Charlie was quiet after picking me up from the airport. This was fine for me. It gave me a chance to focus on my goals. I moved out here the summer before my senior year. I had wanted to come earlier but Renee didn't want me to change schools in the middle of the year. Now I'm stuck not knowing how I was going to spend my summer.

"Um, I got you a truck" Charlie mumbled dragging me out of my thoughts.

"Char-dad, you didn't have to do that" I said quietly.

"I know but you need it" Charlie said.

"Thanks dad " I said.

"Billy sold it to me. You remember Billy don't you?" he said looking over at me.

"Um... yeah. He lives out on the reservation right?" I said

"Yeah. He has twin daughters a year older than you. They have both moved away now, but Jake's still there. He's a couple of years younger than you. Good kid, takes real good care of Billy" Charlie informed me

"I remember him. He always had a smile. We made mud pies together." I smirked. "We had fun together."

"Well seeing as it summer break, and you really don't know any of the other kids in town, maybe you and Jake can hang out. He could show you around. Introduce you to some more kids." Charlie suggested.

"Dad I really don't think Jacob wants to spend his summer vacation dragging me along" I replied, rolling my eyes.

As we were pulling up to the house I noticed that there was a red monster of a truck sitting along the curb, but that's not what made my breath catch. It was who was standing next to it.

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had to be at least 6'7. His shoulders were broad and jet black hair was cut short. He was wearing a black T-shirt and faded jeans. The man screamed sex. What was this man doing standing outside my home?

"Good. Their already here" Charlie said bringing me out of my fog. It was then that I noticed an older man sitting in a wheelchair beside the other. I knew him as Billy. "Will that boy ever stop growing? Jake gets bigger every time I see him" Charlie said while putting the car into park and getting out. I was in shock. THAT was Jacob, the same little kid that used to play in the mud with me? Holy crow.

I got out of the car to help Charlie with my few belongings. As Jacob pushed Billy towards us, I couldn't help but look at the boy, who was now man, standing in front of me.

"Bella, it's good to see you again" Jacob said.

"Yeah, you too" I replied. Jake and I just stood there staring at each other. I could take my eyes away from his. He seemed to be looking right into my soul. I jumped when I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey Jacob, why don't you help take Bella's things to her room? Charlie's not as young anymore" Billy said with a smirk. Charlie just snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Um…sure, sure" Jacob said while grinning. After picking up my bags he turned to me and said, "ladies first."

I turned and led the way to the house. I opened the front door and held open for Jake. We made our way up to my room. Jake laid my bags on my bed and turned to me.

"Thanks" I said.

"No problem" Jake said while shoving his massive hands in his pockets. He looked almost shy they way he was standing. Then his eyes met mine, and I froze. As I stood there looking at Jakes eyes, I had a feeling of warmth. I could feel the heat in his gaze. I couldn't look away. We just stood there looking at one another for what seemed like hours. Thankfully Jake broke the spell.

"So you want to go check out your new wheels?" he grinned.

"Um… sure" I said. I turned to walk out of my room. Once down stairs I offered Jake a soda while taking a look at the food in the house. Jake sat at the table and watched as I took inventory making a mental note for the store.

"It's good to have you home again Bells" Jake almost whispered

"I'm glad I came back" I said with a smiled

I followed Jake out the door and right before took the first step off the porch, my foot caught on a loose board and I felt myself falling. I reached to brace myself for the fall, but it never came. I felt hot hands wrap around the top of my arms and a hot chest against my cheek. I looked up into Jakes eyes and felt myself being pulled in. His arms slipped around me in a hot embrace. We stood there for a moment before Jake pulled me back and looked me over.

"Are you ok, Bells?"Jake asked with worry in his voice.

"Um...yeah. I'm fine Jake. Thanks" I said while biting my bottom lip.

"Sure, sure. Anytime" he said.

Charlie and Billy were right where Jake and I had left them talking sports. Jake and I made our way to my new truck. Jake hopped in and I walked around to the driver side. I loved this truck. It fit me perfectly. Jake went on to tell me all the work he had done to the truck.

"Well I know who to come to if I need it fixed" I said with a smirk.

"I was hoping you would come see me sooner than that. Like maybe tomorrow night? We are having a bonfire down at the rez. I thought maybe you would like to go" Jake said while staring at his hands, he seemed nervous.

"I would love to go. What time?" I said shyly.

"Around 7 but I thought maybe you could come earlier so I could show you around" he said looking up with a grin.

"Ok. Sounds great" I said with a smile.

"I'll pick up at noon" he said as eyes sparkled.

We got out of the truck and walked over to Charlie and Billy. As Charlie was telling Billy goodbye, Jake swept me up in a bear hug and said "see you tomorrow Bells." Setting me back down to help load his father back into the car, I looked over at Charlie who had a shit eating grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and informed him that I was going to bed. I made my way upstairs to gather my things for the shower.

Letting the hot water roll down my back I couldn't think of anything but Jake. I thought of the way his arms felt around me. I felt so safe. His body was so hot, almost feverish. I hoped he was getting sick. I didn't want anything to ruin tomorrow. I couldn't wait to see Jake. I got out of the shower and made my way to bed. As my head hit the pillow, I sighed deeply and fell into a peaceful sleep thinking of Jacob Black.