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"Jessaloup," I ask, waking up a realizing that he's not in my room. Oh no, I thought, could he be downstairs with my parents? I doubt I've ever climbed stairs as fast as I flew down those puppies.

From the hallway I could hear pots and pans being shuffled around like someone was making breakfast. Slowly, I peeked into the kitchen and saw that Jessaloup had indeed found the area of food praise and that he was thankfully alone.

"Jessaloup, don't tell me you were going to make breakfast now, where you?" I asked as I pranced into the kitchen, taking a seat on one of the bar stools. He gave me a withering look and stated, "I have no idea how to use any of these metal things."

"Well, anyone could have told you that," I teased, "now, shuffle off to Buffalo or something, let the master show you how it's done."

I quickly put away the saucepan and boiling pot he'd managed to pull down from various cabinets and got to work. Pull out a frying pan, check; some butter, done; 3 eggs, got those; and bacon. Next I set my handy dandy pan on the stove and turned on the burner while adding a little butter. Jessaloup, on the other hand, was watching very closely, taking note of every move I made. Actually, he was a little too close for comfort.

"Careful! That's fire, ok? And don't touch the pan there, hold it by the handle so you don't burn yourself. It hurts," I started to nag. Jessaloup gave me a teasing look and moved his hand closer to the pan, nearly brushing the back of it to the rim. Sure enough when he turned around to smile triumphantly at me he jerked his hand back and little and hit it to the pan.


"I told you! Come here, I know what to do with burns," I sighed. Turning the water to lukewarm, I let it run over his for about 15 minutes, Jessaloup stood next to the sink while I finished making breakfast. I set the plates down in front of us when we were both seated at the breakfast bar and picked up my fork.

When I looked over to see if he liked it, I noticed a few things, 1- Jessaloup is very handsome when doing practically anything, 2- he didn't know how to use a fork, and 3- fingers can't contain the slipperiness of eggs, ever.

"Watch," I said and picked up my fork and began eating. He eventually got the hang of it, but he looked a little like a 5-year-old using the wrong hand. Who knows, maybe Jessaloup's left-handed.

"Maybe try it with your other hand?" I suggested. Sure enough when the fork was in his other hand it looked much more natural and useful. I wonder if all whales are mostly left-handed . . .

"Isabel, what exactly is this mushy stuff we're eating? And this . . . red thing? It's delicious, but it doesn't look like krill or anything I've ever seen," Jessaloup said after nearly vacuuming his plate clean.

"It's eggs, from chickens, and bacon, from pigs," I explained. He looked at me a little funny for a minute and then apparently got over it and went about hunting in my kitchen for something else to do.

"What are you looking for," I asked. He just couldn't sit still, could he?

"I don't know, I feel like I should eat more food while I can but, but I feel . . . good," he mused, "like I would be able to eat another bite without exploding."

"Ah, that crazy feeling of being full. As humans, we don't eat all at once and then survive off our blubber in winter. Actually, we eat three meals a day and maybe a few snacks in between to stay full. And that's every day," I clarified. I didn't want him going on a hunger strike thinking he could actually survive for a couple of months.

"Well, what are we supposed to do if we're not eating?" he asked.

"Um, live life? Want to go see the town I grew up in? It's sort of like how Home is for you, only, I don't leave every year for food," I smiled.

"Sure, I'd like that," Jessaloup said. I finished cleaning up the dishes and put them in the drying rack before I took his hand and led him out the front door and into my human world.

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