Ok so I got this idea from 1Guitarlover1 and decided to give you guys more information on Georgina.

Full Name: Georgina Samson Diggory

Nickname: Cedric called her- Gaga, .Hermione call her- Georgie later on. Draco calls her- Georgia because he fakes remembrance of her name.

Age: Fourteen turning fifteen on Christmas Day.

Family: Her father Amos Diggory, Mother (I can't remember her name so if you do just tell me) Mrs. Diggory, Brother Cedric Diggory who is deceased. She doesn't speak to her parents.

Likes: Lily's (the flowers not the person), Honesty, Reading, Drawing, Flying, All things Muggle

Dislikes: Pumpkin Juice, Gossiping, the Daily Prophet,

Hair Color: Bronze Brunette Color

Eye Color: Hazel she wears reading glasses

Complexion: Fair with a hint of tan

Build: Small

Personality: Usually shy but after Cedric's death she becomes fiery and passionate.

Friends: Ginny Weasly, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly

Enemies: Draco Malfoy, Professor Umbridge, Any Girl Who Hurt Cedric, And Those Who Don't Believe Harry

Favorite Colors: Purple and Blue

House at Hogwarts: I don't know yet, please give ideas!

Favorite Subject: Transfiguration because she wants to become Animagi

Least Favorite Subject: History of Magic

Romantic History: Never had a boyfriend but had a like for reading Muggle love stories. She usually lived her social life through Cedric prior to his death.

Magical Talent: She is very hardworking and is the smartest in every class beside Hermione. She never offers answers to questions.

Her Pratronus Form: Hers takes the form of a leopard cub to represent her shyness but her ability to fight back.

I will give more information as the story goes on but for now that will give you a look of what Georgina is like! Enjoy and review!