Encounters With Death Eaters

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Chapter 1 - Regulus

"Oh, dear Merlin!" he groaned. This was definitely not the best way to wake up, feeling like he'd been clobbered with a frying pan. It was even worse than a hangover, since that normally left him on his bed whereas now he was sitting on a chair. Tied to it, in fact. Great. Kidnapped at the age of eighteen. And opposite a young woman who looked to be in her late teens like him and was reading a book who he presumed to be his kidnapper. Would he be ransomed, he wondered. And how much would he be worth?

He cleared his throat. She ignored it. He cleared it again, a bit louder this time. She ignored it. Again.

"Excuse me!" he finally exclaimed.

At that, she jumped a little and looked up from her book. Her face brightening, she said "Oh good! You're finally awake. I was afraid I'd used too much chloroform and you wouldn't wake up for another hour or two. You're the first one, you know, so I'm not too sure on the quantities yet."

He blinked. And blinked again.

"What the hell is chloroform? And first one of what?" he demanded.

"Purebloods," she sighed. "It's a Muggle product, commonly used to send someone into a state of unconsciousness. Anyway, introductions first. And then questions." The young woman gave him her name and then stared at him until he relented and simply said, "Regulus Black."

"I know," she replied.

"Well, why did you ask then?" Regulus wanted to know.

"Common courtesy," she sniffed.

There was a silence before Regulus broke it with "First one of what, then?"

The dark-haired girl shook her head in response to his question with the explanation "I never said who would be asking the questions. And I'm asking them first by the way. So, my first one. Why did you become a Death Eater?"

Regulus spluttered as he tried to get out several answers before settling on one. "I'm not a Death Eater."

Blue eyes looked at him, raising one eyebrow sceptically. "Uh-huh. So the tattoo on your arm is actually a unicorn frolicking around with a bunny?"

"Um, yes?" Suddenly he felt a burning on his left arm and he winced as his Mark came into view despite being under a Glamour most of the time. Except, it had changed. Changed to a unicorn frolicking around with a bunny. He looked up, startled and a little afraid of the woman in front of him for the first time, who had shown a lot of power in being able to change his Dark Mark even though Lord Voldemort had set a Parseltongue password on the Mark, enabling only him to change the Mark if necessary. She looked back, her eyebrows raised before saying "So?"

"Well, it's the right thing to do. Mudbloods are polluting our society, so we have to get rid of them. And Muggles. They're not strong enough, not special enough, and not right. They're abominations in this world!" Regulus said, his voice rising towards the end.


"My family… I have to. Otherwise I'm letting them down and the Black name… like Sirius."

The dark-haired girl's face turned sad for a moment, looking at him. "Is it really the right thing?" She didn't seem to expect an answer, which was good because he couldn't think of one.

"Anyway, what's your favourite colour?" she asked

"Er, green."

"Really? I think mine's indigo, a nice mixture of purple and blue. I like silver as well." She mused. "You had a question, didn't you?"

"Yes," he replied, slightly confused at the turn the conversation had taken. "I'm the first one of what, exactly."

"Death Eaters." She answered simply. "You see, I'm kidnapping the Death Eaters, not all of them, mind you, to have a little conversation with them. Like you, now. I wanted to get to know them, see behind the mask if you will."

"But they'll kill you!" he cried out, not noticing the look she threw him when he said 'they.'

"Don't be silly. I'll have taken their wand away from them, tied them up. And I've got a Taser." She said proudly. "Plus we're in a room in which the wards are keyed for only me to use magic."

"Oh." Regulus said, stunned at the level of preparation behind this.

"I'm planning on talking to Voldemort as well." This was met by silence. Stunned and slightly incredulous silence if the look on Regulus' face was anything to go by. "He's a half-blood, you know." The girl added casually.

"Seriously!" Regulus exclaimed.

"Yep. His mum's a witch but his dad's a Muggle. He killed his dad by the way. And his grandparents. Well, his mum was a witch and they were Muggles. So, what's your favourite food?"

"Roast lamb, I reckon. Best I ever tasted was at Hogwarts. And you?"

"Fish. I love fish. I go out to a restaurant with my family sometimes and the starter I always have is fish soup. It. Is. Delicious. Sometimes when I go abroad as well."

Regulus mused on this before saying "I've got a question. How much do you think I'm worth? Not like that," he said hastily seeing the flirtatious look she threw him. "As a kidnappee?" he clarified.

"I dunno," she said thoughtfully. "Couple of knuts maybe? I'm kidding!" she said quickly after seeing the mock wounded look on his face he gave her. "Maybe a… million galleons. Or five. Or ten? Your family is very rich and I'd bet they'd pay extra to keep something like that out of the papers."

"Probably," Regulus agreed. "Can you let me go? I promise I won't hurt you."

She tilted her head. "OK. What is…your opinion on Lucius Malfoy?"

Flexing his hands, Regulus laughed as the memories of a night at Hogwarts came back to him.

"One night, I must have been in first year, Lucius was in seventh, I caught him in the bathroom. He'd been in there for about four hours because the Marauders had pranked the Slytherins into turning their hair red and gold and he was desperately trying to wash it out and he'd managed to make the red and gold less so, and more blond but I swear he was talking to it and I can't even say how many of bottles of conditioner he had on the side. Other than being entirely obsessed with his hair and his pimp cane, he's always seemed like a nice guy. He's treated Cissy right and they seem to love each other so that's good."

Regulus' tone turned quiet and darker. "He's helped me as well. When I couldn't torture someone, he killed her. Quickly and without pain. The Dark Lord made him suffer for that. And me as well. It's just…I couldn't. It wasn't a fair fight and everyone else had hurt her so much. She was only twelve or so. I remember seeing her around Hogwarts." He looked up at her, tears starting to make their way down his cheeks. "She was a really clever kid. But she was a Mudblood, and still beating the purebloods on the tests and things like that. So much for pureblood superiority." He said sarcastically through his tears.

She got up from her chair and hugged him. Regulus stiffened at the contact but soon relaxed. He wasn't used to this. Slytherins did not particularly like personal contact and he had barely received any acknowledgment of his existence before Hogwarts. Even after Sirius had run away and his mother talked to him more, the most physical contact he got out of her was a hand on his shoulder.

They stayed like that for a while before something started chiming and she moved back to her desk to stop it.

"It's time to go, otherwise you'll be missed." She didn't need to say who by. "You might want to sit more comfortably since you've got to sleep to go back."

"Ok," he nodded. "It was good to meet you. And…thank you. For everything." He moved about, finding the position he was most comfortable in before looking at her in confirmation that he was ready.

"Regulus" the girl said. He looked up and she threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly as if she knew something bad was going to happen. Tentatively, he put his arms back around her and she hugged him tighter, if that was possible.

"When the time comes, you'll remember what I'm saying to you now. Don't let them get you. Green light will hopefully be the last thing you'll see since there's no -" her voice broke "no other way."

Regulus looked at her blankly. What did she mean? He had no time to think about it as she kissed him gently on the forehead and quickly chanted a few words under her breath. He felt himself getting sleepy as she said "Goodbye Regulus Black. It was a honour to meet you." There was a silence before "Obliviate!"


Regulus turned; face looking around desperately for an escape as he wished Kreacher could have taken him back. It was hopeless. Kreacher was too weak, he knew but they were all around him, hands reaching out as he clambered backwards, his wand casting Incendio to try and keep them away from. He let out a sob, wanting to be back in his bed, safe. Perhaps Sirius would curl up by his side, holding him and protecting him from the outside world as he had done so many times when they were both children. But it wouldn't happen ever again. He let out another sob; he was only nineteen, he couldn't die, not now, he had to talk to Sirius one last time, tell him he was sorry. Suddenly another face appeared in his mind, dark hair with blue eyes looking at him sadly.

"When the time comes, you'll remember what I'm saying to you now. Don't let them get you. Green light will hopefully be the last thing you'll see since there's no -" her voice broke "no other way."

His mouth went dry as he realised what she meant. Either he killed himself or resigned himself to a fate with Inferi. They had swarmed over the boat and blocked that passage so there was no getting out that way. His mind whirled as he thought about this, automatically waving the fire-whip around him to ward off the Inferi.

"Oh Merlin. I'm so sorry, Sirius, for what I've done," speaking out loud, as if Sirius was standing right by him. He wished he was. "I love you."

And then,

"Avada Kedavra!"

And green light was the last thing he saw.

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