It was a weird feeling.

Like a distant dream or a vivid memories.

They knew it wasn't real, maybe in another world far away….

But not here.

In this place, this world, they fight each other to the end.

But some still cannot erase those strange feeling they have.

Lloyd had this frown every time he heard the name Yggdrasill. Of course he knew it as the name of the battle for the Great Seed but… his mind produces this blurred image of somebody, one that he didn't like.

Kratos dream of traveling with a group. An interesting group full of unusual people, a far cry from the young man he is currently traveling with.

Deep, deep inside his conscience, he knows not to act so spoiled lest something bad will happen. It is a tough habit to break; as he is brought up to be such but still…those feeling would not go away. It constantly reminds him of chaos, destruction, mirror and te…ars? Somehow the last piece linger much longer than others, like some important knowledge he have lost somewhere along the road. But Luke does not care, too much thinking cause him headache anyway.

He sees bits of memories sometimes. It was about many things, him traveling with a wide variety of people, fighting strange enemies, fun and happy times…

But most of all, he see himself with a blond white knight and a cheerful pink-haired girl. He does not know or even remember ever meeting them, but they always stay in his mind. He feels calm and happy because of the girl smile and relief to see the blond knight is not in any danger. It's strange but he would always think about them whenever he felt lonely.

Kyle Dunamis blink. He swears there was a mask upon Lion's face earlier… was that just his imagination??

Jade Curtiss is pondering on why he could not hate that spoiled prince. Annoyed yes, but never hate. He usually could never stand such a brat like Prince Luke but somehow his mind produce some sort of understanding and guilt. Maybe it has something to do with his illusion of a short-haired version Luke? Or his strange dream of traveling with a group he somehow considers his children? Either way, this is something that interested him.

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