginning to effect him. Still, his mind wouldn't calm down. It continued to stop and go and then stop again. He didn't know how to handle this. He'd never thought that Tenzou would give himself up so easily. Kakashi had wanted his comrade to fight… to do something; anything!

Madara stared down at the heavily breathing form lying at his feet. He knew he'd overdone it. Tenzou's body wasn't capable of taking everything he had given him. Now, his prize panted and sweat dripped down his skin onto the ground and pooled. Tenzou felt his body go into spasms of pain about every other minute. He vainly attempted to grip at the ground that the front of his body rested on. Tenzou was starting to time it so he knew when to breathe as deeply as he could before more pain froze his muscles. Madara watched the brunette's body cease its movements, the muscles tightening painfully. A frown spread over his face. Naturally, Tenzou was just a replacement and he didn't have the same feelings for him as he did for the Shodaime. However, he'd have to introduce this man's body to what he required from a lover.

"At least next time, I know not to do so much." Madara crouched down and looked along the glistening body. "At least there wasn't any visible damage."

Tenzou heard the voice as it drifted to his ears and he winced in discomfort. He hated that Madara was staring at him as though he weren't human. Madara saw Tenzou as his pet… an object to possess. The former Jounin closed his eyes as the pain suddenly began to subside. A cool, liquid sensation moved through his body and he welcomed it. Madara's right hand drifted along Tenzou's calf, thigh, back, shoulders and neck. He could see the brunette's body relax and the expression of agony leave his face. It was replaced with indifference, but at least the Uchiha knew that Tenzou would be ready for him again. It had been so long since he had been able to dominate over someone like he had done with the Shodaime all those years ago.

"Feel better?" Madara asked with a bemused tone.

Tenzou spared the older man a glance before turning his head away and closing his eyes again. He was exhausted. Tenzou rested his cheek on the cool ground and prayed that Madara would spare him the rest necessary after such an activity. He was surprised when he felt himself falling asleep so quickly. Tenzou had thought the remaining feeling of Madara's hands on him would have made it difficult. However, it was probably due the trauma his body had endured. The Uchiha had been extremely rough and almost seemed like an addict needing his fix. Finally, Tenzou slipped into a shallow sleep; leaving Madara to gaze at the exposed back of the Mokuton user.

"For a man who has the Shodaime's DNA mixed in… you feel like him." Madara muttered to the sleeping man. "I believe you'll give me plenty of entertainment."

It had been four days now. Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke had gone back to Konoha. Tsunade was awake and furious at what had happened while she was unconscious. There were plenty of arguments erupting between village elders, council members, villagers and shinobi. Soon, arguments from those who wished to see Kakashi or Naruto reign as the next Hokage instead of Danzo began. Yet, both Kakashi and Naruto had hardly been seen since their return. The two had gone into a tent after seeing Tsunade and had not left it. Sasuke and Sakura were the only two that were allowed into the tent and they weren't talking. Shikamaru and Sai had attempted to enter the tent once, but were greeted in the most unsavory fashion.

News spread throughout their friends and comrades not to go to the tent. After hearing what Shikamaru had to say, even Gai had agreed that it was best to leave well enough alone. From what Shikamaru had told everyone, Kakashi was in a bad place. The man wasn't talking, wasn't eating, wasn't moving, but he occasionally responded to his students voices. The three were being rather protective of the silver haired man. At one point, Hinata and Neji used their Byakugan to glance into the tent; only to recoil in fear when Kyuubi's visage was all they saw. Naruto's instinctive defensiveness had Kyuubi's chakra subconsciously flaring up around the tent to shield them from prying. So, everyone had to wait for Kakashi to pull himself together.

That was not the case. During the middle of the night on the fifth day, Kakashi felt something in him snap. He looked around the tent, surprised that he was no longer in Iron Country. He looked down at his hand and saw that it had been tended to and looked almost completely healed. Across the tent, Naruto and Sasuke slept in separate cots. Kakashi frowned and glanced around the area. He spotted his Jounin vest, headband and weapons. The man stood and went over to the items, quickly pulling them onto his body. He would have to leave now, in the night, when no one else was awake to stop him. Kakashi couldn't continue like this. He never wanted to leave a comrade behind. Once his headband was on, Kakashi went to the entryway, pausing briefly.

"I'm going." Kakashi said softly before leaving the tent.

Naruto sat in his cot with a solemn face. Out of everything he learned from Jiraiya, he knew what this meant. The blonde boy knew that Kakashi was planning on doing this on his own. Naruto sighed and kicked Sasuke's cot. The young Uchiha stirred and sat up. He noticed Kakashi's absence immediately. He glanced at Naruto to see him frowning and shaking his head. The two stood and silently left the tent, turning to head towards the tent Sakura was in. As they approached it, Sakura was standing outside the tent, waiting for them. They wouldn't leave tonight… they would give Kakashi a head start so he wouldn't sense them. Also, this gave them a chance to plan some form of action.

Tenzou felt a hand shifting his body and he opened his eyes slightly. Madara was flipping him over onto his back. Tenzou opened his eyes more and stared expressionlessly at the older man. When the Uchiha saw the stare he tilted his head to the side with a haughty smirk. The brunette didn't react to it; he just maintained the blank stare. Madara chuckled mildly before yanking Tenzou off of the ground roughly. He enjoyed seeing the exposed man's eyes widen slightly in surprise. Madara grabbed Tenzou's chin and pulled down to force the man's lips apart. The Mokuton user cringed at the intrusion. He didn't like how Madara tasted, no matter how many times he was forced into kisses, he couldn't get used to it.

"Eight days Tenzou…" Madara stated against the younger man's lips. "Eight days, no one's going to come save you. How does it feel?"

"I gave myself up to prevent war… it would be a dishonor to me if they attempted a rescue mission." Tenzou replied mechanically.

"Hmm… yes, but how does it feel?" Madara asked, but Tenzou didn't respond. "Answer me."

"I don't feel anything." Tenzou said.

"Oh, of course you don't." Madara laughed in a mocking manner. "You've been watching the entry for six days. You want to be rescued."

"It's a good place to stare…" Tenzou muttered defensively.

"I suppose, it's a good way to allow yourself to daydream about better things in life." Madara smiled coldly.

Tenzou hated it when Madara wanted to talk. It always ended up revolving around how miserable he was in the Uchiha's presence. Tenzou frowned and looked at the man holding him firmly in place. Admittedly, this man would have been attractive had he not been a wolf in sheep's clothing. Madara grinned and pushed the brunette back down onto the makeshift bed that he had made for them. He hovered over Tenzou's form; seeing it so vulnerable had yet to lose its appeal. The older man pressed down against the younger man and gripped his hand tightly in the brown locks. Tenzou felt the hand in his hair pull his head back to arch his neck. Teeth bit down on the forcefully offered flesh and Tenzou flinched momentarily until the teeth retracted.

"I suppose I was getting a little lax after no one showed up during the first three days." Madara shifted to his knees and glared over at the entry. "Then again… I should have been expecting anything, right? Hatake Kakashi?"

Tenzou felt himself blink dumbly up at Madara before turning his gaze to the entry where a seething Jounin stood. Kakashi looked tired and as though he was running on pure anger. Tenzou knew he should have been relieved to see the man, but there was no such feeling. Instead, he felt a sinking sensation as he realized that his superior was in no shape to fight. Also, his attention seemed to be unfocused. Kakashi's gaze switched between Tenzou and Madara as if he were having difficulty understanding what he was seeing. Madara shifted again and Tenzou reacted without realizing it, his hand rushed out to grab the Uchiha's arm. Madara looked down at Tenzou and snarled. In one swift movement, he had Tenzou's arms fully bound behind his back again.

"You gave yourself up to me, remember?" Madara stated icily.

"Get off him." Kakashi growled lowly.

"Well, I have to because you're here. Unless you want to watch." Madara said sadistically.

"You son of a bitch…" Kakashi didn't have a plan of attack. He'd been looking for them for three days. So, he wasn't prepared when Madara was suddenly behind him and his arms bound behind him.

"It's a bad idea to come after us villains when you haven't slept in a few days." Madara mused lightly. "You must be really riled up over that guy."

"He's my comrade." Kakashi growled again.

"I know… he's your Kohai, am I right?" Madara pushed Kakashi onto his knees as he spoke congenially.

"…" Kakashi glared up at the Uchiha.

"Oho! Is he more than just your Kohai to you?" Madara chuckled. He walked around to stand in front of the silver haired man and glared down at him. "How sickeningly sweet of you, Kakashi."

Kakashi's frown grew deeper.

"You came to save him after he gave himself up to me… even though he's already resigned to his new life with me." Madara added.

Kakashi's eyes moved to the naked man with bound arms on the makeshift bed. Tenzou stared down, not daring to lift his eyes and look at Kakashi. However, his body language showed it all. Tenzou's shoulders slumped and he didn't even bother to hide himself. Kakashi felt his body heat up in rage.

"I promise to take good care of him, Kakashi." Madara added with a grin.

"I won't leave a comrade behind." Kakashi mumbled.

"Oh sure, you can try to save him, if you can free yourself first." Madara chuckled darkly. "In the meantime…"

Kakashi watched the Uchiha turn away and walk over to where Tenzou sat on the bed. His eyes widened as he maneuvered himself over the brunette's body.

"You can enjoy the show that you had so rudely interrupted." Madara pressed his mouth against Tenzou's.

"Don't!" Kakashi pulled against the restraints on his arms and hands. "I swear… once I've freed myself…"

"Senpai… just close your eyes…" Tenzou's voice drifted to Kakashi softly. The silver haired man could feel himself crack at the tone in his comrade's voice. "…and try not to listen."

Kakashi leaned forward and planted his forehead on the ground as he struggled uselessly against the bindings.

"Oh yes, try not to listen, Kakashi." Madara said mockingly.

Kakashi spared a glance at Tenzou as he heard the brunette whimper. Agonizing rage overwhelmed the silver haired man.

"Please, stop, please…" Kakashi muttered into the floor.

"No… you brought this upon yourself." Madara said, pleased with himself.

Kakashi heard another sound of displeasure emit from Tenzou and he pulled harder against the restraints. The sounds were pathetic… but they were pouring fuel on the fire within the silver haired Jounin. He almost missed it when a stream of lightning chakra shot over him and into Madara's right shoulder. He almost missed it when Sakura and Sasuke entered the small place that they were in. He almost missed it when Sasuke and Sakura grabbed Tenzou and him. Kakashi didn't, however, miss when Naruto used his Fuuton: Rasenshuriken. The damage was massive. It was more powerful than before and Naruto didn't seem to have been injured by it.

Once the air cleared… there was no sight of Madara. Sasuke and Kakashi confirmed that they couldn't see anything left of the man. Tenzou was safe now. Kakashi growled at Sasuke to get the bindings off of his arms. Once they were off and once Naruto had rejoined the group, Tenzou was assisted to where Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura had set up a camp. Kakashi watched how the brunette limped and wished he had been the one to take down Madara. The embarrassment of what had happened in there before Team 7's arrival was already forming. Tenzou was ashamed of himself and Kakashi was furious with himself. When they reached the camp, Tenzou allowed Sakura to perform a little medical ninjutsu on him. There were certain things he didn't want her to see and know about… they weren't life threatening, so he kept those secret.

However, Kakashi knew. Tenzou spared a glance at Kakashi later that day. There was something in that one visible eye that made Tenzou look away abashed. The brunette knew that his superior knew why he limped the way he limped. He knew that his superior heard his pathetic whimpers and it made Tenzou sick. He couldn't look at Kakashi without feeling Madara's hands on his body. He felt exposed even with clothes on. Kakashi watched as Tenzou went into a tent and followed him. He needed to talk to Tenzou. He needed to tell the Mokuton user that it was alright and not to be ashamed of himself. That he was the most honorable shinobi Kakashi had ever met. When Kakashi entered the small tent, Tenzou was lying with his back to him.


"Senpai. Please… just leave me alone." Tenzou said.

"Tenzou, you don't have to be ashamed." Kakashi continued.

"I know… but I can't look at you now without feeling him." Tenzou said.

…Woooooooooooooow… I'm sorry Tenzou! I'm sorry to you too Kakashi! T.T;;

Not exactly a happy ending.... sorry, but at least Tenzou's free!