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Chapter 1: What Is Her Problem?

Edward's Point of View

October 2008 - Forks, Washington


I cringed as I heard the high pitch voice of my pint sized sister. Why she was screaming I had no idea. With our superior hearing it wasn't necessary, besides, I could hear everyone's thoughts. No, she wanted all my siblings to know I was procrastinating.

"Edward we all know you haven't composed anything in at least a decade, so stop faking your busy and get moving!"

I rolled my eyes and sighed at my sister's know-it-all attitude. So what if I hadn't created anything new in almost 30 years, I still had stuff I could play. Although everything I did play I knew by heart and was repetitious and monotonous to me now. My piano was the only joy I got out of my unending day aside from making my family happy. But that last part wasn't difficult, each had their other half to keep them going happily, all I had to do was go to school and come home with a smile. I know it didn't sound like much but it sure made my mother Esme happy.

"I'm not going to school today."

Alice burst through the door that connected the living room to the garage. "What do you mean you're not going to school today? Why not?!"

I shrugged dispassionately while I shook my head. "Something just doesn't feel right today, like something bad is going to happen."

"Oh come on. There is a new girl at school today and I want to see her…since I can't SEE her." She grabbed my hand and attempted to pull me to the door. It took a lot of effort since I was stronger than her and she was so small, only four foot ten to my six foot two. 'Edward knock it off, I already see you going to school.' She was grunting as she tried to haul me on her back towards my car.

"But this way I don't have to walk." I grinned adoringly down at her. Apparently that was the last straw as she slipped out from under me and let me fall to the floor like a boulder. I leaned up on one arm and smirked, "ouch."

"Go to school, or I'm taking us." She dangled my keys in the air mocking me.

I immediately started searching my pockets. When did she grab my keys? "Fine, I'll go but I could care less about some new kid starting school. I'm not a gossip queen like you and Rose are."

Alice grinned cheerfully then pranced to the Volvo and slid in the back next to Jasper. I looked up to the ceiling and shook my head in bewilderment. Why me?

"You're going to have to drive faster than normal or we will definitely be late."

"Shut up Emmett. You have free period first thing." Stupid seniors, I hated playing a freshman, sophomore or junior, it always meant I had more than a year of high school to endure…again. Just two more years of this high school then it's off to collage again, wonder what I should study this time around.





"Okay, okay, sorry." My siblings were obviously eager for school. I slunk into the driver seat and snatched my keys back from Alice. The drive was relatively quiet with the exception of Alice and Rosalie making a comment about what the new girl would be like. All they knew was she was a junior and she had just moved from Manhattan. She was living alone in a small apartment after being emancipated at the age of sixteen. One of the joys of living in a small town, everyone knew everything.

We arrived to school with time to spare and no one needed to rush to class. I was shocked when I realized my usual parking spot was already taken and I had to park on the opposite side of the lot. My normal space was surrounded by about a hundred students ogling over the car. I was growling as I climbed out of my car and stalked toward the crowd of drooling kids. That had been my place since day one of freshman year and someone had the audacity to park there.

'Edward, stay calm.' Alice tried to reason with me.

'Wow someone has a death wish.' Emmett chided as he followed close behind me.

As I walked closer I could hear from many students that the owner of the vehicle was already in class. But in this town what vehicle could draw attention of so many besides Rose's BMW. I decided that I needed a quick peek to satisfy my curiosity as to what controlled the mob. I pushed my way gently through the huddled bodies to the front of the group. I stopped short when my eyes landed on the car, Emmett crashed into my back and his eyes widened as well.

Sitting in my parking space was a dark blue pearl, 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse. If I could I would probably be drooling myself. It was pristine and perfect in everyway.

"Day-um, Carlisle wouldn't even buy us anything that new!" 'Someone's hella lucky.' Emmett patted me on the shoulder and dragged me away from the gorgeous sports car.

Gym was always the worst class, but more so when it was first thing in the morning. No one was ever really awake this early in the morning to play any sports. Except maybe those few who never slept. All of us had to hold back our true potential or a ball would make a hold in the wall or floor. And that was more difficult than you would think.

The next few classes were a breeze. After gym I had trig, a snap. Then I had geography, easy for someone who had been all around the world. Next was music, which I put the teacher to shame when it came to the piano. And just before lunch was English and my teacher hated my perfect grammar and diction. Finally, freedom for a whole hour.

I walked into the cafeteria and purchased my prop lunch then quickly found my way to the usual table. At least that hadn't been taken like my parking spot. I sighed with relief as I sat down.

"What's wrong Edward?" Jasper asked just before a wave of confidence washed over me.

"He's still sore about his spot being taken this morning." Alice chimed in before I could answer.

I scoffed as I started to disintegrate my turkey sandwich into tiny pieces.

"Hey Rose, do you have any classes with the new girl?" Alice leaned across the table so she could speak even more softly than she already was.

"No do you? I haven't even seen her yet. I heard it was her Eclipse in the parking lot. How in the world did she manage to get that car?" Rosalie stated sadly.

"No, and I can't even see her in my visions. It's very peculiar."

Both sets of eyes started to dart around the room, hoping to finally catch a glimpse of the new comer. I tried to remain unconcerned but peoples thoughts started to invade my mind and some were rather loud.

'Hot damn, what a body.'

'From what I've seen she's smart and beautiful.'

'I wonder when I can ask her out.'

'She could be a model so why is she in this town?'

'Wonder if she has contacts? I've never seen that color before.'

'Boy she's quiet.'

'Wonder if she has a boyfriend back in Manhattan?'

'Lauren is going to flip when she sees how pretty Isabella is.'

'Damn I wish I had her car!'

So many thoughts, some nice, some envious, some flat out mean, but all about the girl named Isabella Swan. I caught a glimpse of her through Jessica's mind, not my favorite place to be but I was curious. A pale, perfectly heart-shaped face surrounded by auburn colored hair that dangled down to mid back. There was slight rose color to her cheeks and her lips were a delicious shade of pink. And her eyes wow. Her eyes were the most startling shade of gold I had ever seen; they reminded me of the petals of a sunflower. Wait, gold? Humans don't naturally have gold eyes and they were a brighter shade of gold then ours. She must have contacts but why that color?

"Edward?" Alice became worried with my sudden stillness and the look of concentration I knew was written on my face.

I shook my head to clear it of the girl I saw through Jessica Stanley's eyes. "I'm fine, I was just…thinking?"

"You were peeking! What's she like?" Alice clapped her hands together and virtually bounced in her seat.

"Medium length brown hair and she's taller than you. She seems to be wearing contacts." I tried to sound disinterested but for some reason I was far from it. Those eyes, even if they were contacts they seemed to enhance her beauty maybe that was why she had chosen that color.

"Why do you think she's wearing contacts?" Rosalie tilted her head at my peculiar acknowledgment.

"Her eyes are more golden than ours are right after we've hunted. Humans don't normally have that color." All my siblings looked at me in disbelief. I couldn't help myself from looking at the girl again. "Apparently she doesn't talk much. She hasn't said anything at all since she got to lunch."

"Maybe she's just nervous. It is her first day at a new school. Even after all this time I still get anxious on the first day." Rosalie stated bluntly.

"If she is the quiet type than she picked the wrong group to hang around with. Mike, Jessica and Lauren are the biggest chatter boxes at this school." I stared around the room in hopes of actually seeing the stunning creature with my own eyes.

"She's sitting with them! Oh no, the poor thing. Who knows what gossip will be made up about her tomorrow?" Alice looked sad as she tried to follow my line of sight.

But all we could see was her long chocolate hair that fell in slight curls down her back. I was flabbergasted when I unexpectedly heard the name Cullen mentioned at the table she was sitting at. Had she asked about us? I must have been too preoccupied to notice her speaking. DAMN! I wanted to hear her voice. Oh well, maybe her mind could give some insight into her personality…maybe I need to concentrate…… harder maybe………What the hell.........nothing! I couldn't even hear a squeak, not the slightest thought, idea or memory.

"Alice…" I waited for her to look at me, curiosity in her golden brown eyes. "You're not the only one who can see her. Her mind is completely blank to me. Not even the slightest whisper."

"Hmm, that's odd."

"You're telling me. It feels strange that there is actually a mind I can't read." I sighed and glanced back over to the interesting girl. How is she able to block me and Alice? Her ability was premonitions, and they were sketchy at that, if someone changes their minds then the vision changes. But Alice couldn't see the gold eyed girl at all.

The lunch bell sounded throughout the building, pulling me from my thoughts regarding the girl. I bide my siblings' farewell and headed for my Biology class. Mr. Banner was setting up for a lab he had assigned for today when I arrived. I quickly took my seat and waited for class to get underway so it could be finished. I decided to write in my journal as I waited. The only thing I could think of to write about was the new girl that had managed to turn my normal boring day into something…irritating.

"Oh Miss Swan, here is your book and your seat is over there."

My head snapped up at hearing Mr. Banner say the words Miss Swan. His arm was outstretched to show her where she was to sit. I looked around in the direction he indicated, wondering where it was she was assigned. Oh crap, I was the only one without a lab partner which meant, yep, sure enough she came and sat down next to me.

Her eyes flickered to me for a brief second before she sat down and became focused on her Biology book. Was she trying to avoid me? Had I unknowingly done something she didn't like? Well she couldn't avoid me all period; Mr. Banner had planned a project that required the cooperation of partners.

We had to put the slides of mitosis into the correct order. She quickly grabbed the microscope and a slide and just as quickly took a look and started to write down her answer. Her continued silence was starting to rub me the wrong way.

I leaned over her shoulder to see what she had written. "Are you sure it's Prophase?"

She turned her head and glared at me. I was startled by the intensity in her eyes; she was definitely irritated about something. Without a word she scooted the scope toward me. I was completely dumbfounded; no one had ever glared at me aside from my family. I put on my most charming smile before I looked at the slide.

"Yep, Prophase, you're good." She continued to glower at me, my smile hadn't worked. What is wrong with this girl? I quickly changed the slide and looked. "Anaphase…" she speedily ripped the scope from me and checked for herself. I noticed that in her haste for the microscope her fingers had brushed against mine. They weren't hot in contrast to a normal human. Her temperature matched my own. Did she have poor circulation?

After writing down the same answer I had she rapidly moved on to the next slide. She did the same thing as before, she silently answered and then pushed the scope over to me. This was swiftly becoming a bad day; I knew I should have stayed home.

"Are you mute?" I couldn't help myself from asking, her silence and anger was driving me crazy. She shook her head no and I felt a bit relieved. "So why won't you speak to me? I am your lab partner; this would be a lot easier if we communicated." She shrugged indifferently which set my irritation at maximum. We finished the assignment in silence.

Once I finished I stared at my assigned lab partner, taking in all her features and wondering why she seemed annoyed with me. I first took in the white silkiness of her skin; she was as pale as me. Her chocolate brown hair looked healthy and vibrant. Her light gold eyes that were currently focused on drawing a perfect depiction of a rose were brighter in color than mine and I couldn't see the outline of the contacts. Her skin was the same temperature as mine…I held my breath as I listened intently and focused on only Isabella. All I could hear was the scratching of lead on paper and her breathing, no thoughts, no ideas, no whispers…no heartbeat. My eyes widened as I had an epiphany, there was no way…

"Isa…" I was interrupted by the bell and she was gone in a blink.

"Hey Cullen, your lucky to have Bella as your partner." I looked over to Mike Newton as he stood next to the table.


"Yeah, she hates being called Isabella." Mike stared at me like I had lost my mind, maybe I had.

"So she spoke to you than?"

"Yeah, what she didn't talk to you?" I shook my head, disappointed that it was only me. "What, not at all?"

"No…" so it was only me she wouldn't talk to. "Maybe she's upset about something."

"I don't think so, she seemed fine at lunch." He thought back to lunch and replayed everything. Neither of us noticed anything unusual. "Well, I have to get to gym, good luck with your lab partner."

Mike was sprinting out the door before I could ask him anything else about Bella. I made my way over to my Spanish class and waited. I didn't have to worry about being called on since the teacher hated the fact that I spoke the language better than she did, and in numerous dialects. I was immediately lost in thought. Was Bella hypersensitive to the supernatural? Did she know what we were from just a brief glance? Maybe I looked like someone she hated? The possibilities for her hostilities were endless. If my assumptions were correct than we should be friends not enemies.

I was out of my seat a split second before the bell rang, releasing us from this purgatory called school. I ran for my car at a human pace, which was always slow and sluggish. Alice was resting on the hood of the Volvo and I growl as I neared it. She sat up instantly and raised an eyebrow at my violent approach.

"We have a problem…" I was cut off when Alice's face went blank and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I watched along with her as the vision happened.

A dark blue Eclipse was passing the Come Back sign of Forks. I was sitting at my piano moping. All my siblings trying to rouse me to go do something fun but I seemed lifeless.

"What does that mean?" I asked Alice as her eyes darted around the parking lot.

"I'm not sure but I need to stop it." With that said she was running across the lot. I watched as she stopped by the driver side door of the Eclipse. I heard the whirl of the automatic window and focused my hearing on my sister and Bella.

"Whatever you're planning, don't leave Forks." Through Alice's eyes I could see the confused expression on Bella's face.


Those two short words were musical and alluring. The slight ring in her voice could tempt a monk to falter. They were a teaser to my ears and I wanted to hear more. I leaned against the driver door of my Volvo as I tried to imagine that voice saying other words.

"HEY!" Alice shouted at me, wrenching me from my day dream. "Can we go home now?" I looked around surprised at what I was doing. I saw Alice standing in front of me looking annoyed, I then noticed the Eclipse was already gone.

"Yeah…" we all climbed into the silver Volvo and headed for home. "By the way, has anyone noticed anything supernatural about Isabella Swan?"

Chapter End Notes:

Well this is my first attempt at writing a multiple PoV story. My first Twilight story 'daybreak' is written in only Bella's PoV so this was a bit different for me. I hope I did okay on it. The next chapter should be Bella's PoV and I'm thinking of sticking to that pattern. Please let me know how I did.