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I'd never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go. I can't bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death.


There Bella stood, facing the large arc-shaped doors. The sign 'Mimi's studio' suspends above her head and she rests her hands on the brass, oval door-knobs and pauses. Her mind contemplates on what is about to happen. The moment she opens these doors, she will leave the rest of the world behind her. A decision she did not welcome but must take to ensure the safety of her love, Edward Cullen.

She breathes in the fresh spring breeze and realises that this would be the last time she would ever inhale such a beautiful scent, one she often took for granted. Bella gazed into the glass window and observed her reflection. Even Bella recognised the look in her eyes.


Bella turns the door-knob. Her shaking hands make the simple task difficult. She walks into the dimly lit hall. This place was familiar to Bella. The long vertical mirrors cover every inch of the room. A girl with serious body insecurities would die if she were surrounded but this many mirrors. But not Bella, she had left her insecurities at the door. There was no room for that here, not when she was about to die.

The surrounding atmosphere takes Bella back to her childhood. Her mother enrolled her for ballet classes at Mimi's. Bella insisted on quitting but when her mother refused, trying to persuade Bella that it was "all for good posture", Bella had thrown a hissy fit and bombarded out of the class, discarding her ballet shoes in the bin.

Bella laughs at this lasting memory and uses this to ease forward into the middle of the room. This once light, open ballet studio filled with little girls running around in tutus was now filled with a dreary, dark ambience. If Bella hadn't known this was her old ballet studio, she would have never noticed. The once bright walls were mournful, as if warning her not to proceed forward into the inevitable path that had been casted upon her.

"James, I'm here! Leave Edward alone. It's me that you want."

Abruptly and swiftly, James appears and propels Bella into the timber floor. She is forced backwards into a pillar where she impounds her head into the corner. Bella is dazed. James' movements were quick and sudden sending into a state of shock. A warm liquid drips to the side of her head. Bella examines it with her fingertips. She identifies it as blood.

Bella searches the room for James but she cannot see him. The dark walls and fluorescent lights blur her vision. In the distance, Bella hears a voice. A distinctive voice that she could identify even in a crowded room.

It was Mike Newton but what was he doing here?

"Yo Bella, there you are. I need help with this English essay of ours. You done it?"

Mike aggressively shakes Bella to get her attention. Bella's vision clears and she is able to recognise Mike's face inches away from hers.

"SHIT MIKE! A bit too close there buddy!" She pushes Mike forcefully with both hands, staining his blue polo shirt with a red handprint.

"Naw Bella. You just stained my favourite shirt." Mike complains whilst trying to brush off the blood.

"Why are you bleeding anyway?"

"Mike. Listen to me. You have to get out of here. James will be here any second and-"

"Hold up. Who's James?" asked Mike in a jealous tone.

"He's just- No Mike, you need to listen to me. You need to get out of here before it's too late! Wait, how DID you find me?" asked Bella in a puzzled look.

Mike took a deep breath and pushed his words out in a long, rushed sentence, "Well I sought of, may have tracked you down on a GPS that I attached to your bracelet when you were unconscious at school the other day because of blood typing."

Bella glanced down to her already destroyed bracelet but noticed a blinking red dot that replaced one of the diamonds. Bella is furious at the thought of Mike following her but disregards it as she is reminded of the present situation.

All of a sudden, Mike is thrown into the air and is body lands into a mirror, shattering the glass.

"MIKE!" Bella screams but it's too late, Mike is already drifting upwards, high above the clouds…


"What? Where I am?"

"Ohhhh Mike. It's you! You're finally here. You're in Neverland!"

"What? Neverland? Don't you mean heaven MJ?"

"No, you're in Neverland. The place before the big, white gates. Come play with me Mike! Me and all the children!"

"Um, no thanks MJ. I'd prefer not to ride on your big, white ferris wheel."

"Aw, but Mike. It's so much fun! Weeeeeeeeeeeee…"

Mike remains silent.

"Well Mike, if you're going to be like that, fine. I am able to grant you one wish and one wish only."

"MJ, I just want to go back. I haven't tapped Bella yet and it is my inner most desire to do so."

"Oh Mike, I know how you feel." MJ lets out a sigh.

"Fine I shall send you back … HEE HEE!"

And with that, Michael Jackson grabs his crotch, moonwalks backwards, spins and lands on his toes.

Mike can feel himself falling, rapidly to the ground. In the far distance, all he hears is "C'mon kiddies! Who wants to play kiss and catch?"

Mike starts to choke, clutching at his throat. He can feel someone at his side, touching his shoulder. Mike opens his eyes and realises it's Bella. Her head is wrapped in bandages.

"Oh Mike! Thank God you're alright!"

"More like MJ!" mutters Mike.

"Er, What?" asks Bella.

"Ummm, nothing. So what happened? Why am I here?" Mike looks around. Wires and cables are attached to him and notices a T.V behind Bella's head that is playing some sought of action movie that involves fire.

"When you fell you broke your leg and you lost alot of blood. You don't remember any of this do you?"

Mike shakes his head.

"You fell down two flights of stairs and went through a window." Bella reassures him, hoping that the cover story would work.

"Bells, I sound as clumsy as you!" laughed Mike.

Bella awkwardly forces a laugh, "Haha, yeah. So Mike since your awake I need to go get the nurse. They need to do more tests on you!"

Mike forcefully grabs Bella's wrist.

"Are you serio- No!... no! How… I don't even… know what you're saying… how? What… what are… what are you talking about… you're going away?" says Mike in a fearful tone. His eyes start blinking uncontrollably.

"No… you can't… just leave me…"

"No Mike, I'll be here. Where else am I going to go?" Bella pats his head trying to calm down hysterical Mike.

And so they sat there in peace. Watching a girl being thrown across the floor on the T.V. With Bella's company, Mike was finally silent.