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"Molly!" Kimberly Hart screamed, just as Tommy Oliver, holding Molly Castor, callapsed to the floor.

"Oh Tommy!" Molly gasped, clinging to him. The blow to her face already showed signs of bruising, and her mouth was bleeding from hitting the side of the desk when she fell. "I didn't know what else to do! I couldn't fight them all! Please don't make me go back there," she cried, "Please! Oh, Tommy, I hate it! I hate it!" With that she began sobbing, and hid her face in his shoulder.

The other rangers ran across Billy's garage at the commotion.

"You see? You see why it's so bad for her to teach school now?" Zach's voice filled the room as he glared at everyone, anyone who had dared to doubt.

Once glance at Molly's injuries sent Kimberly racing inside to grab a first aid kit.

"Molly, what happened?"Trini's voice was soft.

"She got attacked." Tommy answered instead, his voice dripping with disgust and rage.

"If Zordon hadn't kept us from contacting her, this would have never happened.

At least we know it worked." Billy answered.

Jason waved his hands to stop the discussion. He knelt down next to Tommy and Molly, just looking at her, saying nothing.

"Teaching school?" He asked, his eyebrows raised, forehead wrinkled in concern.

Molly nodded, her face still hidden, and clung tighter to Tommy at the mention of the word school- as if they'd take her back there at any moment.

"So, how were you able to get to her?" Zack asked Tommy. " What did you do?"

"It wasn't me." He smiled at Molly, who couldn't see his face. "It was her."


"That line of energy that we saw going up- it wasn't some of Rita's evil trying to get out. It was Molly, trying to get in contact with us herself."

"You're joking."

"Zordon admitted that she had a power," Kim spoke up, returning to Molly's side, cleaning and bandaging her face without further comment about how that happened to her face in the first place.

"It was her," Tommy repeated. "Somehow she has a way to call out to us, but in addition to that, she has the power to bring people from other realities into her own. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to help her out of that fight. Those students would have killed her. I was practicing, and I thought I heard a scream, and then, I was in the classroom, in my ghee, and the kids were attacking her."

"You brought us to you," Trini muttered in amazement, addressing Molly.

"It must have been a recent development," Billy began, but Zack interrupted him.

"Otherwise we wouldn't have just known that things were going on when she taught school before- we would have been there. We would have been able to help her."

"Right," Jason nodded.

"No wonder Rita was after her." Kim was angry, still, but satisfied to know that they no longer needed Zordon to be able to communicate with Molly in her reality.

They glanced back at Molly, she'd fallen asleep in Tommy's arms.


"All right. And tendu front, one…two- stretch your foot, and hold three…four. Relax your toes and draw the leg back-in." She said the words with the same timing as her counting, and the student obediently brought her leg back to her in the same fashion, the same counts as before. Then she stood there waiting for instruction.

Tommy smiled.

"Kim, he called, "You have to see this."

Molly lifted her head, extending her neck to demonstrate to her student the proud carriage of the head necessary for the next step. "Turn here, then tilt up- that's right," she nodded in approval.

Kim was at his side staring. She grinned widely. "I've never seen her like this before- this is great!"

"She has no idea we're here. I wouldn't dare interrupt a teacher when they're teaching."

Kim nodded silently, her eyes transfixed on Molly. "This is amazing," she whispered. "Molly is like a totally different person here."

Tommy shrugged. "She's in her element."

"She's so…this is so right for her, Tommy! This is what she's meant to do." She stared at Molly with a mixture of awe and pride.

"And bring your arm out- keep the elbow up," she instructed. "Extend your leg forward, and hold."

As Molly's student froze in place, holding a position, Kim could no longer contain herself. She jumped up and down, clapping with glee. "She's awesome! And this is just like gymnastics! I can totally remember my coaches talking to me that way, correcting me- things had to be perfect." She smiled, continuing to watch as Molly and her student moved on to another exercise.

"No," Tommy corrected her, "it's just like martial arts. I was watching her before- the girl can't and doesn't move unless Molly tells her to. That's what we do in martial arts all the time-that's how I train my students. They have to be perfectly still unless I tell them to move."

Kim gave him a sidelong glance and giggled. Somehow this doesn't remind me of the classes you teach Tommy." She laughed again. "Your classes are loud, you project your voice, your students are loud." She shook her head. "This isn't like that at all."

"It's just like it," he insisted. "I mean, it's different, but it's the same. It's the same thing."

She shrugged. "If you say so."

Molly was poking the girl at the hip, then bending to the floor to manually move the foot. She smiled and joked with her student.

Kim gave a wry smile. "Well, she's a lot nicer than my teachers were."

Tommy's grin was wide. "Yeah, she approaches it differently, but the results are the same."

Kim nodded as though in a trance, watching Molly, and Tommy wasn't even sure she'd heard him.

The girl was practicing her splits in the middle of the room, while Molly was at the stereo changing a CD.

"No, no!" Kim called out. She stepped forward to the student. "Keep one hand to the floor on each side of your knee." She was speaking to the girl, as if she could hear her.

The student stayed as she was, stretching with both hands on one side of her body, supporting the stretch.

"Molly, stop her!" Kim cried. "Your kid is messing up!"

Tommy snorted with laughter. "You'd never say something like that if you thought that girl could hear you."

She shrugged as Molly turned her head back to her student. "It's still true though."

"No!" Molly exclaimed moving toward her student. Kim sighed in relief, the problem was to be rectified.

"This isn't gymnastics! Turn your back leg out- your knee never points to the floor in a split."

Kim's mouth dropped open. Then she pursed her lips and put her fists on her hips, offended. Tommy laughed aloud.

"It's not funny."

Tommy laughed again in answer.

Molly sighed, with a smile on her face. "And move those hands," she called out as she walked back to the stereo. "One hand on each side of your knee- not two hands on one side."

"Thank you!" Kim raised her open hands upward in acknowledgement of her own correction.

"Maybe you should teach a class of your own," Tommy told her.

"Yeah," Kim smiled watching the open interaction between Molly and her student. "Maybe I should."