A/n: OK so yeah...here's a story I thought of a while eating popsicles its going to be a series of events about what happens when Bella left alone with Emmett and jasper and stuff like that. REVIEWS MAKE ME HAPPY

Bella's pov:

Edward and the other left me with jasper and Emmett to hunt.

I was lounging on the sofa,watching a documentary about the great war,which I was honestly bored to death Jasper was on the sofa a few feet away engrossed with the television. He still struggled with his thirst. I felt deep sympathy for him,but i was glad that won't a problem much longer.

Emmett disappeared in the kitchen a while ago. The kitchen?I don't know why either. I looked over to Jasper and he was shaking his head in disgust and the TV.

Suddenly the aroma of rust filled my nose.I immediately felt light headed and nauseous. I was wondering where it could it be coming from and I hoped to god it was not me .I looked over at Jasper and he didn't look ravenous but he looked as confused as I was.

Jasper's pov:

I was staring and the TV noting everything they had wrong ,Bella was a few feet away. My struggle was not as hard because I didn't inhale.

Emmett had disappeared a while ago. I had no idea why ,but with Emmett you didn't want to .

I saw Bella stiffen and angst was radiating off of her.

I turned to her questionably and she whispered

"Do you smell that"

I gave her a look. She knew I barely inhaled for here own safety.

Before she clarified Emmett came skipping out beaming.

He was carrying a tray of Popsicles.

"Emmett what's that" Iasked . Then I smelt it .Blood. But wasn't human but from animals but were was it coming from?

"for who?" I asked

"Us" He said in a duh tone . I wanted to smack him in his dumb head.

"when-no why did you make those?"i asked

"I smelt a cat in the garaged..." he said slowly.I really wanted to smack him in his dumb head

I looked over to Bella and she really looked green,as she stared at them.

He popped in his mouth and sucked on it like a three year old.

He turned to Bella a started waVing one in her face slowly.

"Want one" he asked

Bella shot upstairs to the bathroom and can her retching in the bathroom.I really really wanted to smack him in his dumb head

He skipped to the staircase and called out

"I thought you might want to practice for being a vampire...or being with with Edward..." I heard Bella choke from upstairs.

I smacked him in his dumb head.

"What was that for?"

for being an ASS"for being rude to Bella you know how Edward gets"

"yeah yeah him and and his stuck up self. You know if he removed some tension he wouldn't SO stiff !!" he yelled but cracked up at the end.

I smacked him again. ...and again and again...i just kept smacking him until Bella came down stairs.

She plopped on the the couch,blushing,she obviously heard Emmett's comment. i felt a lot of embarrassment and a little lust coming off of her.

Emmett began sucking the Popsicle again and sat close to Bella.

"so-suck-what's-suck-up-suck-Bel-suck-la?"he asked.

"Emmett if you don't get away from me with that right now,I swear to god I'll find a match..." she said without taking her eyes of the screen.

He rolled his eyes and finished the rest in one bite.

I wondered if he was born weird or if it was some defect from the change.

Emmett pov

I was so bored Bella and jasper have no sense of humor what so ever.

I wanted to teach bella something she would value.

I stood up and pulled next me ignoring her complaints.

"Now now belly-bean I'm sick of you being a vulnerable human" I began even though she growled.

"Why do you need to teach everywere I go i'm with a vampire"

"yeah yeah but what if we weren't here you would probably get rape by the vile newton!!..."why am I sounding Edward?"damn-it jasper!!"

"Sorry I got carried away..." he said shamelessly and turned back to TV program and immediately engrossed.

"fine..."She said unsure

"OK this how to disarm an someone who attacks you from behind...jasper come help me"

"i'd rather not..."he said softly.


"fine..." he sighed

Jasper's pov

"OK good now jazz try to rape Bella!!!" that sounded weird

I walked up to and both hand on her shoulders

"OK now Bella...what do you think you should do now?" he asked

"Call for for a strong sparkly vampire whose name begins with 'E'"she teased

"Oh i'm flattered...maybe we should trying something smaller"he picked up a small rock.

"now Isabella I'm am the teacher and you are student if you can grab this pebble out-" he was cut because Bella grab it ,smirking.

"you're supposed to wait till say go!! no fair" he sounded like a 5 year old.

"ok oviously I can handle a pebble em so what do you have to say for yourself." she asked

Emmett sulked in the couch and muttered"Sí sí sí se puede manejar un peble pero mirar los años anteriores y todos los mierda que causóseres humanos"

"what?" she asked

"nada nada...I mean nothing nothing"

"What ever I'm thirsty" she went in the kitchen and and just stared at Emmett.

"what" he asked

"you an idiot."


"AAAHHHHHH!!!!!" I heard Bella scream. She began running around the room yelling "get it off get it off!!!!" There was some kind of skin attacted her shoe.

Emmett rolled his eyes and grabbed Bella and flipped her upside down by her ankles and peeled it off.

"Emmett!!!put me down!!!" she yelled

"sorry" he dropped I caught before she hit the ground.

"Thanks" she hiccuped

"what was that Emmett" I asked.

He shrugged"my snack"

I'm almost 100% positive Emmett was dropped on the head when he was young.

I layed Bella on the couch her eyes were closed and her breathing was uneven .

"are you OK Bella" i asked

"yeah just a little thirsty" her voice was hoarse.

Before I did anything Emmett shove a Popsicle in her mouth ,she must not of realized it was a blood-pop because she did object.

"See my blood pops aren't that bad" he said smugly.

Bella began choking and spitting everywhere.

Bella's pov


Jasper's pov


Emmett's pov

seres humanos...

A/n:blood-pops!!!! OK OK translations:

Sí sí sí se puede manejar un peble pero mirar los años anteriores y todos los mierda que causóseres humanos=yes yes yes you can handle a peble but look at the previous year and all the shit you caused...humans(something like that)

seres humanos...=humans...