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Epilogue: Plans for the Future


After the demise of Tanya and James along with Jane and Alec returning to Italy, everything went back to normal. Begrudgingly, Edward and I went back to attending high school, hiding in broom closets and storage rooms just to get some time alone together.

Over the last six months, everyone in the family helped me in training my reversal ability. In that time I had learned to catalog what type of gifts they used on me and how many times, which infuriated Emmett when I would read his mind. The down side was there were only two others I could test that with though. I was shocked when I discovered how many times the two Volturi had attempted to disable me when they were here. The boy Alec was only nine times but his sister Jane was a whooping fifty-seven times. No wonder there was a constant tickle while in the meadow.

Even though it felt like years, we were finally free from school and in two weeks, Edward and I were going to have the big wedding. Every person in the family and in town was excited. Edward and I were just along for the ride, we couldn't wait to begin our honeymoon honestly.

This last month, I wondered if I had made a horrible mistake in letting Alice have full control over the wedding. After finally deciding on the color theme of the event, she hauled me around to florists, dress shops, tuxedo shops, stationary shops, shops, and more shops, shops I didn't even know existed. Two days before the event, Alice dragged me to the main house and told Edward to stay at our place. There were things that we girls had to do before the big day, in other words she wanted a traditional wedding where the groom doesn't see the bride until she walked down the aisle. AKA: Torture for Edward and me.

Alice ordered me to do nothing to help get things ready, that Alice didn't want me messing up a single hair on my head. Therefore, I sat on the stairs, waiting and watching while Alice and the rest of the family, minus Edward, decorated the house and outside. It was two days of extreme boredom, even reading didn't help to occupy my time. I was too impatient for the wedding, to have Edward back in my arms and to escape on our honeymoon.

They allowed me to phone Edward during my down time, thank god. I was shocked to learn that he was in the process of packing up our house. He told me that considering the length of our honeymoon that it would be best to put everything in storage. In addition, it would also make things easier if the family had to move quickly. What he said made perfect sense, it just seemed odd. How long of a honeymoon were we taking exactly?

Edward kept the whereabouts and duration of the honeymoon top secret. Alice couldn't even tell me since his plans revolved around me. Not knowing the details of the honeymoon were annoying but I trusted Edward and his choices.

Finally, it was my wedding day, again, but this time family and friends were involved.

I lingered downstairs and greeted people as they showed up, happy to see some of our human friends had made the guest list. Maria and Lillian were even invited and both squealed in exuberance that they could come.

When I heard the Volvo approaching the house I headed for the front door but Alice stopped me and ushered me upstairs. In a matter of seconds, Emmett and Jasper were carrying me up to the second floor, kicking and screaming. Everyone downstairs started to laugh quietly, knowing full well why I was acting the way I was. I. Wanted. Edward. NOW!

My brothers dragged me into Alice's bedroom and deposited me on the bed, then stood with their arms crossed over their chests. They were playing warden and I was the prisoner. A few seemingly long minutes later in walked the executioner and the wardens left. Alice looked thrilled with herself that I her prisoner and at her mercy.

A few minutes into my torment, there was a knock on the door and three unexpected women entered the room. The Denali's were the last ones I expected to see considering how things turned out with Tanya and the Volturi. Kate, Irina and Carmen joined the rest of us girls upstairs to be primped and polished for the ceremony. They told me that Eleazar ventured off to find the men.

Come to find out, they were totally on our side. After Tanya had learned that Edward had chosen me she went a little psycho but when she learned we had married, she went off the deep end. Right after we announced we were already married and I had electrocuted her, she vanished; the Denali's hadn't seen her since. I was shocked to hear that they weren't surprised about Tanya's ending. Tanya had been lusting after Edward for so long that it had turned into a sick obsession that would end badly and they told her that repeatedly.

Despite them telling me not to worry about what had come about, I still apologized for everything that had happened. I wasn't apologizing for loving Edward or marrying him but for what had become of their sister due to our union. Neither Edward nor I thought Tanya would do what she did by getting the Volturi involved with her and James's insane plan.

Once everybody was done being pampered, including myself, they gave me a few minutes by myself to relax and reflect. Not that there was anything I needed to reflect on and the only way I would relax would be in Edward's arms. I did however think over what everyone had done to get me, us to this day since we had graduated high school and began planning the wedding.

Everyone had chipped in doing things, whatever they needed to do to get this wedding done in a month, and they did it. The flowers, the seating, the music…there was even stuff for the humans to eat.

It was decided a small buffet of food was adequate for the humans to munch at, and then they wouldn't wonder why there wasn't any food to begin with. They wouldn't understand if we told them we preferred fast food. Alice had kidnapped Angela on her taste testing run to Port Angeles. She told Angela that I was too busy being fitted for my dress to do the tasting myself so Angela was roped in to volunteering, she was the one with the human taste buds after all.

Alice was like a little mini tornado as she ran around doing ten things at once. Edward had warned me that this is what Alice was like when she planned weddings but I didn't believe him. And rightly so, she was far worse than Edward made her out to be.

She did my makeup at the same time as she confirmed the seating arrangement. She did my hair while helping Rose and Esme get into their dresses. She helped me get into my dress at the same time she got into hers. Mini tornado was an understatement; she was scarier than a F-5 twister.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, astounded at how amazing I looked. My dress was a satin A-line halter with a split front, beaded lace and lace-up back and a chapel train trailed behind me for about three feet. A thin sash of marine blue, Alice stated the color vehemently, wrapped around my waist and twisted in the back then cascaded down to the floor, over the train. The veil was simple, reaching to my elbow, and was trimmed in the same marine blue as the sash. A pearl and crystal comb held the veil in place on top of my head*.

If only my parents could see me. My mom would be thrilled while my dad would probably grumble that I was too young. All I could really do was believe that they were smiling down at me from heaven. I shook my head side to side in disbelief, what a cliché thought that was.

As if, something had possessed my body. I giggled shyly then spun around, letting the skirt of my dress billow outwards and wrap around my legs. I wasn't one for dresses but this type of dress in this situation was the one exception.

"Are you ready, sis?" I spun around toward the door to see Jasper leaning against the doorframe dressed in his dove gray tuxedo and marine blue tie. He looked amazingly handsome in his suit. I bet Alice was having difficulties keeping her hands to herself right about now. Actually, thank to my gift and Jasper's, I knew she was.

Jasper extended his elbow outward and waited for me to take it. Since my father was unable to fulfill this one duty, Jasper took it upon himself as my brother to walk me down the aisle. Excitedly, I took his offered arm and together we walked down the stairs and toward the back door leading out to my future…now with everyone's approval.

The moment I stepped out the backdoor onto the patio, I saw Edward in his black tuxedo with marine blue tie out on the lawn. He stood under the white wooden archway covered in white roses and deep blue delphiniums. Everything around me faded into oblivion the moment my eyes met his smoldering liquid gold orbs.


The instant Bella stepped outside and into my line of sight, I forgot about everyone else, all I saw was the magnificent creature across the yard, I even forgot to breath. My eyes and thoughts locked onto the incredible creature before me. I couldn't tell you anything about the ceremony I was so transfixed by the girl about to be mine…again. I don't even remember saying I do but I must have because we were declared Mr. and Mrs. Cullen and then we kissed.

At this very moment, I was sitting at one of the tables, watching Bella as she greeted and laughed with some of our classmates for the last time. She looked exquisite in her wedding dress, but thanks to Alice kidnapping her two days ago all I could think about was taking off said dress.

Jasper came up behind me and took a seat in the chair next to me. He eyed me as if I had done something horribly wrong…or was about to. 'You know, if you hurt her in any way, I'll personally dismember your limbs then kill you, right?'

I couldn't suppress my eyes from rolling at his warning. Alice had said the exact same thing to me before the wedding. "Please Jasper, give me some credit. I would never hurt her and you know it."

Jasper patted my shoulder as he stood up. 'I know but I still wanted to warn you, an older brother's prerogative.' He then walked off into the crowd, searching for his petite wife no doubt.

At the start of a familiar tune, I stood up and walked directly for my wife. She jumped in surprise when I took her hand in mine and pulled her toward me, slamming her against my chest. "I believe they are playing our song."

A smile from ear to ear appeared on her gorgeous face as I spun her out on to the dance floor, only to have her twirl right back to my chest. We held each other tightly as 'Bella's Lullaby' played in the background, courtesy of Rose on the piano.

Much to my dismay, Alice pulled Bella and me away from the dance floor as soon as the song ended and over to the large pile of wrapped gifts, there were more presents then there were guests. There was a small box to the side of the larger pile of presents, one Bella and I put there, one that wasn't for either of us but for our mother. Before Alice could thrust the first package at us, I reached for the small purple gift quickly. I took Bella's hand in mine and together we weaved our way through the guests toward Esme who was sitting in a chair, grinning from ear to ear at the festivities.

When she saw us approaching her, her smile actually got bigger and her eyes took on a new type of sparkle. 'Edward, what's wrong? You look scared.'

"Mother, we have a gift for you," I stated nervously and Bella squeezed my hand to steady me. Esme's eyes became questioning when my voice cracked slightly. Before she could do or say anything, I thrust the tiny box at her. I don't have a clue as to why I was so nervous, I just knew I was.

She took the petite gift and smiled warmly at Bella and me before she started to remove the wrapping from the box. Once she eliminated the wrapping paper, she lifted the white lid of the box and let out an extremely loud gasp.

'Oh my god, it's…they…' "Oh gosh! Thank you so much," she pulled both of us into her arms and sobbed happily. 'This is so sweet…thank you…' she released her tight hug on us and her dainty fingers found their way inside the box. She held up her hand and in between her thumb and index finger, she held a small heart covered in blue sapphires. "Now I have Bella's heart for my necklace. It's now complete, just like our family."

Carlisle came up behind Esme and placed a hand on her shoulder. 'That was a really great thing you two did.' I nodded in agreement then leaned down and gave my wife a tender kiss on her cheek.

A very angry pixie stormed her way through the crowd, directly up to us. Without a word, she grabbed our wrists and hauled us off toward the table with the gifts. She forcefully shoved us down into the pair of chairs and thrust a package into our arms for us to open.

We received a bunch of the usual wedding gifts. Albums, dishes, sheets…then came the fun stuff. With each present we opened, my eyes got wider and my pants got tighter as the fantasies invaded my imagination. Box after box of exotic nightwear, in every color you could imagine but mostly in blues and blacks.

'Why did they receive so much lingerie?' I laughed internally at Angela's naïve question. If she only knew why we needed so much, her face would be crimson red for a year. Negligee rips far too easily.

Just a few of my favorites were the black baby doll with silver rhinestones on the breasts and the panties matched the top*. A deep turquoise, lace baby doll with a very low cut V-neckline. The black push up bustier that accentuated her perfect breasts, the garters and stockings came with it*.

One outfit that we opened, I credited to Emmett immediately. A black and white French maid getup, including feather duster*. What was it with him and exotic or sex oriented stuff? I shrugged it off; this was Emmett after all. Who knew why he did half the things he did, Emmett included.

Then it was time to toss the bouquet and the garter. Bella was all too willing to stand at the top of the stairs and throw her flowers over her shoulder to the crowd of single girls below. It was a rather small group consisting of only Jessica, Angela, Kate, and Irina. Kate and Irina promised to be extra careful with the humans. Without looking, she threw the bundle of white roses and cobalt blue delphinium behind her and over the staircase railing. It was a screaming, frantic mess once the bouquet was within arm's reach. After about five minutes of trying to calm everyone and pulling the girls off one another, I located Angela in the fetal position on the floor, wrapped around the flowers.

She slowly opened her eyes and realized she was unburied and she sprang into a sitting position and blushed slightly. "Did I get them?" she looked around curiously. 'Oh please say I did…I wanna be the next one married and to Ben at that.'

I pointed to the flowers on the flower next to her. "Yeah, you got them." The room then burst into several fits of giggles and laughs. Bella descended the stairs and helped her blushing friend to her feet.

Much to Bella's horror, a chair appeared in the open circle from where she had assisted Angela just a moment ago. I took Bella by the hand and led her over to the chair where I gently sat her down then kneeled on the floor before her. Her eyebrows skyrocketed when an evil smirk crossed my face and my fingers started to play with the hem of her dress.

"Edward, I know that look. What are you…?" I chuckled as she squealed when I dived under the skirt of her dress. I could hear several laughs and giggles from the crowd as Bella whimpered and squirmed as I made my way up her thigh. I found the dark blue garter high up her leg but what was further up caught my attention. Bella screamed and started pushing on my head the second my face made contact with her white lace underwear.

"Edward, knock it off!" Bella hissed and continued to force me away. I nuzzled my nose into her crotch deeper and inhaled her heavenly scent. She then whispered her next hiss. "Stop it or we'll never make it to the honeymoon."

That stopped me in my tracks. The longer I teased her, the longer it would take until we could be alone and intimate. I pulled away from my favorite place and quickly relocated her garter belt and tugged it down her leg using my teeth. I emerged from under Bella's dress and smugly started twirling the garter on my forefinger. Bella rolled her eyes and tried to straighten out the front of her dress.

The single males gathered around waiting to catch the garter, even though there was just Ben and Mike they were just as eager as the girls were for the flowers. I stared between the two males, trying to decide whom to direct the garter belt to.

'Please shoot it here. Maybe it will help get me laid!' Mike's thoughts were as crude as Emmett's at times.

'Oh my god, it's only Mike and me up here…and Angela got the flowers…' Ben's cheeks reddened at his own innocent thoughts.

In those two thoughts, I knew who should get the belt. I reached up with my other hand and pulled the fabric back, ready to launch it. Not wanting to give away my decision right off the get go, I pivoted my hand and aimed between the two boys repeatedly. I fainted toward Mike then quickly shot the garter at Ben. He caught the delicate piece of fabric in his hands after it bounced off his chest.

'Oh gosh, does this mean Angela and I are the next to marry?' Suddenly his face was reminiscent of a ripe tomato and Angela was part of the same garden. They looked at each other and they shared a radiant blush that got the whole room in a laughing frenzy.

Alice got a photo of Angela with the bouquet sitting on Ben's lap as he proudly held up the garter. Both were a dark crimson color as the flash went off. Angela then buried her face into Ben's neck and mumbled something about being embarrassed.

We did a little more visiting with our guests then annoyingly, Alice dragged Bella up the stairs, stating it was time for her to get ready to go. Get ready to go, what was wrong with what she was wearing?

'I'm not about to let you rip up her wedding dress once you've reached your destination. Plus it makes for easy movement in and out of the car.' I grumbled unhappily at my sister's explanation. So, what if she was right about everything. It's her fault I'm so antsy to get Bella undressed and beneath me in the first place. She didn't have to steal away my wife two whole days before the ceremony.

When there was talk of my brothers decorating my Vanquish before we left, I panicked. I quickly told them we would be taking the Volvo, scared of what they would do to my precious Vanquish or Bella's beautiful Eclipse. My Volvo now sat in front of the house, covered with canned cool whip, streamers, with several lines of cans and blown up condoms – not really sure why they used condoms.

For the second time today, my breathing halted in my throat as Bella descended the stairs in her casual leaving outfit. It was a simple navy blue jersey dress fit for traveling but against Bella's pale white skin…it made me drool. After she reached the bottom of the stairs, she made a straight line for me. I involuntarily liked my lips hungrily as I watched her seductive approach.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked in a sexy whisper while her fingers teased the hem of my jacket.

"Oh god yes," I answered back gruffly then firmly took her hand and pulled her toward the front door. We waved and said goodbye to everyone then laughed our way to the car, happy to be on our way finally. I escorted Bella to her side of the car and helped her inside then flashed to the driver's side and hopped in, literally. I had the car started before I even had my door shut, that's how enthusiastic I was to start our honeymoon.

Alice put me in charge of planning our honeymoon…thank god. I decided that tomorrow would be the start of our main honeymoon. There was no more school to get in the way or family with random thoughts interrupting. Tonight I was planning to take Bella to where our joined lives first began.

I pulled the Volvo in to the parking lot surrounded by little cozy cabins. Bella's hands flew to her mouth in surprise when she realized where we were going. Her gold eyes sparkled with excitement and happiness as she gazed at the cabin on the far side of the lot, the exact same one we stayed in after our first wedding and the same one I was heading for. Bella started to bounce in her seat as the tires crunched closer and closer to our honeymoon cabin.

"I figured we'd spend the night here then continue on for our next destination tomorrow. How does that sound?" I was stunned when she squealed with excitement. I was beginning to fear I had brought my sister not my wife. As soon as I parked the car and cut the engine that fear was demolished.

Before I could even blink, she was out of the car, opened my door and was hauling me toward the cabin. I was stunned when she hastily unlocked the door. Had she just picked my pocket for the key? Within the next few seconds, she's was shoving me up against the door and really planting her lips on my mouth, almost violently. As she was assaulting my mouth, one of her hands found its way down to my already impatient and firm cock.

A deep throaty moan escaped me and Bella pulled away slightly, tracing my lips with her tongue. Oh god, I'm going to explode right here and now if she doesn't stop. "Can you get my small suitcase from the car please?"

I stared after her in shock as she turned and walked into the bathroom, swaying her hips seductively. It took me all of two minutes to unload the car, lock the doors, and hand the small case over to Bella. It was completely silent in the bathroom as she did who knows what and it was driving me insane just thinking of the possibilities.

Tired of waiting for my wife to reveal herself I went and investigated the lone red suitcase mixed in with our black luggage. I started to remove my shirt as I unzipped the top flap and flung it open. What I saw had me baffled. A note was resting on top of a large piece of black silk that was covering something lumpy. I picked up the note and recognized Emmett's crude handwriting.

Enjoy your honeymoon. ^_-

Um, okay…why wouldn't I? I balled up the paper and tossed it over my shoulder then nonchalantly extracted the silk fabric away from whatever was beneath it. My jaw hit the floor as my eyes took in the contents of my brother's secret gift. Vibrators, nipple clamps, plugs, dildos, ropes, cuffs, and rings…stuff I had only seen courtesy of Emmett's mind, but now they were here before my own eyes. God, I hope this isn't second hand.

I heard the bathroom door handle rattle briefly then quickly zipped up the red case and shoved it under the bed. I would have to ask Emmett about his generosity later.

Bella emerged from the bathroom causing my jaw to drop to the floor. She was dressed in a white corset top with a layered mesh skirt, garter and veil. She was wearing a bride-style lingerie outfit*! She was sex warmed over a fire and topped with chocolate sauce. I had always heard adding chocolate sauce to something turned it into heaven and the sight of my wife was heaven.

Before Bella could open her mouth to say anything, I was on her like you wouldn't believe. My lips found hers and my hands roamed over her body hungrily. I don't know how or when but we ended up with me pressing Bella up against the wall near the bathroom door, her legs dangling in midair.

I was thrilled to discover she wasn't wearing any underwear beneath her frilly skirt. I hastily undid my pants, just in case. Then my long fingers quickly found their way into her entrance. Bella gasped loudly and clung to my shoulders tightly as her legs locked around my waist. My fingers twisted and turned inside her, playing her as if she was my piano but the music I got out of her sounded much sweeter.

Bella started clawing at my back, attempting to pull me closer and I felt her muscles tightening around my fingers, she was close. I abruptly pulled my fingers from within her and replaced them with a single, larger, firmer digit. If I weren't already made of stone, Bella would have torn me in half trying to get me deeper inside her.

That was one request I wasn't about to ignore. I grabbed her buttocks and held her firmly against me as I pounded into her as deep as I could get. I felt like an animal rutting right now but having gone without the touch of my mate for forty-eight hours, it was expected. I'm positive Bella felt it too.

I felt her inside muscles clench around my cock to the point that it was almost painful but oh, god it also felt so good. Three more times of having the life squeezed out of me by my wife's insides and I was a goner. One more thrust then the overwhelming squeeze and I lost everything inside me. We growled and moaned into each other's necks, incapable of doing much of anything else. We stayed pinned to the wall for a number of minutes as our breathing slowed and we gained control of our limbs.

I slowly tilted my head to look at the dreamy gaze on her face and ran a single finger softly over her cheek causing her to hum affectionately. "I love you so very, very much."

She hummed again and looked at me with her still blackened eyes. "I'll never tire of hearing that," she then gave my nose a quick peck. "I love you too, more then I can even describe…but I'll have the rest of eternity to try." We chuckled at her little statement. Without leaving the comforts of her folds, I carried her over to the bed and laid us both down.

After our excitement against the wall, I lay above Bella and caressed every exposed inch of her body tenderly. "How do you feel about a decade long honeymoon?" Upon seeing her huge and bright smile, I felt as if wings had just sprouted from my back. My fingers naturally found their way to her cheek and started to caress her silky skin. "How about we spend the first year on Isle Esme? Then we can decide where else we would want to go." Maybe England, France, or even the present I have yet to give called la Bella Isle.

Her smile faltered and her eyes trailed off to the side in thought before focusing back on me. "Don't get me wrong, a ten year honeymoon sounds awesome but won't the family complain?"

I smirked sheepishly and scoffed. "Actually…they told us to take a decade away. After we broke one of Esme's favorite end tables, they felt we needed to take some time away. At least this time it was a suggestion. They blatantly kicked Emmett and Rosalie out of the house until they were past the newly mated stage." Then after our ten-year honeymoon, we would return to civilization. However, until then they would only receive the occasional phone call from us, checking in on how they were doing and if they had moved.

Her eyes widened as she whispered, "oh." Then her smile returned in full force and she laced her fingers through my hair, tugging slightly. "If that's the case, when do we leave for the island?"

My crooked smile turned wicked at the idea of us disappearing for ten years and what we could do in that time. "We can leave tomorrow morning if you like?"

"Absolutely!" She pulled my head down forcefully and slammed her mouth into mine. In no time at all, we were flinging bedding around the room and soon we were a tangled, panting mess again. We made love repeatedly, slowly and sweetly this time. Content in each other's touch and wrapped in the other's arms, surrounded in our love for the other. Things could not be any more perfect, and for the next ten years, we planned on staying lost in one another only.

We fully intended on staying well sated and well hidden.

The End

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