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R rated

Forgetting Nature

The blurred trees whirled past the boy as he tore through the wood with all his might. Sounds surrounded the teenager: the thuds of his own heavy footsteps; the snapping of twigs underneath his feet; the sound of the wind running with him, bristling through the leaves; his own gasping breaths, begging for more air to run faster with; lastly there was the jeers and loud war cries of boys behind him. All wildlife had run away in terror from the loud noises of the gang chasing after Harry.

Harsh branches scraped at his face and body, attacking the trespasser. They scraped and cut, tugged and ripped. They weren't making Harry's escape any easier.

Harry had been minding his own business, sitting on the cold, metal swings in the usual delapidated playground. He had been taking his Sunday break from the bone shattering chores he had done that week. It was the summer before sixth year and Harry was still distraught over the death of Sirius. His birthday had already passed and it only made him feel worse as the noticeably missing letter from his godfather put the others of congratulations to shame.

In his stupidity Harry forgot that in the usual playground, he was bound to find the usual occupants. Dudley and his gang had arrived not five minutes after Harry had settled.

"Oi, Freak! What do you think your doing? Those are our swings" Dudley had called upon seeing Harry. Harry just sat there, staring dumbly, biting his tongue so as not to antagonize his cousin and gang any further.

A cuff round the head from the second in command proved Harry's tactics to be failing.

"Are you deaf, freak? This is our park. We don't your pathetic, sorry arse contaminating the area." taunted Piers

An unknown boy, who was tall and had large shoulders stepped forward, looking Harry up and down in a disconcerting way. "Although it is a rather nice arse he has." A sneer appeared across the boys face and he licked his lips.

Unsettled by the comment, Harry made to get up and move. He didn't want to waste his free time being bullied.

Piers grabbed Harry's thin wrist, almost wrenching it from it's socket, before he could get away. Harry was dragged into the middle of the gang's circle and held there as two boys grabbed his arms pushing them behind his back so he was unable to see their faces.

"What the fuck do you want Dudley? I'll leave if you want me to." Harry spat, facing his cousin.

A fat hand collided with his face as Dudley slapped him. "Don't you dare speak to me like that, you freak!" Harry's glasses were torn from his head from the impact of the slap. He watched as a foot moved and crunched them under a bright red trainer. A deep bruised mark was already appearing on Harry's face and he clenched his teeth in pain.

Dudley grabbed Harry's hair and pulled his face up so there were almost touching noses. Harry could see every spot and vile mark on his cousins face. Yellow teeth were bared at Harry and spit sprayed him as his cousin spoke. "I'm tired of your insolence, cousin. I think it time we teach you a lesson and have a bit of fun of our own." The other boys jeered, watching the scene with lust filled eyes.

Dudley moved behind Harry whilst Piers moved in front. "Put him down on his knees." was Piers order. The two boys either side of Harry pushed him down so his arse was up and his face before Piers' crotch. A hand was squeezing and stroking Harry's clothed bottom. Harry's face contorted in anger and disgust as he realised what the gang was intending.

Harry screamed and started struggling against his firm holds, trying to wrench free. He lifted up his leg and kicked the boy on his left hand side. The boy in question yelled and abruptly let go of Harry's arm. Twisting around, Harry brought his now free arm to punch his other captor in the nose, who fell straight down. Harry leapt up to his feet, bounding through the gap the fallen boy had left. Before anyone could grab hold of Harry he had already breached the circle and was running like a mad man.

"GO GET HIM!" Dudley screeched. And the chase was on.

The noises of the gang had started to fade but Harry carried on, trying to put as much distance as possible between the mob and himself. He would have run to Australia if he could. Leaping over a fallen tree, which simply looked like a lump of brown to Harry, he slipped on the fallen leaves when landing, having his foot land straight in a rabbit hole. A sharp crack along with a shooting pain up Harry's leg told him he had just broken his ankle.

Sitting on the forest floor Harry listened around him for the tell tale sounds of the hunting party. Silence was all there was. Harry fell on his back in relief, wiping his sweaty forehead whilst gasping for air. He lay there for minutes, staring up at the small patches of bright blue sky above him, regaining his strength. The green leaves of high trees covered the sky, blocking the path of what looked like freedom. He grabbed the dirt at his side, letting it run through his hands as a source of comfort. The soft ground was nothing like the hard tarmac of the playground

Finally, Harry sat up, wincing as he moved his damaged leg. Looking around he had no idea where he was or which way he came. In his line of sight all Harry could see were the surrounding trees, each looking identical to the next. The branches dull of lush green leaves blurred together, encasing Harry in a wildlife prison.

"Oh Bugger." Harry said, realising his predicament. At least it was safer then the previous one he had escaped from.

Standing up, Harry hopped to a nearby tree, grabbing hold of the rough bark for balance. Looking around Harry chose a direction and headed off, hoping to get home in time to cook dinner.

Six hours later, Harry flopped back down on the floor. His feet, leg and head hurt, his throat was dry, he was hungry and he was tired. The sun was setting, surrounding the area with a hazy, orange tint. Harry still had no idea where he was and had come to the obvious conclusion he was lost. He decided he should stay in one place until someone found him. Perhaps his luck would come in handy again and save him as it did every time. Oh, how he wished he had his wand, but alas, it was locked in the cupboard again.

Too tired to move, Harry closed his eyes. Just to rest them awhile.