Chapter 1 Lita

Ryudo sat under a large leafy tree, enjoying the shade on such a hot summer day. It had been 2 years since he saw his friends and he knew they probably gave up looking for him. After defeating Valmar He found himself laying between Elena and Millena. He watched them for a while. His mind whirled over the events of the last few months. He still remembered how sad he felt when he made that heart breaking dicision. The hardest choice of his life. He left them there...sleeping soundly and walked away. He kept on walking, not looking back. He needed time. After everything that happened he just needed time to think, what will he do now? He even left Sky behind with the girls. He knew that bird would probably find him sooner or later. But he never did come.

Two years later he found himself doing exactly what he used to. He was once again playing the part of a ruthless Geohound. On this fateful day, under the shade of that luscious tree He was sure he heard someone scream. He was waiting for a job, a high paying job. He was sure that job was the one screaming. He got up with a sigh and stated running toward the screams. "If this is another 'kitten in a tree' I will kill them." He muttered under his breath. A little bit of Elena seemed to rub off him because he seemed to be helping people in need before he even realised it. And when he finally realised it he would curse himself. He finally made it to the screaming and there was a man, he looked to be from the church of Granas and he was huddled over a small child as large spiders and spawn of valmar attacked him. Ryudo quickly drew his sword, almost wishing he hadn't buried the divine sword. He quickly went about eliminating the monsters, glancing at the man and child. It was the child that was screaming but now was quiet, watching Ryudo with large eyes that peered from beneath the mans heavy body. Ryudo was quick and able to take out the 4 monsters in little time. It had been years since he saw some spawn of valmar. Why would they suddenly come back? His blood went cold and a shiver went up his spine at the thought. It was then that he looked down at the man. He was beyond saving. Ryudo's eyes grew sad. This had become harder to look at since he saw the death that took place in the kingdom Cyrum after saving Elena from the moon of valmar. Slowly he kneeled on the ground and lifted the man saw the mans lips slowly moving and leaned forward to hear him, although he felt a little uncomfortable when he felt the breath of a man on his ear

"Save her...Valmar is returning...she is possessed by ..." He's hand flopped to the ground and Ryudo's heart paused. He begged that he heard wrong. After a moment of being frozen Ryudo was brought back to his senses by a small whimper. His attention turned to the child, A girl no older than 6 years of age. Her hair was long, reaching up to her knees and was such a light blonde it was almost angelic. Her light blue eyes were terrified as they watched Ryudo's every move, darting between him and the man. She wore a plain white dress that was slightly torn from the recent attack. Ryudo felt his body move on it's own accord as he lay the man down and gently placed his hands on her shoulders. He felt her cringe as she shut her and turned her head away from him.

"It's okay, I'm a good guy." Ryudo said to her She refused to look at him as she began to tremble. Ryudo sighed in annoyance

"this is where Elena would be useful." He mumbled. He stood up and turned his back on the girl

"Look I didn't ask for this. Once I'm done burying this guy I'm going, with or without you." He looked back to see the girl now begin to cry as she sat on the grass. Ryudo jumped in the air.

"Why'd I have to say that?" he said as he hit his hand to his forehead.

Ryudo patted the dirt on the ground with the shovel. He felt dirty and tired, not to mention hungry. The sun was already setting. He looked at the girl as she sat silently on the ground. It was then that he noticed she had gathered some wood, some small pieces but wood never the less. He smiled and began setting up camp. He had only some bread left but it was enough for the two of them.

Sitting by the fire Ryudo could feel the warmth of the fames dance across his skin as he silently finished the last of his bread. He glanced back at the girl watching the tiny bites she took of her bread. This silence was torture, sure he was normally by himself but now he finally had company he expected a bit more noise.

"So..." he began as he scratched his head. "What's your name?" the girl glanced at him but did not reply.

"How old are you?"


"Where are you from?"


"Do you know what's happening?"


"Are you cold? Where's your family?"


Ryudo glared at the small girl and growled beneath his breath. Obviously she wasn't possessed by the mouth of vamar.

"You know I once had to escort a girl who was possessed by the wings of valmar." He didn't know why he decided to talk about this but the girl seemed to be suddenly engrossed in his story.

"She was so Sheltered to what the real life is like, She was stubborn, she was far too kind for her own good. I kept pissing her off one way or another." Ryudo suddenly smirked "Calling her Princess was all it took to get a bite out of her. But after travelling with her for so long I found myself..." He suddenly stopped. His heart was racing and he was sure his face wasn't hot due to the fire. The very thought of Elena made his heart pound. What was it he was going to say? He wasn't sure. But the curious look on the girls face made him suddenly feel like he said far too much as his face broke into a full blush. "Ummmm any way we became good friends and I made lots of other friends like Millenia and Roan and Mareg and Tio and and..." He was talking fast and not taking a moment to breathe. He suddenly stopped as he heard a small giggle. He thought he had imagined it as he looked down on the girl, still eating her bread with tiny little bites.

When the sun rose Ryudo had already packed up camp, the little girl watched quietly as he finished stuffing the tent into his large back pack. He threw the bag on his back and, motioned for the girl to follow. It was then, as they walked down a dusty old trail, that his ear's heard a small voice

"Lita, 6, I can't remember, no, I am fine, they died during the day of darkness." It took a moment to realise it was the girl that had spoken and at least another two moments before he realised she was answering the questions from the night before in order. It took another 5 moments before he realised she was clutching his hand as tightly as she could. Ryudo tried to hide the smile that threatened to creep up on his face "Lita huh." He replied

"Mister Ryu... Where are we going?" Ryudo was not impressed at her little nickname for him. It also seemed to bring back memories of when he told Elena not to call him mister Ryudo.

"It's Ryudo. And I found my missions objective and money in that mans poc..." He paused as her grip tightened on his hand. "errr... Anyway. It is my job to protect you and find out what to do. The only thing I can think of is to catch up with all my friends and the only way I know where to find them is to see Roan." The thought of seeing Elena made his heart pound and yet he had a feeling she would be mad at him. He trembled at the thought of seeing an enraged Millenia. He really didn't want to fend for his life. She was so stubborn she would probably hate him to no ends for leaving her behind. And she specialised in lightning and fire...Why couldn't she specialise in candy and fluffy bunnies?

"Mister Ryu... are you going to kill me?" Ryudo was shocked at this question, so shocked he didn't answer and he suddenly felt Lita's hand slowly loosen, almost trembling. He cursed himself for not answering, he knew she must have taken that as a yes for her small soft hand let go of his, without so much as a thought he quickly took her hand and grasped it tightly

"I didn't Kill Elena because she was possessed, I didn't kill Millenia and she was a PART of Valmar, also..." He looked into the girls eyes and did his best at a kind smile, although awkward it seemed to work as she smiled back at his next words "I am possessed by the horns. And the three of us are just fine. So I KNOW you will be fine, and I promise I will protect you." Lita beamed and hugged Ryudo's arm tightly, nearly making Ryudo lose balance.

"Okay okay, not so clingy! You can hold my hand and that's it! And only till the next town get it."

"Yes mister Ryu!"

"It's Ryudo! RY-U-DO! Got it."

"Mister Ryu where are we going?" Ryudo glared at her and corrected her yet again

"It's Ryudo and we will be reaching Agear town in about a day. From there we will keep making our way to the kingdom of cyrum and see Roan and Tio."

"Oakie Doakie!" Lita said with a huge smile. Ryudo scratched his head and mumbled

"It's my mission and I still feel it's a Damn kitten in a tree."