Brick, Boomer, and Butch, The Rowdyruff Boys, were flying through Townsville trying to think of something to do. They had just gotten they're cootie shots so The Powerpuff Girl's kisses wouldn't kill them.

"I know lets see who can throw a car the furthest!" Butch said exited

"Ok I'll go first" Brick picked up a car and flung it 35 feet away from them, but not without causing a lot of destruction.

"Not bad" Boomer said while picking up a car "But watch this" He threw it 34 feet away from, and caused just as much damage as Brick.

"My turn" Butch picked up a car, and threw it. It went at least 50 feet away from them until it was caught and put softly on the ground by Buttercup.

"Put down the cars boys" Blossom said flying to Buttercups side.

"Great the Powerpuff Girls are here to ruin our fun" Brick said

"Why can't you ever let us have fun?" Boomer asked

"Because it's what you do to have fun is wrong" Blossom answered

"What ever lets just get this over with" Butch said before they all got ready to fight. They flew at there counterparts and attacked each other. It was the same as it was the last time, they were evenly matched. Realizing that they weren't getting anywhere Blossom flew to her sisters and spoke to them.

"This isn't working; we have to use our secret weapon"

"Come on kissing that Butch guy once was already disgusting enough!" Buttercup said disgusted

"We have no choice, let's go girls" Blossom and her sisters flew at the Rowdyruff boys.

"This is it" Boomer said

Boomer tried to strike Bubbles when she reached him, but she was too quick and planted a kiss on him.

Butch on the other hand, managed to punch Buttercup in the face two times but that didn't stop her from kissing him.

Brick, surprisingly, was backing away from Blossom and seemed…afraid "Get away from me Blossom!"

"Dude what's wrong with you?!" Butch yelled more then he asked

"I don't want her to kiss me!"

"Why not you got your cootie shot?!"


Butch was getting his shot, Boomer already had his and Brick was waiting for his. Getting a shot seemed easy, even Boomer could do it, but Brick had a problem. He was terrified of needles. Brick was trying to think of a way to get out of getting his shot.

"Hey dude" Boomer said walking up to Brick with his lollipop in his mouth

Brick got an idea "Boomer" Brick grabbed him and started beating him up.

"Dude what's your problem!?!?"

Brick knocked him out with one hard punch in the head, and then he switched their clothes so he looked like Boomer, and Boomer looked like him.

"Perfect" Brick ran out of there

End of flashback

"Um…" Before Brick could say anything Blossom gave him a soft kiss on the lips. He was surprised for one second, and in the next he exploded.

"BRICK!!!!" Boomer and Butch yelled. Boomer was looking, but started crying seconds later. Butch had tears in his eyes but wasn't crying.

The girls just stared in confusion, not sure what was going on?