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"Alice are you alright?" Emmett asked with unsual amount of concern. Lately everyone had been a little down by Georgina and Edward's fight. To top it off with Jacob's sudden death, the Cullens weren't a bright bunch.

Rosalie and Jasper had been trying to get the family to go see Georgina, seeing as the pair had been asked to be godparents, and Alice had been constantly checking to see what was coming for the witch in the near future. Alice shook her head in shock before responding,

"Do you know where Edward is?" She asked not bothering to answer the question he had posed.

"Um…I think he is still hanging out with Bella." He replied with a smirk. Apparently Edward wouldn't sleep with her until they were married. This led to him making a lot of innuedno's to Bella when she was around. Alice meanwhile was busy planning a wedding. No one dared to mention Georgina when around Edward. He would go silent than storm off. Alice nodded before walking over to Jasper and Rosalie. Emmett shrugged and went back to his Xbox game.

"Hey Chawie, are you good?" Sira asked as she wobbled over to the man. Tonks was out with Lupin at her mothers place planning things to do before she had the baby. Molly was putting out the washing as Bill and Fleur were taking a walk around the yard. He missed Georgina and wished he could see Sira's little developments. He knew that the bronze haired teenager was struggling. He could tell by the letters she wrote.

"Yeah I'm fine Si." He replied sighing slightly. The 15 month old sat down on his lap without a seconds thought. The little girl looked at him curiously before sighing in a soprano tone voice,

"I miss Mummy." She stated sniffing slightly.

"I miss her to Si." He replied honestly.

Georgina blinked slowly before opening her eyes slightly. She wasn't sure how she had made it to the hospital wing or how she had managed to pass out but she was there and had been unconscious. Sitting up she looked around the mostly deserted room with interest. She spotted Regulus Black, her father, still unconscious in a bed beside her. On the table next to her bed were a few notes. She picked up the closest one.

"Miss Diggory, how are you feeling?" A voice interrupted her reading the sequined covered card. Georgina looked up to see Professor Snape heading toward her. Even though most people thought he was evil, Georgina found him to be a kind and caring person once you got past the bitterness of his childhood and the regrets of his teen years.

"Ah, well Professor, I am a little dazed. How long have I been out?" She asked curiously. He spared a furtive glance around the empty Hospital Wing before pulling the curtain around her bed. Regulus' bed already had a curtain around it but the thin fabric was pulled away at the side where Georgina's bed was.

"Around two weeks." He replied calmly. Georgina blinked. She wasn't sure what she was expecting but it definitely wasn't that long. It did explain though why her hair looked like a birds nest as it brushed her face.

"What does everyone think happened, Sir?" She asked brushing off the vain thoughts about her hair. Probably not the most appropriate time to worry about appearances.

"That you contracted a bad case of Dragon Pox. Miss. Diggory I think it would be best if you and Mr. Black left the school." He stated calmly.

"But what about the rules about having to attend school?" Georgina asked in concern. She didn't want Snape to get in trouble. She felt a small amount of the affection toward the greasy haired man. Not that she would ever tell him to his face.

"Seeing as they think you have a highly contactable disease the teachers can see you needing a break. As long as you continue to complete your work than you should be able to fly under the radar."

"Ok sir." She replied as the headmaster stood up. He gave her a curt nod before heading toward the door. "Thank you Professor Snape. For everything." She added and she swore he gave her a genuine smile for a split moment. Then he was gone, replaced by Madam Pomfrey who, even though she was clued in on the whole situation demanded she couldn't move until her escorts arrived.

Georgina sighed wondering whether she would ever finish school. Than her mind wandered to a certain Weasley brother as her eyelids became heavy and she fell into the first vision she had, had since her miraculous bringing back of the dead incident.

-Georgina's Vision-

"Where am I?" Georgina blinked as she sat up slowly taking in her surroundings. She didn't recognize the place from anywhere she had been. It was dark except for a woman who looked oddly like Georgina. She was standing a few feet away and was wearing a long black cloak which covered her hair. Other than that they shared the same features, except the silver eyes. No this woman had startling colored eyes which were a color that Georgina had never seen before, sort of a cross between blue, red and black. Other than that, it was like looking in a dirty mirror. A very eerily feeling indeed.

"Haven't you guessed yet, child?" The strangely familiar woman asked gesturing at herself than around the room. Georgina felt a little peeved. This woman was being annoyingly vague.

"I wouldn't have asked if I had." She snapped back unable to control her temper. Instead of being offended the woman smiled.

"Ah my flower I am more saddened by my appearance to than you are yourself." She replied vaguely turning away from Georgina. The silver eyed girl held back the urge to whack her head on the closest available surface. But this wasn't possible. It didn't look as though they were on any type of surface.

Georgina rubbed her arms nervously noticing she was wearing a dirty cardigan and jeans over a black shirt. She wondered how the dirt and what looked like blood had gotten on her.

"Well if you're done being vague mumma, can I please go?" Georgina asked tapping her foot against the floor in an act of impatience. The lady shook her head cryptically.

"Where we are you cannot just 'go'. There is only one way. Take this." She said holding out what looked like a staff. Georgina stared at the woman for a moment confused before hesitantly grabbing the smooth object. Everything started to darken and the woman spoke so softly that Georgina wondered whether she was hearing things,

"I am so sorry my child."

-End Vision-

Georgina's eyes snapped open and she shot up into a sitting position, a little too quickly causing her blood to rush to her brain and the world to go fuzzy for a moment. As her surroundings came back into view she noticed something. No longer did the stone walls of the Hospital wing surround her but instead the familiar walls of Ginny's room. Noticing a window, Georgina stood up and walked unsteadily toward it. Glancing out she spotted Fleur and Bill walking together holding hands and gazing at each other in a loving manner. Before she could vomit at the icky love sick sight before her, the door opened widely and a flash of red attacked her, hugging Georgina tightly.

"GAGA!" Charlie shouted and Georgina instantly blushed. Usually she could be herself easily around the dragon tamer but now it felt as though she needed to impress him. It was an odd feeling indeed for the brunette. None the less she squeezed him back for a moment longer than usual before pulling back and grinning widely. Georgina could hear some voices downstairs and the sound of chuckling.

"It's really good to see you Charlie." Georgina said honestly as she ran a hand through her hair and gazing around the room purposely. She could feel his presence like a giant dark cloud. Or the sunlight in a dark cloud, seeing as it wasn't nessearily an unpleasant feeling.

"I missed you to Georgina." He said in an unusually soft voice, which made Georgina question her own mind what was up with him. Still, no matter what mood he was in, Georgina was just glad to see him in any form. "So, Regulus Black is your father eh?" He said with a short awkward chuckle as though afraid to how she would respond to this opening question.

"Yeah, eh is the right way to describe it." Georgina said as she stuffed her hands into her pockets with a not so casual nod. She really hadn't had time to process it yet. Everything was just crazy, the fact she had brought someone back from the dead, now that was something she just couldn't comprehend, let alone it being her father.

"Are you alright?" Charlie asked concerned as always. Georgina nodded again, something she had been doing a lot lately it seemed.

"I will be." She replied simply after a moment before letting out a sigh and clapping her hands together once. "So where's Sira?" She asked brightly. Charlie gazed at her for a moment with an unreadable expression before joining in on her bright mood change.

"She's downstairs, let's go see her now, she's missed you." Charlie stated before guiding Georgina out the room with a hand protectively on her lower back, a gesture that no one missed as they reached the bottom floor. the tension between them more obvious than ever. Well to everyone but the pair themselves.

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