Authors Note: Hi ho everyone!

I would like to say I am back and with this account, but I am not so sure. I want to bring SCWF back and up with its glory, but it'll take some time.

I decided now that I have control over this account again I may use it again, however I will not start my other fics here again. I am going to delete "Swords Clash With Food" and bring it over to Dark Secretes.

Ah, however I will be writing again and on this account! If you guys like cross overs please please come and read my fics.

All One Piece based fics will be on DS account.

One Piece cross overs. Or One Piece chars with OCs will be on here. :D I also might use this profile for weird things. Like say is Sanji was a demon or something.

Its just that I have two accounts now, and I don't want one to disappear and be forgotten. This one was forgotten and now I want to bring it back to life and start over.

Well that's all I have to say, an update will come soon!

Oh and this will all take place sometime this month.