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Helga almost made the mistake of knowing where the dining room was. She realized at the last second Arnold had no idea how many times she had 'visited' his house over the years and to know the layout would probably give away more information than she wanted to give.

Arnold pointed to the right and Helga looked in to a cozy kitchen and dining area. No one else appeared to be up but...

"Grandma. What are you doing?"

Helga could tell Arnold wanted to smack himself in the face as he asked it but he refrained. His grandmother was dressed in her regular green dress for once but it looked like she had completely emptied out the whole fridge. There were packages all over the counter and from what Helga counted at least five watermelons.

She turned to the two teenagers with a smile on her face. "Arnold! Eleanor! I'm so glad you're here to help move the rations."

Helga raised her eyebrow but she wasn't that surprised. This was far from the first time that Arnold's grandmother had called her 'Eleanor Roosevelt'. In fact, it was almost becoming a pet name for her. She was sort of happy that grandma remembered her...well, as long as she didn't blab. But than again, would Arnold really believe her? Helga doubted it.

Grandma just continued to hum as she went back to the fridge. Nodding at the emptiness, she slammed the doors and turned to face Arnold and Helga. She smacked her two palms together and gave them a wicked smile. This time Arnold really did face palm himself.

"Arnold, you get the watermelons. Eleanor grab all the rations you can carry! I'm grabbing the rest and it's up to the roof! Time to grill up these babies!" Grandma threw some miscellaneous food stuff into her apron and held it closed. She ran out of the kitchen yelling "Charge!"

Arnold just turned to face Helga. She couldn't tell if he wanted to laugh or scream. She knew her football head loved his grandma, but if this had been the first time he had seen her, Helga would have been slightly bewildered. In reality it was the totally opposite, Helga was sure she was even more in love with them than ever before.

"I...I..." Arnold tried to stutter out but Helga held up her hand for him to stop. He averted his eyes at first until she started to laugh. Arnold was about to yell at her, but then he saw her smile.

"Oh, boy! Football head, I love your family. Way more exciting than my excuse of a family." They both exchanged smiles and went to grab all the food to take it up to the roof.

Grandma already had the grill running and Arnold could smell the propane. She had already put on corn and kebabs. Even though Arnold could hardly believe it, it looked like she had already carved a watermelon too.

Helga threw her 'rations' on the picnic table and grabbed a slice of watermelon. She couldn't help but wink as she and Arnold locked eyes. "Deja vu, huh?" He just shrugged his shoulders.

"Eleanor would you be a darling and help get the plates ready. I want to set up the chocolate fountain." Arnold tried to voice his protest but luckily grandpa showed up just in time.

"Oh, pookie. What are you doing?" He sounded exasperated with his wife of over thirty years. It was amazing that even he could still not understand her craziness.

Grandma extended the spatula into the air as she exclaimed, "We are cooking the rations! No man goes hungry. Mrs. Roosevelt has even taken time from her busy schedule to help." Helga gave a wave and what she hoped was a pleasant smile to the older man.

Phil rolled his eyes. "Pookie, I thought I told you to stop grabbing random people from the street!"

Arnold interrupted. "No, she's with me grandpa." Helga saw a slight bit of color creep onto his cheeks.

Grandpa hit himself in the forehead. "Oh! It's your little friend with the one eyebrow. Hello."

Helga blushed and covered her face. That settled it; when she got home she was plucking her eyebrows for good.

Grandma had luckily forgotten about the fountain and instead started to open packages of steak and other meatly items. Helga wondered how Green Meats was doing. Even though she was enjoying it, Helga hoped the electricity would be back on soon.

She picked up a kebab and handed it to Arnold. He tore of the first green pepper and started to chew it with relish. He couldn't believe how hungry he was! Arnold couldn't help but smile at the scene around him. Sure, his grandparents were just as crazy as ever, but it was amazing how easily Helga seemed to fit in with them. He knew her family was less than perfect too, but Arnold was pretty sure he had the crazier end with his grandparents.

Helga stepped aside as grandpa took the tongs from her and threw on another streak. The grilling food smelled divine in the morning air and she could feel herself getting hungrier. However Helga wasn't the only one who could smell the heavenly food.

"What is this I smell?" Came the accented voice of Oskar from the ladder up to the roof. No one seemed surprised that he was up hours earlier than he would normally be. There was food...and it was free; Oskar was there!

Grandpa flailed his arms in the air and tried to smack Oskar as he swept in and grabbed the last kebab. "I swear Kokoshka if you touch another...!"

Helga laughed. So many antics and the day had barely begun! Plus if she remembered correctly there were some other boarders that were bound to show up. Suddenly she felt Arnold slid down next to her on the picnic tabletop. He handed her a corn on the cob. "This is quite the breakfast bucko." She took a bit. 'Yum! It's dripping with butter. The only way to eat corn.'

He smiled and took another bite of his own cob. "Thanks Helga. I don't know if I could have handled this alone with my lack of sleep." He chuckled and tapped her shoulder with his own. She almost choked on the corn in her mouth but she managed to gulp it down.

Helga turned to scowl at him, but found herself grinning. "Hey no prob Football head. You provide the food and I'm pretty much there."

Arnold rolled his eyes. "Well then you definitely fit in with this crew."

If on cue, Mr. Hyunh showed up. "The electricity is out." But all of his worries disappeared once he actually got a look at the grill and the satisfied faces of the boarders already on the roof. "But who cares! Please hand me a steak."

Grandpa groaned as he handed over another steak. "This isn't some free ride! I'm tacking on extra next month!" Instantly Oskar began to whine like a little baby but he still grabbed another cob off the plate on the picnic table.

Helga licked her fingers in a satisfied manner. She should probably control herself...nah. She grabbed slice of watermelon. "So what you doing today football head?" Arnold shrugged his shoulders in a non-committed way. She couldn't help but laugh at his lack of enthusiasm. Then suddenly a flashbulb went off in his head. "Oh, crap. Gerald is coming over and then we're doing to the arcade."

Helga quickly polished off another slice of watermelon before she said the inevitable. "Well, I guess that means I'm out." She stood up and brushed the crumbs off of her lap. "It's been real." Before she could take one step, Arnold's hand grabbed onto her forearm.

"Want to join us?" Arnold added quickly, "...you can bring Phoebe!" Arnold knew he wanted to spend more time with her but he wasn't ready to admit that to her or to himself.

So many emotions were running around in Helga's head she had no idea what to do. Smile? Laugh? Smack him? Okay, maybe not the third choice but after spending half the night together and then morning, Helga couldn't believe that Arnold still wanted to see her.

"Whatever floats your boat bucko." Arnold gave her arm a light squeeze and let go.

"I'll see you around 3-ish?"


Before either of them could say another word, Helga ran to the fire escape ladder and was gone. She heard grandma yell after her, "Say hello to Teddy for me!" Realizing she had been rude, Helga popped her head back up and yelled back, "I will! Your country thanks you for breakfast!"

Helga got about a block before she realized she was still wearing Arnold's shirt. She took a deep sniff and let out a sigh. Sure, she hadn't gotten her kiss...but there was always tomorrow; or even that afternoon.

Plus she thought with an dreamy grin, she had a new piece to add to her shrine.