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I felt cold, heavy, but not alone. I could hear voices around me but could focus on any. They weren't my Jacob. Where was he? He should have met me on the other side. There was no warmth here. My sun was missing. I started to hear sounds around me; machines beeping, people talking softly, doors opening and closing. This didn't sound like heaven to me. I was expecting to hear and see my Jacob. He was in heaven and I wanted to be too. He should have met me on the other side. I couldn't feel his warmth. I couldn't hear his voice. I couldn't see him.

"Jacob," I cried, trying to feel him. "Jacob," I called again. I felt cold fingers weave through mine. This was not the hand of my love.

"Bella, love, can you hear me?" My eyes opened to golden orbs. I was confused; no I was supposed to be dead. I was supposed to be where Jacob was. Something is wrong. "How are you?" Edward said, and I rolled away wincing at the pain in my side. Why was Edward here? Where was Jacob? My heart started to race as I thought about what I had seen last.

All I remember was Jacob's still body on the bed, covered in blood and shards of glass. But he could heal quickly right? If I was alive, he should be too.

"Jacob?" I said weakly, my throat dry.

"Jacob's not here," Edward said and I immediately began to hyperventilate. He's not here? He's gone? He's dead? I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. All I could do was cry. Edward ran out of the room and returned with Carlisle who put something in my IV line and my eyes got heavy.

I became aware of sounds floating around me, doors open and closing, a chair being moved.

"If you hadn't made me leave, I would have been here for her. This is all your fault," I heard a familiar voice say.

"You weren't in control," I heard another voice say.

"I always have control were she is concerned." I knew that voice. I loved that voice. I lived for that voice. I heard a door open and then close. I felt the bed shift beside me, and the warmth that was so familiar.

"Bells, come back to me." I smelled his woodsy scent, and his searing hot lips kissed my forehead. I wanted to answer him, but my mouth wouldn't work. "Bella, please," I heard him sob as he laid his head on my chest. "I'm here," he whispered over and over again. I fought against the haze and opened my eyes. I saw the top of his black silk covered head. I raised my free hand and ran my fingers through the thick mass. His head shot up, and I could see the puffiness and redness in his eyes. I smiled and he just stared.

"You're ok," I said running my fingers across the wetness on his cheeks. In an instant his lips were on mine. The kiss spoke volumes. It told me he loved and missed me, that he was glad that I was ok. Then the kiss told me of his desire for me to get well, and then it spoke of promises of the future. When the kiss got a little too passionate, I winced. He quickly pulled away his eyes searching for damage.

"I'm sorry," he said, his hands hovering over me. "I didn't mean too." I reached up with the arm not attached to the IV, and brought him back down to me and kissed him hard. I moaned into his mouth and received one from him in return. He placed his hands on my face, tilting his head.

"Well somebody is feeling better," I heard Carlisle say as he came up to the bed. Jacob and I reluctantly ended the kiss. "Good to see you awake," he said tucking a clipboard under his arm.

"When can I go home" I asked.

"Eager aren't we?" he said smiling as he cock an eyebrow. Jacob chuckled. "Well you could go home as early as tonight," he said and I smiled in relief, "but" he said holding up a finger, "we have to get the IV out," he said. "And you have to take it easy for a least a week," he said casting a firm look at Jacob.

"Why so quickly?" I asked

"Well Jacob here took most of the impact," he said, his eyes pointing to Jacob.

"What?" how did he take most of the impact. That would mean he jumped right after me.

"I'll leave so you two can talk." Carlisle said, walking out the door.

"I was still pretty out of it when Leah and Seth found me. I couldn't phase for awhile. I sent them to help Sam, and when I could stand I took off after you, praying that I wasn't too late," he said as his eyes began to tear up. "I ran as fast as I could and before I cleared the trees I saw you fall, so I ran and jumped after you," he said caressing my hand. "I tried to get you to open your eyes but you didn't," he said "you said you loved me as I pulled you to me and flipped so I hit the water first," he cringed. "I swam us both to shore and I did CPR to get you breathing again," he said looking down. "You haven't been here but a day," he said taking a deep breath.

"I thought you were dead," I whispered, trying to make him understand. His head shot up and I saw a fire in them like I've never seen.

"You would have taken your lifeā€¦" he said, his whole body shaking.

"I couldn't be without you Jacob," I said, sitting up and running my hands up his forearms.

"You must never do that," Jacob said standing up, and running his fingers through his hair as he paced. "Promise me," he said coming to my side and grabbing my small hands in his much larger ones. "You won't ever do that, no matter what" the fear and desperation in his voice made me shake my head. "No say it Bella, I have to hear it, promise me you won't do anything stupid like this again."

"I promise Jake," he kissed me briefly, and rested his forehead to mine.

"Let nature run its course, Bells," he said taking in my scent, "if you are meant to follow me or I follow you, let nature take its course. Fate always has a plan."


The next few months passed quickly and soon it was Christmas. We had a small get together at the Cullens and at Jacob's house. I was surprised when Edward got me a First Edition of Wuthering Heights. I almost cried as I breathed in the smell of leather and dust. I didn't even want to know how much it cost. Alice was next and she bought me a whole new wardrobe and a Prada purse that wasn't even supposed to be out yet. She knew I would never carry it but it made her happy that I accepted it. Emmett thought it would be funny to get me a leash and a collar and mentioned something about keeping my dog on a leash. Rose must have collaborated with him because she got me a pooper scooper and some poo pickup bags. I almost cried when I opened Carlisle and Esme's gift. They had gotten me a double picture frame and on one side was me with all of them and on the other side was a picture of me with the pack. I looked so happy with both of the families.

The get together at Jacob's was much less formal and Charlie surprised me with a new stereo for my truck and a few CD's. Jacob promised to put it in for me. Billy bought me the Underworld Trilogy and winked at me when I opened it. I laughed at the hidden meaning behind the wink. Jacob's present was absolutely wonderful. He got me a small carved wooden wolf and told me he carved it himself. It was attached to a small leather cord which he tied around my wrist. Christmas was perfect.

New Years Eve was spent with the pack around a bonfire on the beach. We laughed and joked and then all kissed at midnight before heading home. Could life get any better?


Soon it was February and I was planning Jacob's birthday.

I am several charities best friend. Well maybe not me personally, that went to Alice. She had bribed me yet again. This time it was to pay for Jacob's seventeenth birthday party. She insisted on buying the food, decoration, and even some presents. I had no idea what she had gotten him, they were all wrapped when I got there.

Emily and the other girls were helping me put it together since the Cullen's weren't allowed on the reservation. I was having it at Jacob's, with a bonfire in the back yard. Billy was in on it and was happy to give Sam the suggestion of Jacob running patrol all night, while we got everything set up. I came over around four with everything we would need. Seth was there to do any heavy lifting. When we had finally gotten everything ready I sent Seth out to give Sam the signal.

"He's on his way," Seth came in full of excitement.

"Ok everyone hide," I called as I flipped the switch. We only had to wait a few minutes before Jacob came bursting through the door.

"Bells," he said in surprise, "I was just gonna grab a shower and come over" he said coming over to encase me in his arms. "Sam let me off patrol early for my birthday," he said kissing me sweetly.

"Jake," I said, which was secretly my signal.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted as they came out from all corners of the house.

"I thought I smelled trouble," he laughed. "You did all this?" he said eyeing me.

"Yup," I said proudly. "Happy birthday Jake," I said and leaned in to kiss him. Everyone whooped and yelled as he bent me over making a production of the whole act.

We ate as Jacob showed off his newly acquired tribal tattoo that he got last week. Each pack member gets it at 17. We cut the cake and had ice cream. Jacob opened his gifts like a four year old, paper flying everywhere. He got parts for his bike and his car, a new set of tools. When he got to Alice's gifts and gave me a funny look. I just shrugged my shoulders at him. We were all taken back by her gift. "Wow," he said and ran his fingers over it, "this is a Martin d-28 authentic dreadnought acoustic guitar," he said plucking the strings, "they go for thirty two thousand dollars. Remind me to call Alice later." He said sitting it down very carefully. He also got a few cd's and a set of strings. "Wow, this might make me want to kiss her," Jacob said, his eyes running over the guitar once again.

"Take me for a walk on the beach?" I asked as the last guest left.

"Of course," he said taking my hand in his. The weather was cold but I wasn't, tucked into Jacob's side with his arm around me. It didn't take us long to get to the beach. We both sat for a minute looking at the sky. It was dusk, the time of day that followed twilight. You could see all the stars shining not having to fight with the last remnants of the day. It was peaceful.

"You never asked where my gift was," I said leaning against his chest, sitting between his legs, arm wrapped around me.

"Well I figured it was something sexy like lingerie," he said huskily pulling me tighter and kissing my neck.

"Jacob," I whined. He chuckled for a minute.

"Bells honey," he said turning me around to sit in his lap, "you threw me a surprise party. I wasn't expecting you to get me anything. Just being able to hold you right now is fine with me," he said kissing me slowly. "Did you get me something?" he asked looking like that four year old again, I laughed.

"Well Alice did get you one more thing," I said, smiling at him, "since Charlie and Billy are gone up to the cabin," I felt Jacob shudder beneath me. The pack had managed to patch up the skylight from our encounter with James, but Jacob wasn't able to let go of the guilt he felt. He would apologize but I would quickly divert his attention elsewhere. "Alice is covering for us this weekend."

"Damn it" Jacob said laughing.

"What?" I said smiling.

"I'm going to have to hug the little pixie for sure now," he said shaking his head and still laughing.

"Ok, ok. Now can I give you mine?" I asked with a smirk.

"Please," Jacob said wagging his eyebrows.

"Close your eyes," I said and after waving my hand in front of his face, I pulled the small box from my pocket. "Open them," I breathed out. Jacob opened his eyes and took the box in his hand making it look smaller. He opened it and took the leather cord out. The pendant on it was the same design on his shoulder. It was a part of his heritage.

"Where did you get this?" he said as his finger rubbed the symbol.

"I didn't know what to get you so I asked Billy for some ideas," I said wringing my hand together, "he gave it to me," I paused, "I had the inscription put on it." Jacob carefully flipped it over and read it out loud.

"Your love left an imprint on my heart," he said, squinting his brows together. "Where did you come up with this?" he asked, his eyes intense.

"It just how I felt," I said. He doesn't like it, I thought as I fought back the tears. "I'm sorry that I ruined your father's pendant with a stupid line like that," I said getting up.

"It's not stupid," Jacob said cupping my face in his hands. He held the necklace in his fingers and I felt the pendant tap against my neck. "It the most wonderful gift I could've gotten." He said stroking my cheek. He picked me up and ran us back down to our cave. He placed me gently down on the sleeping bag and laid down beside me. He kissed me slowly and gently, our tongues dancing together. His hands left paths of fire where he touched. He pulled my leg by my knee over his hip and shifted us. I was looking down as his hands ran up my sides taking my shirt over my head.

He sat up to kiss me as his hands ran up and down my back. With a simple snap of his fingers he unclasped my bra. His hand came up to cup my breast as he ran his tongue over my nipple, blowing on it before kissing his way to the other. I stood up and shimmied my jeans down over my hips. I went to pull my panties off but Jacob's hands beat me to them. He pulled them down and rubbed his hands up and down my thighs once they hit the floor.

I dropped to my knees and pulled his jeans down. His shaft sprung free and I leaned in to give him a lick. I took the head in my mouth and flicked my tongue around it. I leaned farther down till he hit the back of my throat. "Oh baby, faster," Jacob moaned as his hand knotted in my hair. I complied and used my hand squeezing his base. Jacob started to thrust erratically into my mouth. "I'm coming," he called, and I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked him dry.

I had barely pulled my mouth away before Jacob had picked me up and rolled us till he was on top, driving into me. "Oh, god," I called as he pumped into me. He moved my left leg to his right shoulder twisting my hips to the side and lifting them to hit me at a different angle. He rubbed his thumb against my clit as I called his name, my juices slathering his cock. He righted me and kept driving into me.

"I love you," he said still thrusting, and kissing me. "I will be whatever you want me to be," he said slowing down and tilting my hips up, I could feel another orgasm coming. "When a werewolf meets his soul mate," he said breathing in my ear, I groaned from the timber of his voice, "he is bound to her for life," he said rubbing his thumb across my nipple. "They will become one," he said hitting my g-spot, and my nails raked down his back, "he will mark her," he said biting down on his special place on my neck and I screamed and shook from my orgasm. "it's called imprinting," Jacob said rolling his hips and thrusting into me two more times before I heard him growling deep in his chest as he came, his member convulsing deep inside. "You're my imprint Bella."

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